Best Glock Suppressor Sights — FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

Glock suppressor sights are a necessity for everyone who likes to shoot their handgun with a suppressor. These types of sights enhance your shooting experience with a suppressor because you’ll be able to see your target clearly since your sight picture won’t be blocked.

These sights are usually raised to compensate for the diameter of the suppressor. As a result, they can also be used with an optical sight (i.e., red-dot sight) to co-witness or provide a failsafe.

Choosing the best Glock suppressor sight is important. You need a sight that will clear your suppressor without sacrificing comfort or reliability. When a sight doesn’t clear your suppressor, it can lead to some unintended drawbacks. For example, it might not fit into your holster or you might not be able to co-witness with other optical sights.

You also need a Glock suppressor sight that is compatible with your Glock model[1]

In this article, we’ll review some of the most popular Glock suppressor sights, so you can find the right suppressor sight for your situation. After several rounds of testing, I determined that Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set was the best Glock suppressor sight available!

Let’s get to work!

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The Best Glock Suppressor Sights Product Review


#1. Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set

The Trijicon Glock Supressor Night Sight Set is a three-dotted height iron sight. This sight is built with tritium phosphor lamps which make it more than adequate for no-light and lowlight situations.

Like most height-sights, this Trijicon set is designed to be used with a suppressed pistol. However, you can also use it as a backup sight for red dot sights.

This set is constructed with a metal body and a silicon rubber cushion. Since it’s built with quality materials, this set is resistant, sturdy, and extremely lightweight.

There are three tritium phosphor lamps in the iron sights, two at the rear and one at the front. These lamps are what make this set ideal for night-time use — users can quickly acquire their target without having to use any batteries. The rear lamps are orange, and the front lamp is green, which increases night-time accuracy by as much as five times over standard sights.

With the contrast provided from the orange and green sights, these sights are easy to see in dim-light situations. Even in pitch-black darkness, the tritium phosphor lights emit a faint glow which your eyes pick up easily.

In addition, the lamps are encased in protective aluminum cylinders and cushioned by rubber padding. Trijicon takes a lot of pride in their products, so they even capped the lamps with sapphire windows. This further protects the set from punctures and evenly distributes light across the lamps. This makes Trijicon one of the best Glock suppressor height sights!

These sights will fit most Glock models. They are compatible with Glock models 17 through 39, with the exception of the Glock 28.

Does this suppressor sight fit the Glock40 MOS 10mm?

Yes, it does.

Is this suppressor sight an authentic Trijicon sight?

Yes. The Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set is an authentic sight set from Trijicon.

Can these sights be used with a Vortex Venom?

Yes. These sights co-witness perfectly with the Vortex Venom.

Do these sights come with a screw for the front sight?

Yes. The screws are included in the package.

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#2. AmeriGlo Suppressor Sights [GL-430 3Dot Tritium]

The AmeriGlo GL-430 sights are one of the most versatile Glock suppressor sights on the market. They almost fit every Glock model on the market, with the two exceptions being the Glock 42 and 43. Even though most people don’t change out their iron sights very often on their Glock handguns, it’s not to have this type of optionality for the users who need it.

AmeriGlo focus is on functionality. As a result, you won’t find any fancy multi-colored lamps on the GL-430. Instead, the GL-430 sights have classic green tritium phosphor lamps which makes them very easy to see in low-light conditions.

Note, you definitely need to use Loctite threadlocker glue when mounting these. If you don’t, the sight is likely to become loose when you are shooting. In reality, you should use threadlocker in most aftermarket iron sights. But you especially need to use it with this AmeriGlo GL-430 set.

Although the build on these sights is not quite as sturdy as the Trijicons, the AmeriGlo GL-430’s are also cheaper. It’s a classic quality vs. price debate in which each user will need to decide based on their own circumstances. With this in mind, the AmeriGlo GL-430’s are great for night-time use and will be more than serviceable for a lot of users.

The rear sight is .310”-high and the front sight is .314”. While these are great and very affordable sights, it’s worth a quick measurement to make sure they provide enough clearance for your Glock suppressor. AmeriGlo makes one of the best Glock 19 suppressor sights on the market!

Can these sights co-witness with a Vortex Venom red dot sight?

Unfortunately, no. These sights sit at the same height as the Vortex Venom, therefore they do not co-witness.

Will these sights clear a Silencerco Osprey silencer?

Yes. They should clear a standard-size silencer without any problem.

How wide are these sights?

The front sight is .140” wide. The AmeriGlo GL-329 has a .150” notch.

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#3. XS Sight Systems GL-0004S-5 DXT Big Dot

The XS Sight Systems GL-0004S-6 DXT Big Dot have a low profile and a big V-notch that allows for a large field of view.

Their low profile might make them seem like the sights won’t clear most suppressors, but they work great with most standard suppressors and can even co-witness with most of the popular red dot optics.

