If you intend on using a scope with your rifle, then you are going to need scope rings. Not every scope comes with scope rings included, so you might be faced with the hard decision of choosing your own scope rings. In this article, I am going to try and make things a little bit easier for you, by comparing a few of the best 30mm scope rings.

If you are looking for different-sized rings, do not despair — most of these rings also come in 1-inch versions and in other different sizes.
Ready? Then let’s compare some scope rings.

Best 30mm Scope Rings Review

Our Pick
Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm Riflescope Rings — best budget 30mm scope rings

Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm Riflescope Rings — best budget 30mm scope rings

The Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm rings are an inexpensive choice that will leave even the most demanding customer thoroughly satisfied. However, be advised that they do not come as a set and that you will need to buy two separate units.

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30mm riflescope rings do not have to be expensive. I know, I know, things can quickly get way out of budget if you start focusing on fancy extra features and high-quality materials. However, if you are strictly looking for a cheap way to bolt your scope to your rifle, then the Vortex Optics Tactical rings are excellent for the job.

These rings will fit any standard picatinny rail and easily allow you to mount optics with 30mm tubes. While it is unfortunate that they only work on picatinny bases, I don’t think we’re really allowed to complain at this price point.

The Vortex Optics Tactical are made from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and have a black matte finish. They do not have any type of special coating, which again can be expected due to the price.

The rings hold your scope down securely with six screws on each ring. However, these rings can be difficult to tighten properly, so be sure to go the extra mile when fastening your scope to your rifle — any wobbles will hinder your accuracy.

Budget-wise, these are some of the best 30mm scope rings available. They are inexpensive and do their job properly — just don’t expect any fancy stuff, like a quick-detach system or extra slots for additional optics.

Will these rings work on a weave rail?

No. The Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm rings will only fit picatinny rails.

Are these sold as a set or as individual rings?

These rings are sold individually. You will need to buy two rings.

Are these the same rings that Vortex includes with the Strikefire 2?

No. Although they are similar, the rings on the Strikefire 2 are taller than these ones. These rings will also fit the Strikefire 2, but the scope will be positioned at a lower height.

What type of screws does the Vortex Optics Tactical use?

The screws on the Vortex Optics Tactical are 8×40 Torx-head screws. You will need a T15 Torx driver.

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Best Value
Leupold Ruger Rifle Scope Mount Rings

Leupold Ruger Rifle Scope Mount Rings

The Leupold Ruger riflescope rings are a robust set of rings for rifles with integral mounting systems that will fit most Ruger rifles.

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Most scope rings are made from T6 aluminum. Aluminum is an inexpensive material that offers some lightweight durability. Steel is more dense and more robust — and that’s why Leupold chose it as the material for the Ruger riflescope mount rings.

These rings are definitely rugged. The steel-machined rings have some weight to them, which can be seen as a negative, but they are also more durable than the competition. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer a lighter set of rings, or a more durable one. From my point of view, steel scope rings are great — especially if you don’t like being extra careful when out in the field.

These are extremely reliable rings with very tight tolerances. They are easy to set up and will offer you a seamless experience when mounting your scope.

The Leupold RM Ruger riflemount holds your scope via two Torx-head screws on each ring. The screws are easy to tighten, but you can overtighten them if you are not careful. Remember, if overtightening the screws, once the scope is mounted, can damage your scope.

If you have a Ruger rifle, these rings are easy to recommend. If not, then they are probably not for you.

Are these rings available in a matte version?

Sadly, these rings are only available with a gloss finish. Leupold does sell matte-finished rings, but not this particular model.

Are these rings sold individually or as a set?

The Leupold RM Ruger ringmount is sold as a set. You will not need to buy two of these for a single scope.

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Also Great
Burris 30mm scope rings picatinny (medium)

Burris 30mm scope rings picatinny (medium)

The Burris 30mm Xtreme Tactical rings are ideal for every tactical operator in the field. These sturdy rings hold your scope steady and allow you to install extra accessories on top of the scope.

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Burris[1]https://www.burrisoptics.com/ doesn’t always hit their shots. Sometimes they make average products, sometimes they make cheap stuff that doesn’t quite cut it. That’s not the case with the Burris Xtreme Tactical rings. These rings are great for tactical operators that need to attach additional accessories to their scopes.

