5 Best AR-15 Foregrips: Expert Reviews & How To Pick

AR-15 Foregrips

An AR-15 foregrip is an attachment you make to the front of your AR-15 for increased control and agility. As an avid AR enthusiast and a dedicated writer passionate about all things firearms, I’m thrilled to present you with our take on the best AR foregrips currently on the market. We tested a lot of AR-15 foregrips before finally deciding our top 5, and more importantly, our winner – the Daniel Defense M-LOK foregrip.

However, the Daniel Defense isn’t the only performer in the AR-15 foregrip category; each of the other foregrips also offers unique features and benefits you might appreciate. When you’re ready, let’s help you find the perfect foregrip addition to your AR-15 rig!

What Are AR-15 Foregrips?

AR-15 foregrips are attachments for the front of your AR-15 rifle. Its main goal is to provide additional grip and stability. There are various shapes available, including angled and vertical foregrips. Foregrips is just one of the many AR-15 mods you can make.

If you shoot long enough, you’ll notice each foregrip offers a unique shooting experience, influencing the overall feel and recoil control of your AR-15. That’s why it is so important to replace your AR-15 foregrip if you are not happy with your existing one.

Why Replace An AR-15 Foregrip?

Replacing your AR-15 foregrip can lead to improved accuracy, better recoil management, and enhanced shooting experience.

After I upgraded from basic foregrips to more advanced models, like a polymer Picatinny vertical foregrip, I could sense the change – my index finger didn’t grow so tired, my shooting groupings were closer, and I could shoot for longer periods at a time.

Should You Get A Vertical Or Angled Grip?

Choosing between a vertical forward grip (VFG) and angled foregrips (AFG) depends on your shooting style. Vertical grips usually offer more control, especially during rapid firing. While angled grips allow for a more natural hand position, reducing wrist fatigue during longer shooting sessions.

To summarise, if you want performance, go for a VFG, and if you want endurance, go for an AFG.

5 Best AR Foregrips

After a lot of AR-foregrip swapping and rounds fired, I concluded that these are the five best AR15 foregrips:

  1. Daniel Defense M-LOK Vertical Foregrip
  2. Strike Industries LINK Curved Fore Grip
  3. Magpul VFG
  4. Mid-Evil Industries VFG Magpul M-Lok Standard Grip
  5. BCMGunfighter KAG MLOK Angled Grip

1. Daniel Defense M-LOK Vertical Foregrip

The Daniel Defense Vertical grip stands out for its robust construction and ergonomic design, all at an affordable price of $52. It’s made from injection-molded, glass-infused polymer, allowing it to have a rugged yet lightweight (1.7 ounces) feel. The non-reflective black finish is a thoughtful touch for hunting and tactical applications.

What I personally appreciate is the soft rubber over-molding on each side, enhancing grip comfort significantly. After all, it’s not just about steadying your shots; it’s about maintaining comfort during those intense shooting sessions.

2. Strike Industries LINK Curved Fore Grip

The Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip is a versatile and ergonomic grip. It immediately caught my attention for its unique tooth design. It’s also reversible, allowing for a “push” or “pull” style vertical grip, which can be a game-changer in shooting scenarios that require odd grips.

I also like the heat-resistant polymer material, which is a boon if you’re going to shoot for a while, and its low-profile design is ideal for MLOK and KeyMod systems. Plus, at 0.5 ounces, you will hardly tell the difference when you attach this grip to your AR-15.

It’s also our cheapest addition to the list, costing only $13.95.

3. Magpul VFG

Magpul is an established player in the firearm-accessory industry, and their MOE MVG vertical grips are no exception. This grip is brilliantly designed for MOE handguards and forends.

Its ergonomic shape significantly enhances weapon handling and control. The fact that it doesn’t require specialized rails for mounting is a big plus for ease of installation. Overall, the Magpul VFG is a user-friendly vertical grip that won’t break the bank ($19.95).

4. Mid-Evil Industries VFG Magpul M-Lok Standard Grip

At $139,95, this is our premium foregrip on this list. The Mid-Evil VFG Magpul standard secure grip impressed me with its 360-degree adjustability. This feature allows you to find the perfect grip angle, enhancing comfort and control.

