Delton AR-15 Problems To Be Aware Of!

If you’re a gun owner that is looking into owning, an AR-15 rifle then you have likely heard of the DEL-TON AR-15. This budget friendly rifle is priced fairly and works well with most AR-15 red dot sights. It has become very popular in recent years. While they can be great guns, there are also some potential problems with these rifles that you need to know about before making a decision on which one might be right for you. In this article we’ll break down the major problems with the Delton AR-15 with some tips on how to fix them!


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Problems With The Del-Ton AR-15

image of del ton dt sport rifle

1) Trigger Issues

Imagine you’re out on the shooting range, aiming your AR-15, and suddenly you hear a loud bang that you didn’t plan for. Or you go to pull the trigger and realize it requires much more force than it should! When reviewing the common Ruger LCP Max Problems I found similar trigger issues!

Trigger issues can make rifles very difficult to operate and even result in accidental shootings. This is why trigger issues on an AR-15 is a big problem.

Many shooters have realized that the Del Ton trigger can be very difficult to operate. Before calling the manufacturer to replace your weapon, try adjusting the spring tension. By adjusting the set screws for the trigger guard! Trigger issues are also one of the most common Taurus G2C problems as well!

2) Magazine Release Issues

It is very important to be able to quickly and easily release the magazine on your AR. Stopping the magazine release will significantly slow down your reloading process. And in self defense situations…that can be a huge issue. We found similar diamondback ar-15 problems during a previous test!


The magazine release on the Del Ton AR 15 is often too stiff and regularly causes issues. To fix this, loosen the trigger guard. If that doesn’t work try contacting the manufacture to enforce your warranty.

3) Quality Issues

It is no secret that buying a new AR can be a significant investment for many people. This is why cheaper rifle kits like the Del Ton have become very popular.

However, there are pros and cons to buying a budget AR. The Del Ton frequently has manufacturing quality issues that are no fault to the user. In our post about Kel Tec KSG problems, we found many user caused issues. That is normally not the case with the Del Ton Sport rifle. We also had similar quality issues with Saint Victor 308 rifle as well.

Del-Ton vs S&W Sport 2

comparison fo smith and wesson vs del ton rifle

The Smith & Wesson 15 Sport 2 and the Del-Ton AR-15 have become two of the most popular budget assault rifles on the market today. These ARs are comparable in many ways, but they do have their differences.

  • DEL-TON AR-15 boasts a reliable gas system, chrome-lined barrel, and a collapsible stock.
  • Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport 2Tone has a durable steel barrel, adjustable stock, and a lightweight design.

Both models offer great accuracy and customization options. The Del-Ton is certainly not alone in having some issues. There are many S&W Sport 2 problems that shooters experience as well!

Who Is The Del-Ton AR15 Best For?

The Del-Ton AR-15 is a lightweight and portable rifle that works well in a variety of applications. Here are some of the most common uses:

  • Range Shooters
  • Self-Defense
  • Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Del-Ton AR-15 any good?

Yes, the Del-Ton AR platform is a good rifle. These rifles are designed & priced for beginners that are looking for a starter weapon. They are very comparable to the Rock River Arms LAR-15 rifle kits.

How accurate is a Del-Ton AR-15?

The Del-Ton AR-15 is a very accurate rifle that shoots well from close to medium range. This is a great rifle for a beginner that does not have a large budget. Generally speaking, Del Ton makes solid rifles for self defense and range shooting.

Who makes the Del-Ton AR-15?

The Del-Ton AR-15 is manufactured by Del-Ton Incorporated. A Del Ton sport is a great budget AR & is perfect for new gun owners. Although it is a solid rifle there are certainly better DTI rifles out there.

What parts on a AR-15 fail the most?

The gas tube components, firing pin, and bolt are the parts of the AR-15 complete rifle that fail the most often. However, with proper maintenance these parts can last for a very long time.

The Bottom Line

DEL-TON AR-15s can be great firearms when used and maintained properly, but there seem to be some common problems that shooters need to be aware of.

Now you know that trigger issues, magazine issues, and general quality issues are some of the most common problems shooters encounter. We even gave you some quick tips to fix them! However, if you maintain your firearm and pair it with a Venom or Burris FastFire it can perform very well!

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