5 Common Bond Arms Derringer Problems To Be Aware Of

Bond Arms is a high quality firearm manufacturer. They produce derringer style pistols which are commonly used for self defense.

There are several main issues with Bond Arms derringer pistols such as misfires, jamming, slow loading, limited range, and accidental discharges.

In this post, we’ll also discuss the accuracy of Bond Arms derringers and how to get the most out of your firearm.

What Is Bond Arms Inc?

Bond Arms Inc is a prominent gun manufacturer that specializes in derringer style pistols. Founded in 1995 by Greg Bond in Granbury, Texas, the company has continued to gain popularity & recognition for their quality classic derringer design pistol. Bond Arms guns have become very popular amongst gun collectors and concealed carriers alike.

Bond Arms Derringers

What Type Of Firearms Does Bond Arms Make?

Bond Arms specializes in manufacturing derringer style pistols. These old-school derringer style pistols were invented in 1825 in Philadelphia.

Derringer pistols are compact, single or double-barreled handguns designed for concealment and close-range use. Their compact nature makes them perfect concealed carrying handguns for self defense.

Apart from derringer style pistols, Bond Arms also makes small semi auto pistols (called Bullpup9).

5 Problems With Bond Arms

Here is a list of the 5 main Bond Arms derringer problems.

  1. Accidental Misfires
  2. Problems With Jamming
  3. Slow Loading
  4. Minimal Range
  5. Problems With Accidental Discharge

1. Accidental Misfires

Accidental misfires in handguns are when the gun fails to discharge the round when the trigger is pulled. Bond Arms derringer misfires can happen due to the reasons listed below.

  • Faulty ammunition
  • Improper maintenance
  • Broken firing mechanism

It is a major problem if your derringer misfires because they are often carried for personal defense reasons. Any gun failure in a self defense scenario can become dangerous. We also found accidental misfires to be one of the most common CPX-1 Problems as well.

In order to fix the misfires from your Bond Arms derringer pistols you should prioritize regular maintenance and cleaning, use quality ammo, or seek professional assistance from certified gunsmiths. Most problems can be prevented form routine maintenance.

Bond Arms Derringer Misfire

2. Problems With Jamming

A gun jam is when the normal cycle of operation is disrupted & the derringer pistol cannot fire. This was also a common HK VPN9 issue as well.

Here is a list of potential reasons your Bond Arms derringer pistol jams.

  • Low-quality or improperly sized ammunition
  • Lack of standard maintenance
  • Old, worn-out or damaged components (i.e. firing pin) in the firing mechanism

To fix your jammed derringer pistol owners should focus on regular cleaning use the correct ammo, and speak with a gunsmith.

3. Slow Loading

Loading a derringer pistol is a multi-step process that causes the loading process to be longer than regular pistols. Here is a list of 3 steps to load a derringer.

  1. Break open the barrel
  2. Load the ammo (1 or 2 rounds) manually
  3. Close the barrel

The slower loading of derringer pistols and other Bond guns can be problematic in scenarios where rapid follow-up shots are needed.

To speed up the loading time, derringer pistol owners can practice reloading drills or use a speed loader. The more you price reloading the same gun the faster your reloading time will become. We also had issues with slow loading with damaged magazines in our post about 5 Tisas 1911 problems as well.

4. Minimal Range

Bond Arms derringer pistols have a limited maximum shooting range of around 25 yards. The max shooting range can change slightly from shooter to shooter depending on factors such as shooting conditions, skill, ammo type, and more.

The short range of derringer handguns is due to several factors, including their compact design, fixed barrels, and low muzzle velocity.

There is nothing that can be done to increase the range of Bond Arms derringer pocket pistols. These compact handguns are meant for close quarters situations. Consider shopping for a different firearm if you require longer max range.

5. Problems With Accidental Discharge

Accidental discharge on a derringer pistol is when a shooter accidentally fires their gun without the shooter intending to pull the trigger. It can happen due to various reasons, such as mechanical issues, improper handling, or insufficient safety measures.

Accidental discharges are a significant problem as they can lead to serious injuries, property damage, or even inquires.

Here are a list of steps you can take to fix the accidental discharge of your Bond Arms derringers.

  1. Practice basic firearm safety and responsible handling
  2. Use holsters specifically designed for derringer pistols
  3. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and keeping fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot

How Accurate Are Derringer Firearms?

Derringer firearms are accurate from close distances. Most derringer handguns are reliably accurate from within 25 yards. The modern materials used by Bond Arms makes them even more reliable and accurate than the old school derringers of the 1800s & 1900s. Also be sure you know how to use a handgun for maximum accuracy and safety.

Do Bond Arms Derringers Have Good Iron Sights?

The standard Bond Arms derringer iron sights are great for close quarters accuracy. These sights are highly durable and are next to impossible to damage. You should understand how to aim iron sights effectively to get the most out of your derringer.

Can You Mount A Red Dot Sight On A Bond Arms Derringer?

No, you can’t mount a red dot sight on a Bond Arms derringer. These handguns come equipped with
rear-hinge and fixed front blade sights. There is not a rail for mounting a standard pistol red dot sight or other types of optics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bond Arms Derringers Worth Buying?

Yes, Bond Arms derringers are worth buying. They utilize premium manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality pistols are produced.

What Is The Biggest Benefit Of Using A Derringer Style Pistol?

The biggest advantage of using a derringer style pistol is your ability to fire quickly on a close range target. Derringers are compact designs that can quickly be pulled from their holster.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert on all the biggest Bond Arms derringer problems. Bond Arms offers top quality products & are a reliable manufacturer. However, all guns have their own unique problems from time to time. Most of these 5 problems can be mitigated by implementing regular maintenance & cleaning. Let us know how these tips help!

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  • Might be a great company but, the trigger pull on my Texas Defender leaves more than a little to be desired. It is so hard, pulling the trigger will move the barrel off target 100% of the time. Why can’t they make a really good gun?

    • Trust me…you’re not the only one to have issues. I’ve gotten many emails about the Texas Defender

      – Patrick Howard

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