It’s constructed from high-grade aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. However, the on-the-fly adjustability is its standout feature, especially if you frequently switch shooting positions or your support hand.

5. BCMGunfighter KAG MLOK Angled Grip

The Bravo Company MFG kinesthetic angled grip is the best AFG. Its forward rake design is perfect for the “C-clamp” method of handguard support. The grip is made from impact-resistant polymer, offering durability and lightness.

What sets it apart is the perfect balance of wrist relief and minimal bulk. It’s highly affordable, only costing $28.40.

Which AR-15 Foregrip Should You Choose?

Choose an AR-15 foregrip based on your intended use case (hunting, range shooting, home defense). Also, consider factors like personal comfort, the weight of the foregrip, and the material.

Finally, be sure to double-check the foregrip’s compatibility with your AR-15 model, e.g., a Picatinny rail with an M-LOK system.

Which Is The Best Vertical Foregrip?

The Daniel Defense M-LOK vertical foregrip is the best vertical grip. Its ergonomic and lightweight design, coupled with its durable construction and comfortable rubber-overmolding makes for an enjoyable user experience.

Which Is The Best Angled Foregrip (AFG)?

The Bravo Company KAG M-LOK angled grip is the best AFG. The grip provides comfort and stability, essential for accurate shooting. Plus, it comes with great value – an important factor in determining the quality of an AR-15 foregrip.

What Factors Make A Good AR-15 Foregrip?

Durability, design, compatibility, user-friendliness, and value are all factors that determine the quality of an AR-15 foregrip.

When we test an AR-15 foregrip, we usually look at how well the foregrip performs. It should allow for adequate recoil control while remaining comfortable. Wind, collision, rain – it should be able to withstand the surroundings.

Finally, it should offer great value at its price point. For instance, the Mid-Evil offers 360-degree adjustability (a feature not common in foregrips) at a reasonable price point.

Why Is Use Case Important When Picking A New AR15 Foregrip?

The use case is important because manufacturers design AR15 foregrips around their intended use case. For instance, in a hunting foregrip, I want it to be durable and comfortable for long periods. While for home defense, I usually prioritize maneuverability and ease of use.

Expert AR-15 Tip: First, identify your use case and build your AR-15 accessories around that.

Which Feature Is Most Important For AR-15 Foregrips For Hunting?

For hunting, comfort is the most important feature of AR-15 foregrips. The foregrip must allow for a comfortable grip over extended periods and provide stability for precision shooting.

Trust me, if you are on a walk-and-stalk hunt or when you injure an animal because of poor shot placement, you’re going to walk a while, and you need something comfortable to help you remain focused.

Which Feature Is Important For AR-15 Foregrips For Range Shooting?

Recoil control and comfortability are the most important factors for range shooting AR-15 foregrips. During those intense shooting sessions, you don’t want to be struggling with your grip, so get an AR-15 foregrip that offers a firm and comfortable grip.

Which Feature Is Important For AR-15 Foregrips For Home Defense?

For home defense, you want an AR-15 foregrip that promotes maneuverability and ease of use. Usually, for self-defense AR-15s, you want features that promote rapid response, like an AR-15 red dot sight, an agile foregrip, and a compact handguard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Average Price Of An AR-15 Foregrip?

The average price for an AR-15 foregrip is $25. However, feature-rich AR-15 foregrips can cost as much as $150. Ultimately, the cost depends on the brand, material, and features.

How Long Do AR-15 Foregrips Last?

A high-quality AR-15 foregrip can last more than five years. I even had some foregrips that lasted more than ten years, while others only lasted a couple of months. The key to ensuring the longevity of your AR-15 foregrip is to buy a high-quality one made from polymer or aluminum and treat it with respect.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that there is no shortage of AR-15 foregrips out there. However, picking the right one involves meticulous research and weighing factors like your use case, comfort level, durability, and more. The AR-15 foregrip we believe excels in all these categories is the Daniel Defense M-LOK Vertical grip, providing comfort and performance at a very reasonable price. Ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer, but remember, the right foregrip significantly enhances your shooting performance, so choose wisely!

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