Red Dot Sights for Browning Buckmark: Top 5 Options

Are you looking for a red dot sight for your Browning Buckmark? If so, congratulations, you found the right place. This pistol is extremely popular and one of the best options out there in 2022.  In order for owners to get the best results from this pistol, they need the best red dot sight for Browning Buckmark. Hint: The best choice is Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight!

A red dot sight has a plastic or glass surface where the reticle is a red dot (shocking, right!). The red dot represents the point of impact. Red dots are an excellent addition to this pistol. They allow you to acquire targets faster and can help you improve your accuracy.
I personally love the Browning Buckmark. Made from 7025 aluminum, this straight blowback pistol uses .22 long ammunition. All models come standard with iron sights, but I have discovered that equipping them with a red dot sight really takes these weapons to the next level.

There are a lot of different red dot sight options out there, so I decided to review each one to help you make the right choice. Without further ado, let’s get to work!


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Best Red dot sights for Browning Buckmark Review

After testing all these optics, here is our list of the best Browning Buckmark sights.

  1. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight
  2. Burris Fastfire III
  3. Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight
  4. AT3 Tactical RD-50
  5. Predator V2

1) Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Vortex[1] Optics Venom Red Dot Sights have a lot to offer. First starters, I was a big fan of the sights availability for rifles, shotguns, and handguns. In my opinion, it is hands down the best red dot sight option for Browning Buckmark. Made out of aluminum, the build quality is excellent. The quality is why I also rated Vortex to be one of the top red dot sights for an AK. It’s also lighter than similar models in the space.  Two different options are available: 3 and 6 MOA (minutes of angle).

This thing is no joke. Check out what else it comes with:

  1. 10 different brightness level options so you can see the red dot in any light setting.
  2. An auto-brightness setting where a built-in sensor determines the appropriate setting automatically.
  3. In addition to those cool features, it comes in extremely durable housing and with coated lenses so you’re always staring at a clear image.
  4. When you combine all of these, you end up with a sight that makes target acquisition fast and reliable.

And finally, the last thing that I loved about it was how simple they made battery replacement. You don’t have to remove the sight to replace the battery. It takes a CR1632 battery. Okay, I was joking that wasn’t quite the last thing — it also comes equipped with O-ring seals designed to prevent moisture from getting into the sight. These reasons also make Vortex one of the top red dot sights for AR-15s with fixed front sights I have tested.

picture of browning buckmark with vortex venom mounted


Some additional specifications:

  1. 1x Magnification
  2. The dot color is bright red
  3. The reticle is 1.9 inches long
  4. Unlimited eye relief
  5. Windage AND Elevation adjustments

Installation is simple as it only takes 3 simple steps. There are only a few things to know when learning how to mount a red dot on a weapon.

  • First, the rail needs to be installed (screws are included with the package).
  • Next, attach the sight.
  • Finally, check the clamps and make sure they’re snug.

Are you able to attach it to a standard rail?

Yes, you can attach it to a picatinny rail without any problems. Some pistols will need an additional dovetail installed first, and then the rear sight removed.

Can I adjust the brightness?

Yes, there are 10 levels of brightness as well as an auto adjustment feature. Plus, the Venom is easy to turn off and on again!

Does the package come with a rail?

Yes, the package includes a picatinny rail mount. This Browning Buckmark red dot mount makes for easy installation.

Who this is for: Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight is ideal for users who want the best for their weapon along with a lot of options.

Why I like it: It’s well-made, easy to install, and comes with great adjustment options.


2) Burris Fastfire III

Great Choice
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The Burris[2] Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount is ideal for hunting and can also be installed on any Browning Buckmark. In addition, this sight is made out of aluminum and comes with  0.1GHz magnification (minimum). In fact, many of the top handgun optics like Trijicon’s SRO & RMR are made from aluminum. It’s built for speed and accuracy, and it doesn’t disappoint a lick in either area.

With an MOA of 8, short-distance shooting and fast target acquisition are a breeze with this sight. This one also comes with an automatic brightness adjustment feature as well. The close distance capabilities is also why I consider this to be one of the best sight for KSG that I have tested out.

Windage and elevation can be adjusted, and you won’t need any tools to make the adjustments either. As a result, the Burris Fastfire III works great for competition shooting.  It can also be used for heavy-duty situations thanks in large part to its quality and durability.

The other spec details you might be interested in:

  • The clear lense diameter is 21×15 mm.
  • It’s 1.9 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces.
  • It’s total MOA capability is 115 with each click value measuring in at 1 MOA.
  • 3 brightness adjustment levels to choose from

Is it compatible with a 22/45 weaver mount?

