Aimpoint vs EOTech: Detailed Brand Comparison

Aimpoint and EOTech – arguably two of the most renowned brands in the optics industry. But what’s the difference between EOTech vs. Aimpoint? It’s a question worth asking, considering buying either optic is a substantial investment.

So, to get to the bottom of this question, I tested and compared some of their most popular products, like the PRO, EXPS2, and more.

After reading this review between Aimpoint and EOTech, you’ll have the knowledge to pick the perfect one, possibly picking a brand for the rest of your life.

aimpoint vs eotech

What Are The Differences Between Aimpoint vs EOTech?

Here are the ten major differences between Aimpoint and EOTech sights we are comparing.

  1. Reticle Options
  2. Battery Life
  3. Price Range Comparison
  4. Durability
  5. Parallax and Eye Relief
  6. Mounting Options & Footprint
  7. Brightness Settings
  8. Popular Use Cases
  9. Customer Reviews & Feedback
  10. Compatibility With Other Accessories

1. Reticle Options

Aimpoint has always been a leader in offering red dot optics with simplistic reticles. Their products usually come in 2,4, and 6 MOA reticle options, ideal for quick and straightforward targeting.

The EOTech reticle tends to be more complicated. Their holographic sights feature a 1 MOA dot surrounded by a 68 MOA circle. This reticle design actually promotes rapid target acquisition because the circle naturally draws your eye to the center dot.

The EOTech holographic sight reticle is especially useful in high-stress tactical scenarios.

Eotech red dot

2. Battery Life

Here, Aimpoint optics are supreme, with their battery life ranging from 30,000 to 80,000 hours.

In contrast, EOTech’s battery life is quite disappointing and is something they should aim to improve. Generally, EOTech sights have a battery life of between 600 and 2,500 hours.

3. Price Range Comparison

While both brands are not easy on the wallet, EOTech typically falls in a more affordable price bracket compared to Aimpoint Sights.

Aimpoint models can set you back anywhere between $600-$1,000+, and EOTech’s offerings range between $350-$800.

For budget-conscious buyers, we both know which one you should go for.

4. Durability

Both Aimpoint and EOTech are at the top of their field in terms of durability, adeptly withstanding severe weather conditions and heavy recoil.

However, in my experience, Aimpoint’s durability is just slightly better than EOTech’s. Its sights are submersible up to 135 feet and can withstand an absolute pounding from the environment.

Meanwhile, EOTech, while robust, only has a submersion limit of 10 feet, which can lead to a safe assumption about other durability factors.

aimpoint red dot

5. Parallax and Eye Relief

All red dot sights offer unlimited eye relief and parallax-free experience, so you can’t really pick a distinct winner here.

However, if you include window size as a review factor, EOTech is the clear winner. EOTech’s optics have an especially large window size, which I find quite favorable in situations where awareness and target acquisition rate are critical.

6. Mounting Options & Footprint

Both Aimpoint and EOTech know the importance of compatibility and versatility in terms of mounting options. You can mount both these brands’ optics on almost any firearm, and if they aren’t compatible, you will almost definitely find an adapter plate.

With regards to footprint, Aimpoint has the edge. Their optics are generally lighter and have a smaller footprint, making them my preferred choice for applications where weight and size are pertinent to an enjoyable shooting experience.

7. Brightness Settings

I’ve always experienced Aimpoint’s brightness settings as straightforward and intuitive, boasting features like a rotary dial. Brightness adjustments have never been so fast, thanks to the rotary dial.

EOTech’s sights use two buttons for power and brightness adjustments, which is nice, but in fast-paced situations, it can take too long to make these adjustments.

8. Popular Use Cases

Aimpoint’s simplicity and extended battery life make it a favorite for hunting, tactical, and general shooting. I use an Aimpoint Pro on my hunting AR-15.

EOTech, with its advanced reticle design and wider field of view, makes it an ideal option for tactical and law enforcement, where rapid target acquisition is crucial.

