Aimpoint H2 vs T2: Which Red Dot Sight Should You Buy?

When discussing premium red dot sights, Aimpoint stands out as a brand professionals have trusted for years. With models like the H2 and T2, Aimpoint showcases its craftsmanship in the optics world.

While the Hunting 2 (H2) is tailored more towards hunting enthusiasts, how does it measure against its tactical sibling, the Tactical 2 (T2)? Are there distinctive features that set them apart, especially regarding long-range shooting and tactical performance?

After comparing these two optics side-by-side I recommend the Aimpoint T2 to most of you. It is a very versatile & durable red dot that works great in just about any situation. But we all have our own budget & use case that needs to be considered before making a decision.

What Is The Aimpoint H2?

The Aimpoint Hunting 2 is a red dot sight specifically designed for hunting. The H2 is the next generation of the company’s previous and widely recognized H1 model. The Aimpoint H2’s primary features are a huge improvement over its predecessor, featuring improved optical performance with cutting-edge lens coatings.

Aimpoint H2

What Are The Primary Features Of The Aimpoint H2?

The primary features of the Aimpoint H2 include quality lens coatings, a great design, high durability, long battery life, and versatile brightness settings. The Aimpoint H2 has the following primary features:

  • Lens Coatings. The advanced lens coatings provide a clearer, crisper viewing experience.
  • Design. I am a huge fan of its sleek design. It is generally compact and suitable for rifles, shotguns, and bows.
  • Durability. Tough as nails and can withstand the most extreme hunting conditions. It’s generally water-resistant and shockproof.
  • Battery Life. Ultra-long battery life of up to 50,000 hours on a single CR2032 battery.
  • Brightness Settings. The H2 has 12 brightness settings.
  • Reticle. 2, 4, and 6 MOA Dot models available.

What Is The Aimpoint T2?

The Aimpoint Tactical 2 is a red dot sight designed by Aimpoint micro sights primarily for tactical applications. It is widely used by law enforcement and military performance. The T2 offers advanced features suitable for intense, high-stakes situations.

Aimpoint T2

What Are The Primary Features Of The Aimpoint T2?

The Aimpoint T2’s primary features also include a sleek design, high durability, versatile brightness settings, and long battery life, as well as night vision compatibility.

  • Design. A compact, intuitive design built with high-strength aluminum housing in a semi-matte, anodized finish.
  • Lens Covers. Flip-up lens covers, with a solid front and transparent rear, allow users to shoot with lens caps closed in emergencies. While they can be irritating, they do help protect your lens against dust and the elements.
  • Durability. Extremely durable sealed tube design protecting against environmental elements and reinforced turret protection for added ruggedness.
  • Night Vision Capabilities. The sight is compatible with all generations of night vision devices. Once you select one of the four night vision settings, you can use the Aimpoint T2 with a night vision scope.
  • Brightness Settings. Similar to the H2, it has 12 settings for varying lighting conditions.
  • Battery. Powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery, it provides a battery life between 7,300 to 50,000 hours.
  • Reticle. 2 MOA dot for precise target shooting.

What’s The Difference Between The Aimpoint H2 vs T2?

We compared these two micro red dots to identify exactly what the main differences are between them. Below are the primary differences between the Aimpoint H2 vs T2.

Feature Aimpoint H2 Aimpoint T2
Use Case Designed for hunting rifles, ideal for precise shots during hunting. Primarily for tactical applications, perfect for high-stress, quick-response scenarios and self-defense.
Size & Design Almost identical; both sights share the same dimensions and weight (3.1″ length, 1.8″ width, 1.9″ height, 4.6 oz with mount). Almost identical; both sights share the same dimensions and weight (3.1″ length, 1.8″ width, 1.9″ height, 4.6 oz with mount).
Durability Waterproof up to 15 feet; durable for hunting scenarios. Waterproof up to 80 feet; designed for extreme tactical conditions, featuring additional protection around adjustment turrets.
Adjustability Offers 12 brightness settings and an ultra-precise 2 MOA red dot. Offers 8 daylight settings and 4 night vision settings (requires compatible night vision scope add-on).
Battery Life Up to 50,000 hours on brightness setting eight with CR2023 lithium battery. Up to 50,000 hours on brightness setting eight with CR2023 lithium battery (considerably shorter on night vision modes).
Price Priced at $905, making it a more affordable option. Priced at $967, slightly more expensive due to added durability and adjustability features.