The optional picatinny rail on top is probably the best feature of these rings — if not for that, this would be a good set of rings, but nothing exactly special. The Burris 30mm Xtreme Tactical rings are made from a milled T6 aluminum block and coated with a matte finish — pretty much the same as every other scope ring.

However, it is possible to attach a picatinny rail on top of the rings. This gives users the possibility of attaching additional accessories to their rifles, even if there isn’t any space left on their rifle’s rail.

Besides that, these lightweight rings are durable (they are meant for tactical operators, after all) and can handle the recoil from heavy-powered rifles without any problems.

These tactical rings hold your scope securely with a total of six screws on each ring, ensuring everything stays in its place even in the more stressful moments.

While these scope rings might be overkill for some, they are indicated for users who want the possibility of adding additional optics and accessories to their rifles. If that is your case, then the Burris 30mm Xtreme Tactical might just be the right choice for you.

Do these Burris rings include the picatinny mount?

No. Burris only includes the rings. You will need to buy the picatinny rail mount separately.

Do these rings come in pairs?

Yes. This item is a set of two scope rings.

Will these rings work on a revolver?

Assuming the revolver has a picatinny rail, then the rings will work perfectly — assuming there is enough space for them and for your chosen scope.

What’s the recommended torque for mounting the scope on the rails?

The standard recommended torque is 15 to 18 in lbs. on the screws that clamp around the scope. For the screws on the base, 30 in lbs. is adequate.

Anything over 15 or 18 in lbs. on the scope can damage the scope.

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Our Pick
Warne 30mm Matte PA Rings

Warne 30mm Matte PA Rings

The Warne Maxima Ruger Riflescope rings are CNC machined and can withstand the recoil of large-caliber weapons.

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Like we have seen with the Leupold rings, steel rings are stronger and sturdier than their aluminum counterparts. So, when Warne sets out to build strong, durable mounting rings, they evidently choose steel to do it.

The result is a set of hefty rings that scream durability — but that does not mean that they are heavy. As a matter of fact, even despite being made of steel, these rings are relatively lightweight.

Both rings on this set have extremely high tolerances and will provide a steady base for even the largest-caliber weapons. Recoil has virtually no impact on your zero with the Warner Maxima Ruger rings.

Unlike most rings, these rings clamp together sideways, instead of splitting into top and bottom parts. They are held together by four Torx-head screws, and, while I cannot attest to the superiority of this sideways clamp over the regular one, they hold everything together extremely well.

If you shoot high-caliber weapons and need scope rings then these rings are probably the right buy for you.

Can these rings be used with a 50bmg?

Yes. These rings will hold zero just fine when used with high-caliber weapons.

Are both rings included?

Yes. Warne sells the entire ring set and not individual rings.

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Also Great
Weaver 30mm Six Hole Tactical Low Rings — 30mm low scope rings

Weaver 30mm Six Hole Tactical Low Rings — 30mm low scope rings

The Weaver Tactical Rings are an excellent choice for users who demand durability from their gear. These rugged rings will be able to withstand intense action.

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Remember when I said that steel was more durable than aluminum? Well, even though that’s not an opinion, Weaver does not really care. The Weaver 30mm Tactical rings are made from aluminum, but they are still as durable as some of their steel competition.

These rings are made from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum (what a surprise) and have a matte black finish (who would’ve thought?). However, Weaver builds a dense set of tactical rings and does not spare a penny on the screws.

The Weaver tactical rings have six points of contact on each ring, which provide extra scope security[2]https://www.weaveroptics.com/. The Torx-head screws are tight and will hold your scope even in the most grueling scenarios.

Even after high-intensity real world situations, in which you might fall and drop your rifle, the Weaver tactical rings will still hold your scope’s zero — and remain pristine (after you clean them, at least) while doing so.

These rings will fit both picatinny and weaver rails, meaning they are adequate for most rifles. While this particular model has a low profile, Weaver also makes it in medium and high profiles, so you can choose whichever better fits your scope and your rifle.

If you are worried about getting extremely durable riflescope rings, do not think twice. The Weaver Tactical rings are probably the right choice for you.