Yes, it is completely compatible. Installation on these types of mounts is simple and easy.

Is the battery included with the sight?

Yes, all new owners will get a battery, screws, and also a tool to install the battery.

Is 8MOA suitable for close or long-distance targets?

A lower MOA is more suitable for long-distance targets. Alternatively, higher MOA is more suitable for short-distance targets. With 8MOA being on the higher end of the range, it is ideal for close targets.

Does it come with a warranty?

It has a limited lifetime warranty which can be checked out on the official website. Honestly, it’s one of the best warranty options out there on the market today.

Who this is for: It’s suitable for those of you that shoot close-range targets and like to acquire your target as quickly as possible.

Why I like it: Two main reasons: the 8 MOA and its quality-build. It’s awesome at close-distance targets. The accuracy is absolutely incredible.


3) Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight

The unit offers a 20 mm lens objective and is routinely chosen by a lot of Browning Buckmark[3] owners.  As with most Browning products, the attention to detail is outstanding.

It comes with 4 different reticle patterns which I am a huge fan of. Even though you might not always need it, it’s nice to have different options available based on what types of targets I’m shooting at different distances. And believe it or not, reticle selection has a big influence on my accuracy. Everybody’s goal is to shoot better, and this premium red dot sight will help you do just that.


Installation on any standard weaver base is easy. The user manual does a good job of explaining the steps. Taking these things into account,  it really only takes a few minutes out of your day so you can get back out on the range!

The housing is made from heavy-duty aluminum and is coated in a black, matte finish. To me, this optic felt just as sturdy and durable as my expensive Holosun 407k & 507k red dots. I even compared vortex vs holosun in a detailed experiment. As a result of this great design, it’s a looker and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the price given how well it’s built.

It uses a 2032 Lithium battery which is a better option than most other sights in this space. It’s 3.25 inches long and weighs approximately 6.6 ounces (definitely not the lightest option out there). It’s also 1.25 inches wide. Easily installed and adjusted with an Allen wrench. It is probably too small to be one of the best Henry H001 optics, but for the Buckmark its perfect.

Are you able to install it on a buck-master?

Yes, and fortunately, installation doesn’t take very long.

Are you able to see it in bright sunlight?

Yes, with an adjustment to the brightness setting, sunny day-shooting won’t be a problem.

Are you able to use in on all picatinny rails?

Absolutely! No issues whatsoever.

Who this is for: For all you enthusiasts out there who appreciate the details of fine products. In addition, it’s also for anybody who enjoys  spending only a few seconds to mount it on their picatinny rail.

Why I like it: I like it because it is made from aluminum, has incredible features, and looks awesome in its matte black finish.


4) AT3 Tactical RD-50

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Given how loaded it is, AT3 Tactical RD-50 will knock your socks off. Made from aluminum with a 2MOA, this sight gets the job done. 11 red dot settings make this sight easy to shoot in any daylight conditions.

Fully-coated lenses create the highest quality image possible.  In addition, the lens is immune to scratching, which is important when looking for a durable and strong sight to use for a long period of time.

It is completely weatherproof and can be used in even the harshest environments. The CR2032 battery lasts up to 50.000 hours.  In the package, you get the battery alongside the bikini cover, cloth for wiping the lens, Allen wrench, and instructions. This package is pretty much standard amongst the top red dot sights for pistols that I have personally tested.

The sight weighs 3.6 ounces with its lens measuring in at 1×25 mm. Unlimited eye relief is another characteristic. Both windage and elevation setting are present (1MOA click). The sight is extremely durable, strong and can be used for ages in the most demanding situations.
I also like the design and the appearance of this model. It looks stunning and will make your weapon look better as well. It shares the design with some of the most advanced red dot sights on the market.

Which rail does it use for installation?

It uses Picatinny rail allowing you to use the sight on all weapons with this installation method. This is the most common option these days and for me the best one. It truly makes things easier and more appealing.

How many minutes of angle per screw are implemented?

You get 1 MOA and according to the specifications, they are used for windage and elevation. Adjustments are easy to complete and can be done at any given moment.

Can I use it on Stevens 320?

Yes, you can use it on this weapon but there is one additional step. You will need to install the famous Picatinny rail and only then can you install the sight. The process may sound complicated, but it is far from that.

Who this is for: The sight is suitable for users who want rigged and high in quality sight to use for a long period of time.

Why I like it: I like it thanks to the design, the accuracy, and the fact it is completely immune to scratches, rain, and fog.