1) Use Case

The Aimpoint Micro T2 is primarily designed for tactical applications. It’s ideal for high-stress, quick-response scenarios. The T2’s night vision compatibility further illustrates its versatility for tactical operations. For civilian use, the T2 is perfect for self-defense.

In comparison, the H2 is the perfect companion for your hunting rifle. It features excellent optical clarity and a precise 2 MOA aiming dot, allowing accurate shot placements when you’re hunting.

2) Size & Design

There’s not much to go on in this category as both sights look almost identical, except for the lens covers.

Additionally, both micro red dot sights are equal in measurements and weight, featuring a size of 3.1 inches in length, 1.8 inches in width, 1.9 inches in height, and weighing 4.6 ounces with the mount. In our comparison of Aimpoint vs EOTech optics, we saw both of these brands are of similar sizes.

3) Durability

While the H2 is incredibly durable and can survive submerged up to 15 feet, the T2, being a tactical micro dot, features more ruggedness and durability features.

The T2 is waterproof up to an impressive 80 feet. It can also operate in more extreme weather than the H2, though I highly doubt you would use it – 49°F or + 160°F weather. It also has additional protection around adjustment turrets, further boosting durability.

4) Adjustability

The H2 has a lot going for it, offering 12 brightness settings and an ultra-precise 2 MOA red dot. But the T2 also claims this category, thanks to its night vision mode. The T2 has 8 daylight settings and 4 night vision settings, though it is important to note you can only use a night vision setting with the proper night vision scope add-on.

5) Battery Life

These two sights offer similar battery life performance. On brightness setting eight, you can expect 50,000 hours out of the CR2023 lithium battery. While I have yet to reach that point on my T2 and H2, I will let you know if Aimpoint’s statement is true.

Important note: When you use the T2 on night vision modes, it will shorten the battery life considerably.

6) Price

With the added durability and adjustability features of the T2, it’ll cost you more than the H2. The H2 costs $905, meanwhile the T2 costs $967. While $62 might seem insignificant, it still remains something to consider when choosing between these two optics.

Should You Buy The Aimpoint H2 or T2 Red Dot Sights?

Deciding which to buy between the Aimpoint H2 and T2 is not easy, but I must go with the T2. While I love it whenever hunting is featured in a product name, as it creates a deeper level of immenseness when using that product (well, in my experience), the T2 offers better value.

T2 vs H2

Yes, the T2 costs $62 more, but with that increased price, you get enhanced durability, night vision compatibility, and better flip-up lens covers that work ideally for long-range shooting.

Which Is Better For Long Range Shooting Aimpoint T2 vs H2?

For long-range shooting, both sights are fairly average. Red dot sights aren’t really designed for shooting targets beyond 100 yards, except when using a magnifier. Therefore, a long-range rifle scope is better suited for long-range shooting.

Which Is Better For Tactical Shooting Aimpoint T2 vs H2?

The T2 is better for tactical shooting – it is literally designed for this purpose and has tactical in its name. Its added durability, night vision compatibility, and better lens covers make it a strong alternative to an AR-10 tactical scope.

Are There Other Aimpoint Optics To Consider?

Some other Aimpoint Optics to consider are the Comp M5 and Acro P-2. I am a huge advocate of Aimpoint Optics, especially for the AR platform. After testing numerous Aimpoint optics thoroughly, I can honestly say the Comp M5 is one of the best red dot optics out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Optic Lasts Longer Between The Aimpoint H2 and T2?

The T2 lasts longer in terms of durability, but the H2 tends to have a longer battery life due to the absence of night vision settings.

Which Optic is Easier To Mount Between The Aimpoint H2 and T2?

Both the Aimpoint H2 and T2 are easy to mount on a standard Weaver/Picatinny mount.

The Bottom Line

Both the H2 and T2 are prime examples of what quality red dot sights should be, offering superior performance. Your choice boils down to specific needs and budget. For general use, the H2 is fantastic, while the T2 is just as capable for general use but also shines for tactical applications. Whichever you choose, you’re investing in a piece of world-class equipment, one that I’ve enjoyed since its launch back in 2014.

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