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Hello and welcome to HuntersHalt. My name is Patrick Howard and I am the person behind one of the biggest websites focused on scopes and sights on the web. I have been working as a gunsmith for 20 years and one day I decided that my skills and knowledge can be easily shared with others. That’s why I started the site and started doing everything I can in order to make it the best possible place on the internet for all people who like scopes and sights.

 My mission is to create one place that has it all. Yes, I know, it sounds simple and easy, but achieving it is more than just complex and time-consuming. First of all, I need a lot of time and I need even more time to test all the products I will discuss later. But, this is a passion for me and I love holding a scope in my hand, shooting with my rifle, and just looking at it. I can say this is the best job in the world and I would still be honest.

It is important to tell you that I invest days and weeks into testing the products and writing honest reviews. I am not interested in recommending a product that has bad or low quality, some issues, and doesn’t perform as well as it can. Those products are not even on my site. I am not interested in them and I definitely don’t want to recommend them to you. The products I recommend are all top-notch and each one must impress me on my tests. This isn’t easy considering my experience and my requirements. On the other hand, it allows me to have a complete site with the best possible options hunters and fanatics can have today.

All the scopes and sights you can see on my website are tested in the real world for a period of a few days. This depends on what I am reviewing. Sights are simpler so they need less time to be properly tested. Scopes are more complicated so I need to invest more time into discovering all the good and all the bad about each one. Some are even impossible to test properly until use in the wild. That being said, I have been testing all sights and all scopes in two places. The first one is a shooting range. Here I discover which models deserve my attention and which ones should stay in the box. The next part of the test is performed in the woods. I am a hunter as well so I enjoy checking a scope or a simple sight and how it will perform in various conditions. Rain, fog, moisture, high temperature, or even snow are all the things a product must withstand in order to be recommended by me.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for visiting HuntersHalt. I am glad to help you and I will be happy if you are able to find the answer you have been looking for right here.

Meet The Team

Charles is a life long hunter & gun lover. Currently a pursuing his Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in Animal Nutrition at University of the Free State. Happy to have him apart of the Hunters Halt team!