5) Predator V2

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us - we really appreciate it!

This particular model has one of the biggest lenses I was able to see. It measures 40 mm which is stunning. Thanks to this, the image is massive and it looks great. It will remain in the zero position even after thousands of shots which is an advantage definitely. I found this optic to be just as easy to zero as top EOTech optics I have tested.

An interesting advantage is the ability to choose the color of the dot. Users can choose red or green. In addition, 4 adjustable reticle settings are available, and the package also comes with the 45 degrees offset.

The sight is immune to water and fog. As a result of a great design, of the O-rings create this immunity. Lens coating is stunning as well. It will make sure the image quality is at the highest level possible.

In the package, new owners can expect an extra battery. The warranty is a limited lifetime which is the best option. In addition, it comes with a hassle-free warranty which is something I really appreciate. It can always make things easier and better if needed.

Are you able to use it with shotguns as well?

Yes, This sight works with shotguns without any special adjustments. As part of my Predator V2 Reflex Sight review, I did some testing & I was accurate with it out to 70 yards without any additional equipment.

Are you able to install it on an M1911 pistol?

The sight can be installed on an M1911 pistol. However, just keep in mind that you need Picatinny or weaver rail to install this sight as it’s not compatible with other types of rails.

Are you able to adjust the brightness of the illumination?

Enthusiasts everywhere are able to adjust the illumination. Select one of its 5 brightness settings based on your shooting conditions.

What is the weight of this sight?

The sight weighs only 5.25 ounces and it is one of the lightest models out there. As a result of these features and its heavy-duty design, this is definitely an advantage.

Who this is for: The sight is ideal for users who need a large lens and who want a heavy-duty red dot sight for hunting and close distance targets.

Why I like it: I like this particular model because it has 2 color settings of the dot and uses a state of the art lens coating.


Best red dot sights for Browning Buckmark — Buyer’s guide

Best red dot sight for Browning Buckmark: Top 5 options

When choosing the best red dot sight for Browning Buckmark I look at several factors. I always pay close attention to the MOA. I like to choose targets so I need a high MOA value. It is around 6 or 8 that is suitable for me. Depending on the application, there are times when 3 MOA to 6 MOA dots are just too small.

There are a lot of options, but, each sight has to be waterproof and immune to scratches and rain. This is a mandatory step and the one I find extremely important for all sights, not just this one. Adjustability is essential as well. More options allow users to use the same sight in more situations.

Being able to choose the color of the dot is a nice thing to have. It isn’t extremely important but can make sight more appealing to use.
Battery life is something I find important also. Longer the battery can last, the less risk that it will stop working when I need it the most. A replacement battery in the package is always a nice thing to have.

How to adjust Browning Buckmark sights?

To adjust my Browning Buckmark sights, the first thing I like to do is to take a few test shots. I secure the weapon in the special holder and fire while aiming at the center. This gives me a good baseline and lets me know if I need to make any adjustments. I’ll then figure out what adjustments need to be made.

Follow this simple rule: if the shot is going to the left side of the center of the target, move the rear sight over to the right. Then, move the front sight to the side where the bullet is hitting.

In some instances, you might need to make some vertical adjustments. Here’s another simple rule for these types of adjustments:  If the shot is hitting the target above the center, the rear sight needs to be lowered while the front sight needs to be elevated. Vice versa, if the shot is below the center, make the opposite adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is a Browning Buck Mark?

The Browning Buckmark is a very accurate handgun. It is most commonly used for range and target shooting in controlled settings. The Buckmark is one of the most popular rimfire handguns available on the market today.

Is the Browning Buck Mark discontinued?

No, the Browning Buckmark has not been discontinued. This firearm is still in production and can be bought online & at most gun stores.

Can you put a red dot on a Browning Buck Mark?

Yes, you can put a red dot sight on your Browning Buckmark handgun. However, in most cases you will need an adapter to properly mount an optic. Adding a red dot sight is a great way to improve accuracy and target acquisition speed.

The final word

The best red dot sight for Browning Buckmark for me and my purposes is the Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights. It comes with 10 brightness settings, ultimate quality, and extreme accuracy. Simple and extremely fast target acquisition gives me a chubby.

Another model that I find interesting and worthy is Burris Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount. It offers 8MOA which is stunning. I believe this is the ultimate choice for all users who want to shoot at close targets at any given moment.

Other sights on my list are still worthy and come with many perks modern users do need. These are all high-end red dot sights for this particular pistol and found them as the best upgrades available today.

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