Will these rings fit weaver bases?

Yes. These rings will fit both picatinny and weaver bases.

How high are these rings?

These rings have a saddle height of .250 inches.

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Best Value
Monstrum Slim Profile Series Offset Cantilever Picatinny Scope Mount

Monstrum Slim Profile Series Offset Cantilever Picatinny Scope Mount

The Monstrum Slim Profile Series offers both the scope rings and the mounting base, providing additional eye relief for an extremely low price.

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Most riflescope rings do not include the mounting base. Some don’t even include both rings in the same package. Monstrum, however, goes above and beyond the competition — not only they include both rings, but they also include the mounting base with their customized design.

The Monstrum Slim Profile series has, as the name indicates, a slim profile. Both the rings and the base are milled from 6061 aluminum, giving them great durability and a weight of only 5 ounces (in total).

The mount will fit any standard picatinny rail and adds extra rigidity to the rings, given that this is all a single piece of equipment.
The mount and the scope rings have a slight offset that provides extra eye relief — the scope rings have a 2-inch forward extension, which also makes the shooting position a bit more comfortable.

In a market where every manufacturer seems to cut corners somewhere, Monstrum leaves its mark, providing plenty of equipment for a very affordable price. If you are looking for an all in one scope ring, then the Monstrum Slim Profile Series might just be right up your alley.

Can you fit a 50mm scope on these rings?

Whether your 50mm scope fits on these rings or not will depend on the tube size. Since these are 30mm scope rings, the tube cannot be bigger than 30mm.

This might seem to imply that a 50mm scope will not fit, however when you refer to a 50mm scope you are referring to the lens it uses (in this case a 50mm lens). The tube diameter is generally smaller in diameter than the lens element. In many cases, a 50mm lens has a 30mm (or smaller) tube, which will perfectly fit in these rings.

How is the finish on these rings?

These rings have a satin finish. The rings are not glossy, but there is some shine to them — they are not matte black.

How high is the saddle on these rings?

From the bottom to the center of the rings there is a 1.5-inch distance.

Best 30mm Scopes Rings Buyer’s Guide

How to choose scope rings for a 30mm scopes

The most important thing when choosing scope rings for a 30mm scope is choosing rings that will fit both your rifle and your scope. No two scopes are the same — they have different diameters and different sizes — and not every rifle has the same type of rail.

So, first and foremost, before you decide on anything else, make sure that you are purchasing rings that will fit your equipment.

Once you know that you have to make a compatible purchase, you can start to focus on the type of rings that you need. As with every ring measure, there are widely different types of rings out there. Quick-detach mounts, cantilevers, etc.

If you are someone who uses several scopes on the same rifle, it might be worth spending the extra money and going for a quick-detach mount. These types of mounts cost more but will make your life easier in the long-term — you won’t have to re-zero your scope whenever you install it on your rifle.

Alternatively, you can be interested in a set of rings that holds your scope in its place and doesn’t do anything else. This doesn’t mean that you are looking for cheap rings, as simple rings can still be expensive if they are of very high quality.

At the end of the day, you will need to decide what type of 30mm scope ring is best for you. There are no easy or absolute answers.

What is the difference between 30mm and 1 inch scope rings?

Best 30mm Scope Rings

These two types of rings have different sizes. 30mm is equal to 1.18 inches, so, while not too different, there is enough of a difference to cause hardware compatibility issues[3]https://eecs.wsu.edu/~bakken/SavageRifleAd/.

In case of doubt, measure your equipment.


Choosing the best 30mm scope ring for your use case is not an easy task. Luckily, scope rings are not very expensive, and you have some margin to try out new things without breaking the bank.

If you feel that one particular ring is not right for you, do not be afraid of trying a new brand — although they are quite similar in their function, no two rings are the same.

If you are looking for a good set of rings that is also cheap, then the Vortex Optics Tactical gets my vote. These rings are budget-conscious but get the job done particularly well.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then you cannot go wrong with the Monstrum Slim Profile Series. The Monstrum rings come with an included base and provide additional eye relief, making them a great choice for many users.

Which 30mm scope ring do you think is the best? Let us know below.

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