Lasers for M&P Shield 9mm: Review & Comparison Chart

While you don’t need to have a laser on your handgun, having one increases your accuracy — especially in high pressure situations. With a laser for M&P Shield 9mm you don’t have to look through the iron sights to hit your target — you just need to place the laser where you want to shoot and pull the trigger.

There are a lot of options out there which can make buying a laser for your M&P Shield 9mm a daunting task. I am going to show you some of the most popular lasers for this pistol to make your buying process easier.

These lasers are all slightly different — ones turn on automatically, while others require that you have your middle finger in the right position. Choosing the right laser for you will depend on a variety of factors, but the main one is whether you want to use your pistol to protect your home or if you intend on using it to shoot recreationally.

Ready to know what are the best lasers for the M&P Shield 9mm?

Lasers for M&P Shield 9mm


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Review of Best Lasers for M&P Shield 9mm


Streamlight TLR-6 C4

Our Pick
Streamlight TLR-6
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Light Settings
  • Easy Battery-Replace
  • Prone to Cracking
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The Streamlight[1] TLR-6 is an impressive laser and flashlight combo for the M&P Shield 9mm. It is extremely lightweight and simple to use, and one of the better buys you can make if you are looking for an effective laser that also has a flashlight included.

Straight out of the box, the Streamlight TLR-6 does not seem very impressive. It is a small piece of plastic that feels and looks like a toy — however its design is also one of its strong suits. The plastic mount makes the TLR-6 weigh just over 1 ounce, meaning you won’t have to carry around a heavy laser.

Installing it on the M&P Shield 9mm is also pretty straightforward — just screw it on to your handgun and you are good to go. The TLR-6 stays nicely put in place and, assuming you screw it on right, there is no wobble at all.

To turn on the red laser you just press the button on one of the sides. If you press both sides simultaneously, you will cycle through the three available modes. There is a laser-only mode, a light and laser and a light only mode. The single press of one of the buttons will turn on and off the last chosen mode.

The red laser is accurate and doesn’t need any major adjustments. You can zero it by using the included hex wrench on the screw openings.

One cool thing that sets this combo apart from many other Shield 9mm lasers is that you can change the two CR-1/3N lithium batteries without having to remove the laser from the pistol. There is a small port at the bottom which you can access without any necessary disassembly.

Overall, this is a great laser for the M&P Shield 9mm. The main problem is that the on and off buttons may be prone to cracking, but that didn’t happen to me. If you are looking for a great laser and flashlight combo, then the Streamlight TLR-6 will not disappoint you.

Does this laser also fit the Shield .45? 

The Streamlight can fit the Shield .45, but it is a very tight fit — and complicated — fit. This laser is meant to be used with the M&P Shield 9mm or the .40.

Can you use a clip-on trigger guard simultaneously with this laser?

A standard clip-on trigger guard is not going to be compatible with this laser. The Streamlight TLR-6 C4 is snugly attached to the trigger guard of the Shield, leaving no space for a clip-on trigger guard.

Will this laser damage or scratch the trigger guard?

No. The Streamlight TLR-6 C4 attaches to the trigger guard by screwing in both plastic sides together. This means that the contact is strictly plastic on plastic — there will be no damage or any type of scratches to the M&P Shield 9mm trigger guard.

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LaserMax Centerfire

Great Choice
LaserMax Centerfire Laser
  • Simple design
  • Easy-to-reach on/off button
  • Auto-off
  • Small for those with large fingers
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The LaserMax Centerfire is a relatively simple laser that gets the job done. There is no fancy technology or any extras — this is just an accurate and easy to use laser for your M&P Shield.

This nylon-reinforced laser grips the trigger guard of the pistol and snugly fits below the barrel. Such as the TLR-6, the Centerfire splits into two plastic pieces that get screwed on together — this reduces the space on the trigger guard and can be a problem if you have large fingers.

The button on the LaserMax Centerfire is easy to reach with the trigger finger. The button is on a comfortable and natural position and I never had to search for it. You can program the laser to emit a steady beam or a high-visibility pulse through the buttons as well.

The energy-saving feature of the LaserMax Centerfire is, in theory, good — the laser automatically turns off after 10 minutes on. While this certainly helps forgetful users saving their batteries, it can be annoying if you are actually using the laser for more than 10 minutes at a time. Still, I think it’s a plus and something you will quickly get used to.

Such as most lasers, this one can also be zeroed — you can adjust the elevation and the windage by tightening a few screws. Right off the box, the laser is zeroed to 10 to 7 yards, so you might not need to fiddle with it if that’s your intended shooting distance.

This is a simple laser that will not disappoint you — just don’t expect too much from it.

Is there an automatic sensor on this laser? 

There isn’t any type of sensor on the LaserMax Centerfire. You will need to manually turn on and off the laser.

Can you see the laser during the day?

While not ideal for daytime use, the laser on the Centerfire is visible up to 15 yards. Of course, this will depend on how bright it is outside. The brighter it is, the harder it will be to see the laser.