The great thing about the low profile of these sights is that it allows for a snag-free design. If you are at all interested in drawing and holstering speed, then these Glock suppressor sights are a great choice for you. This snag-free design works with most of the holsters on the market.

The GL-0004S-6 DXT has a simple, but reliable design. The steel body has two tritium lamps (one at the front and one at the rear) that emit a tritium-green light. Unlike other sights, the GL-0004S-6 only has one lamp at the rear — it is positioned in the middle of the sight and it pairs nicely with the large white dotted lamp on the front sight. This makes it one of the best Glock suppressor sights you can find.

You should have no problems acquiring targets during the night with these sights, even though its design is not the most appealing — I prefer the classic 2-1 lamp approach, but it’s completely relative. Despite what you might prefer, there’s no denying that this is a fast iron sight, great for night-time shooting.

What comes included in the box?

This XS Sight System Glock suppressor sight[2] comes with a red lock tight, a 0.5 Allen key, a nylon drift punch, and a front sight tool.

Do these sights co-witness with a Vortex Venom?

Yes. These work perfectly with a Vortex Venom or a Leupold Delta Point.

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#4. TruGlo Glock Suppressor High Set

First of all, one thing you should immediately know about the sights of this Glock Suppressor set: they sit very high. The good part is that they will easily clear most suppressors, the bad part is that the sights will stick out like a sore thumb.

Although these sights are high, they should still clear most holsters just fine — but you should note that it won’t clear every holster. Some holsters will just be too small for these sights.

And the sticking out part isn’t just about the height of the sights: the tritium lamps have an almost-nuclear shine to them. During day light the tritium lamps are immensely bright and will catch everyone’s attention. But this brightness comes in handy during the night — this is one of the brightest Glock Suppressor sights available.

Visibility is great in both daylight and low-light situations. Target acquisition remains fast, regardless of how much light there is. The TFX sealed-capsule design guarantees that the tritium will remain bright and spotless for a long time.

These sights also have a snag-free design, which is great for both holstering and drawing speed — assuming you can get it to fit in your holster.

Will this sight clear a concealment holster?

Yes. Although this set has a high front sight, it still clears most holsters without any problems.

What are these sights made of?

These glock suppressor sights have a metal body.

Will these sights co-witness with a Vortex Viper?

Unfortunately, due to their low-profile, these sights will not co-witness with a Vortex Viper.

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#5. AmeriGlo Tritium Front Rear Tall Suppressor Set

The AmeriGlo Tritium Front Rear Tall Suppressor Set is a simple tall sight set, with one single tritium lamp. This is a cheap way of adding extra height to your Glock pistol — but there are probably better options out there.

These sights are very tall and will easily clear any suppressor. The large white dot and the single tritium lamp on the front sight allow for some quick target acquisition and offer good visibility — however, this could be faster and smoother if there were three (or even two) tritium lamps.

In the dark, you want to be able to immediately see your sights, so you can focus on your target. While you can perfectly see the frontal tritium lamp, you might need a few extra seconds to align it with the rear sights. This would not happen if the rear sights also had some type of illumination.

Still, if you’re just interested in clearing your suppressor and don’t really care about night visibility, then this is a strong option. These sights are taller than most sights on this list and should have no problem with most standard (and even larger) suppressors.

The problem is that due to their height, these sights will not co-witness with some of the most popular red dot sights. If you are interested in co-witnessing sights, then these sights are probably not for you.

For the money, there are better options out there. You should only get these sights if height is really the only thing that matters to you.

Will the Front Rear Tall Set co-witness with a Vortex Viper?

Sadly, these sights are too tall to be able to co-witness with the Viper red dot.

How tall are these sights?

The front sight is .315-inches tall. The rear sights are .394 inches.

Do these sights work with a Burris FastFire?

Although they do not co-witness with Vortex Viper red dots, I have found that these glock suppressor sights co-witness perfectly with the Burris FastFire 3.

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Buyer’s Guide

What are suppressor sights?

Suppressor sights, often also called “suppressor height sights”, are sights specifically engineered to be used with suppressors.

Since most suppressors have a large diameter, they often block the sight picture of your pistol. This means that looking through the standard pistol iron sights will result in not being able to see your target — your line of sight is blocked by the suppressor.

Suppressor sights have extra height to compensate for the large suppressor diameter — this is why they are also called “height sights”. With a suppressor sight, the sight picture is no longer blocked by the suppressor and you can clearly see your target.

Most suppressor height sights can also be used with other pistol optics. In cases where optical sights are used (assuming they are correctly zeroed), suppressor iron sights are used as a backup sight.

Suppressor sights commonly use tritium lamps that are visible in low-light situations. Besides being excellent backup sights, these types of sights are also great to use in low-visibility environments.

How to install Glock suppressor sights?

Most gun stores will install your suppressor sights for a fee. However, if you are so inclined, you can also install the sights on your own.

There are two main methods of installing suppressor sights: the professional method and the cheap method.

