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Welcome to HuntersHalt, the best place for all hunters and all who like sights and related matter. My name is Patrick Howard and I started this website in order to share my knowledge, my skills and help millions from all around the world. The mission was simple and it is always straightforward, but achieving it is far from that.

My ultimate goal is to create a place on the web or better said online community where people can get literally everything and anything related to scopes and sights. Here you can see a various selection of articles ready for you. The first and the most common one this website has to offer is best picks. Here I will discuss the best scopes and sights available on the market. For each one, you can see why it is the best and how it performed on the tests. The goal is to get the simple answer and decide which scope is the most suitable for a specific purpose. This has to be the main advantage of HuntersHalt and the top section.

Visitors can also check buying guides that are reserved for a new scope and sight owners. Each buyer's guide will reveal the main factors to consider, additional things to look for, and all the essential things a potential consumer should look for when looking for a new sight/scope. It is always better to get the help needed online and make a right or the most suitable purchase than to invest money and discover that sight isn’t suitable for a specific application.

At HuntersHalt visitors can check out top reviews. Each sight is tested by myself in the real world with a real weapon and various targets. Only the best options with the most appealing features, quality, and affordable prices will be featured on the list. The ultimate mission is simple and something many people know. It is to have a list of the best scopes, reviewed, tested, and ranked properly. A test of just one sight will take 2 days. A test and a review of just one scope will last for 7 days. They need to be tested and checked in various environments and different situations where most users will actually use them.

Info guides are also available at HuntersHalt and they have an important mission. Here all major information, details, and various specifics are presented. A fan of the site can get a complete set of details needed. The section is mostly suitable for beginners and many professionals have discovered it useful in the past.

Thank you for visiting and staying at HuntersHalt. The site is simply a heaven for all scope/sight fanatics from all parts of the globe. It is the ultimate destination and something all hunters need to add to their list as well. All people who like weapons and related topics will feel at home at HuntersHalt. All others are welcomed as well so they can learn and get first-hand information that is not easily available.

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