Do you need to zero the laser? 

While you should always zero your laser for your preferred distance, the LaserMax Centerfire is relatively accurate at 10 yards without any zeroing.

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ArmaLaser TR4G

Solid Pick
ArmaLaser TR4-G
  • Touch-based activation
  • Auto-off
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Does not fit EZ models or the .45
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The ArmaLaser TR4G is a touch-activated green laser that comes with an included holster and a few extra batteries.

The laser itself is accurate. Assembling it is similar to the other lasers on this list — you attach the laser to the trigger guard, and it is good to go, zeroed to a distance of approximately 10 yards. Changing the batteries will not force you to zero again the laser, as there is a battery door on the bottom of the laser itself.

The thing that sets this green laser[2] apart is the touch-based activation. The ArmaLaser TR4-G does not have any buttons (besides a kill switch recessed into the housing) — the laser is activated by resting your middle finger against the capacitive sensor.

This activation method works very well, and I never had any problems turning the laser on or off. Naturally, your middle finger wants to rest in that position when you are aiming the weapon — so if you are aiming, you are using the laser. For the instances where you don’t want to use the laser, you just need to press the kill switch.

The brightness of this laser is also very good. You can see it during the day, since green lasers usually shine brighter than their red counterparts. You can see the laser under direct sunlight up to a distance of 20 to 25 yards.

This laser comes with an included holster, which is also a nice addition. Regular M&P Shield holsters often do not fit pistols with lasers — with the included holster you are all set.

Is the included holster for concealed carry?

No. The included holster is a regular belt holster.

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Crimson Trace LG-459

Crimson Trace LG-459 Laserguards with Heavy Duty Construction and Instinctive Activation
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The Crimson Trace[3] LG-459 is yet another simple laser that works reliably. The green laser is highly visible and is factory sighted to a distance of 50 feet.

The Crimson Trace LG-459 attaches nicely and securely to the M&P Shield 9mm — however there have been reports of the batteries popping out while you shoot the pistol. That never happened to me, but it is something to keep in mind.

The laser is accurate and lasts for up to 2 hours at peak brightness. You turn on the laser by keeping the side button pressed with your middle finger — which while doable, might not be entirely comfortable. Unlike with the ArmaLaser TR4-G, you will need to do a bit of strength with your finger for the laser to work.

Installing the laser is as simple as any of the lasers on this list. Just screw it on to the trigger guard and you are good to go. As expected, you can adjust the windage and the elevation by turning a couple of screws.

This laser works as intended and you will hardly be disappointed, however there are better purchases out there for the same price.

Is the Crimson Trace LG-459 made from metal?

No. The Crimson Trace LG-459 is made from a molded plastic polymer.

Does the laser turn on and off by pressing the button, or do you need to keep pressing it for it to be on?

The button needs to keep being pressed for the laser to work.

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Viridian Reactor 5

Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser Sight Pistol Handgun
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The Viridian Reactor[4] 5 is a compact green laser that instantly activates when you remove the gun from the included holster.
While not the cheapest laser out there, the fact that it turns on automatically when you need it might be worth the price. It might not be ideal for trips to the gun range, but this feature is great if you use the gun for safety purposes — during high stress situations you don’t want to have to remember to turn on the laser.

The high-intensity green laser is visible for a distance of up to 2 miles at night and up to 100 yards during the day, making this one of the highest-range green lasers on the list.

This is a light and easy to assemble laser that fits the M&P Shield 9mm and many other popular guns. If you use your gun for protection, this is one easy recommendation. If you just want to shoot it at the range, a controllable laser is probably better for you.

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Best Laser for M&P Shield 9mm Buyer’s Guide

What laser color should you use with the M&P Shield 9mm?

Laser for M&P Shield 9mm

While red lasers are usually cheaper, green lasers are stronger. This means that if you are worried about visibility, a green laser should be the go-to.

There is no indicated color for the M&P Shield 9mm. Just choose the one you prefer — be it for the color or for the higher power output.

What is the best laser for the M&P Shield 9mm that also fits in a holster?

Both the ArmaLaser TR4-G and the Viridian Reactor 5 come with included holsters. With these lasers you won’t have to worry about fitting the pistol in your holster — they come with the ideal holster included.


Every single laser on this list is a worthwhile buy for the M&P Shield. However, some are more indicated for certain situations than others.
I found the best overall laser to be the Streamlight TLR-6. Besides being bright enough (there are brighter alternatives on this list) the included flashlight also comes in extremely handy.

Lasers such as the Viridian Reactor 5 or the ArmaLaser TR4-G are indicated for you if you want to use your pistol to protect your home. These lasers are easy to activate and you won’t have to fumble with any buttons during stressful and dangerous situations.

If you want to use the pistol at the shooting range, any of the lasers is good. However, you should stay away from the automatically activated ones — if you want to save your batteries, at least.

Which laser do you use with your M&P Shield 9mm? Which color do you prefer?

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