The Professional Method

The professional method requires having a front sight tool, a rear sight tool and a type of glue, usually Loctite threadlocker.

The first step in this method is to disassemble the pistol. Obviously, you should only do so after performing a safety check. In case you don’t know how to perform a safety check and how to disassemble your pistol, you should probably just pay the fee. Alternatively, YouTube is a great resource to learn how to disassemble most pistols.

After disassembling the pistol, you need to choose whether you want to install the front or the rear sights first.

To install the front sights, you will need a front sight tool to remove the hex nut from the slide. If the nut seems stuck, you can use a pair of pliers to help — be careful not to damage the nut or the slide.

After the nut is removed, you simply remove the sight and install the new one, tightening the nut again. You should be careful when tightening the nut, as too much pressure can damage the sight. Threadlocker glue will guarantee that the sight stays in place even when firing.

Installing the rear sight is also easy. Slide the sight tool to the rear sight and use it to push the sight out of the groove. Do not worry if it seems like the sight is stuck — it can take quite a bit of force before the sight slides out of the groove.

Once you remove the old sight, simply put the new sight into place. Push it in as far as you can with your hands and make sure to keep it level.

After both sights are installed you can reassemble the pistol. Take it to the firing range and test your new sights to be sure that the sights are correctly adjusted.

The Cheap Method

If you do not want to buy sight tools, there is an affordable way to install your Glock suppressor sights. You will need a nut driver, a nylon punch, a vice with soft jaws, and a hammer.

The first step is the same as in the professional method. To install new sights, you will first need to remove the old ones — and to do that you first must disassemble your pistol.

Installing the front sights with the cheap method is similar to installing them with the professional method. The main difference is that you will be using the nut driver instead of the sight tool.

Just be careful not to tight the sight too much with the nut driver — you might break it.

The rear sight is where things get tricky. You will need to lock your pistol into place with the vice (the soft jaws guarantee you don’t damage the pistol) so there is no unwarranted movement to complicate the process.

Place the nylon drift as close as possible to the base of the rear sight and use the hammer to give it a solid blow. A light hammer will prevent any damage to the gun. If you are unsure on how much strength to use, start soft and gradually increase the strength of your blow — you don’t want to damage the pistol.

Once you manage to remove the rear sights, slot the new ones into place. Gently tap it with the hammer to make sure the sights are in place and perfectly vertical.

After installing both sights, reassemble the pistol and go try out your new sights in the firing range.

How tall are Glock suppressor sights?

Glock suppressor sights height

There are quite a few different heights available, to accommodate every type of pistol suppressor.

The most common Glock suppressor sights are .315”-high at the front and .394”-high at the rear[3] These heights are enough to compensate for the diameter of a standard suppressor.

If you use larger-than-average suppressors, then these sights might not be high enough. There are sets that are .350”-high at the front and .429”-high at the rear. If that’s not high enough, Glock suppressor sights can reach a height of 0.365” at the front and .451” at the rear.

If you don’t know which height is the proper one for you, check your suppressor manual for the recommended sight height.

Suppressor sights are not necessary with a red dot, but they can be beneficial in some situations. For example, if you are shooting at close range and do not have time to lined up your sights with the target, suppressor sights can help you get on target quickly. Additionally, suppressor sights can help reduce muzzle rise and help keep your shots on target when using a high-powered weapon. However, if your weapon has RDS housing sitting in between the front and rear sights you may need suppressor sights installed with your red dot sight.

Are Glock Night sights good?

There is no denying that Glock night sights are some of the best on the market. They are precision machined and contractor certified, making them extremely reliable. In addition, they are among the brightest in terms of luminosity, which is ideal for firing in dim light conditions. They provide good results and are a great option for anyone looking for an upgrade from their factory sights.

Rear sights can be blacked out to ensure when you see the dot you’re pointed in the “right direction”. Depending on lighting conditions and what your target is, this could mean bluing the entire sight or just the top part (assuming your front sight is white).

When lining up a shot, you want to make sure your sights are correctly aligned with your target. By blacking out the rear sight, you remove any potential distractions and make it easier to focus on the front sight. This is why many competitive shooters will black out their rear sights.


The right Glock suppressor sight for you will depend on a variety of factors. It must be both compatible with your Glock model, as well as high enough to clear your suppressor. Things get extra complicated if you also wish to use it as a co-witness for an optical sight.

This means that there is no “best” Glock suppressor, as it is a very personal choice. However, there are a few suppressors which I feel are good enough to recommend them to most users.

The AmeriGlo GL-329 is an easy recommendation. It fits almost every Glock out there and it offers an excellent quality for its price.

Of course, you should make sure that it clears your suppressor and that it is compatible with your specific handgun.

If you want something a little more durable, then you should consider the Trijicon Night Set. It has a very sturdy build, and it is an all-around excellent choice.

Let me know which is your favorite Glock suppressor sight and why.

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