9. Customer Reviews & Feedback

When I think of Aimpoint, two words come to mind – “reliability” and “quality” – and many would agree with me here. I’ve scoped dozens of reviews where people praise Aimpoint’s quality and ingenuity.

EOTech is also a respected brand, with people especially enjoying their holographic sights. However, I’ve noticed a lot of people also complain about the poor battery performance.

10. Compatibility With Other Accessories

Both brands are compatible with a variety of accessories. The most notable include red dot magnifiers and night vision devices. However, Aimpoint’s smaller footprint and lighter weight make it a more favorable option if you want to go overboard with additional accessories.

Which Should You Choose: EOTech or Aimpoint?

When deciding between EOTech and Aimpoint, choose the best optic for you. One that caters exactly to your shooting needs and preferences.

If you want to prioritize extended battery life, durability, and simplicity, Aimpoint is your go-to!

If rapid target acquisition and a more advanced reticle are your priorities, EOTech is the better choice, especially if you’re on a tighter budget.

Is EOTech or Aimpoint Better For CQB Situations?

Close-quarters battle (QCB) situations demand faster target acquisition and effective management at close distances – an area where the EOTech shines. Its intuitive reticle and wide field of view make it ideal for these types of situations.

You can also go with the Aimpoint; it still outperforms common iron sights in CQB situations.

Is EOTech or Aimpoint Better For Home Defense?

For home defense, Aimpoint is your better option. But isn’t CQB the same as home defense? Well, no, not entirely. In CQB situations, you are sort of prepped for the situation, while for home defense, you never know when a burglar enters the house until it’s almost too late.

Aimpoint’s reflex sight options have an extended battery life, meaning chances are very good the battery won’t die on you.

Plus, Aimpoint’s reputation for being always ready makes it a slightly more practical choice for home defense.

Is EOTech or Aimpoint Better For Astigmatism?

For shooters with Astigmatism, EOTech’s holographic sights are a better option. I have astigmatism, and I can say with confidence that the EOTech models are easier on the eyes – reducing the “Starburst effect.”

What Are Other Comparable Brands To Aimpoint & EOTech?

Other notable brands that also produce reliable optics include Trijicon, Vortex, and Holosun.

These mentioned brands have a wide catalog of optics, from red dot sights to more advanced holographic and reflex sights, offering intuitive features like a solar failsafe.

How Does Trijicon Compare To Aimpoint?

Trijicon has always been one of my favorite optic brands. The ACOG series are prime examples of quality and performance in an optic. Also, their RMR reflex sight has become one of the most popular red dots on the market.

Compared to Aimpoint, Trijicon offers a similar performance level and price point. However, Trijicon’s tritium-illuminated reticles set it apart from Aimpoint, making it the preferred choice for shooters who regularly shoot in low-light conditions.

How Does Trijicon Compare To EOTech?

Trijicon’s offerings, particularly their RMR reflex sights, provide an attractive alternative to the heavy and bulky EOTech holographic series.

While EOTech specializes in holographic technology, especially for tactical and law enforcement use, Trijicon’s reflex sights cater more to the casual shooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are EOTech Optics So Expensive?

EOTech optics are so expensive because of the quality and technology you get when buying the optic. EOTech utilizes advanced holographic technology and durable housing construction in its holographic sights. The cost reflects the innovation and reliability EOTech brings to the table.

What Is The Most Popular Aimpoint Red Dot Sight?

The Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is their most popular red dot sight. It is perfection in an optic, offering a balance between performance, reliability, and affordability.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it – EOTech vs Aimpoint. Choosing between these two brands should be backed by your shooting requirements, budget, and, of course, a little bit of your “gut feeling.” Aimpoint does offer better battery life and durability. But EOTech’s holographic sights are just in a different league.

If one of these two brands doesn’t appeal to you, then you can always seek alternatives like Trijicon and Holosun. Happy shooting!

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