Best Doctor Cut Optics [Top 5]: Rated & Ranked

The intricate nuances make all the difference in the world of red dot sights. With their unique footprint and precision design, the Doctor cut optics have been a game-changer for many gun enthusiasts. There are a lot of Doctor cut red dot sights, so deciding which one will make a formidable companion for your pistol, shotgun, or AR can be a daunting task, which is exactly why we wrote this article. 

Additionally, we cover what factors truly define a quality red dot sight, especially the Doctor cut variant. We also look at how the Doctor cut differs from other popular red dot footprints, such as the RMSC and RMR. 

What Is The Doctor Cut Footprint?

The Doctor/Noblex, or Doctor Cut, is a type of firearm footprint. It is a specific pattern on the bottom of red dot sights that fits the corresponding mounting plates on firearms. Various red dots use this footprint because of its effectiveness, providing a secure fastening for optics to weapons.

5 Best Doctor Cut Optics

Below is a list of the 5 Best Doctor Cut optics we had the privilege of testing.

  1. Vortex Viper – Editor’s Pick
  2. Crimson Trace RAD PRO – Runner Up
  3. Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Sight – Premium Choice
  4. Burris FastFire II
  5. Burris FastFire IV
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1) Vortex Viper

Vortex Viper 1x24 mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight

Includes: CR2032, Up to 43% Off w/ Free Shipping 

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The Vortex Viper is the epiphany of what a quality Doctor Cut optic should be. It’s lightweight, durable, and has great optic clarity. Usually, I’m not a big fan of the 6 MOA dot size, but the Viper just makes it work – it’s very bright, providing sharpness and clarity irrespective of the ambient light conditions.

Constructed with a robust alloy chassis and equipped with fully multi-coated glass, it’s built to last. Furthermore, this pistol red dot uses a CR2032 battery, promising an impressive battery life ranging from 150 to 30,000 hours. I am well over 5,000 hours on a single battery on my Viper. It has the Docter/Noblex mounting standard, so no adapter plate is needed for your Doctor Cut pistol.

Viper red dot

The Viper has 10 brightness settings, so you are ready for any shooting situation. When weighed against its price of $199.99 and the price of other popular red dot sights, it provides unmatched value, blending superior quality and affordability. Overall, the Viper is our number one all-around pick.

2) Crimson Trace RAD PRO

Runner Up
Crimson Trace CT-RAD Red Dot Sight

Includes: $25.04 Off w/ Free S&H

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Compact, sophisticated, and responsive: three words that came to mind when I tested the CT RAD Micro Pro. Its precision is signified by its red 3 MOA aiming dot (my favorite size), ensuring rapid target acquisition with excellent long-range performance compared to standard iron sights.

It is constructed from 7075 Series Aerospace Aluminum, making it not just durable but resilient. The battery is another highlight – offering up to 10,000 hours of battery life thanks to the ambient light sensor and shake awake technology. It uses the RAD/ Shield RMS footprint, which is more or less the same mounting standard as the Doctor. The screw holes are in the same place, so you can easily mount the Trace on a Doctor mounting surface.

Crimson trace red dot

With a broad field of view, it’s designed for quick and precise targeting. Given its plethora of features, it offers significant value for its price point of $274.99. Overall, if you want a budget-friendly option but still tap into some premium features, this is the red dot to get.

3) Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Sight

Premium Choice
Steiner Micro Pistol 1x 3.3 MOA Red Dot Sight

Includes: CR1632 w/ Free S&H

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For shooters who demand a blend of ruggedness and performance, the Steiner MPS Micro Pistol sight stands tall. Boasting a peculiar 3.3 MOA red dot ensures consistent accuracy even in challenging conditions.

At first, I didn’t like its strange all-metal structure and design – it looked like something straight out of a science-fiction movie. But once I tested it enough, it started growing on me. It has a CR1632 battery, and with a life of 13,000 hours, frequent replacements are a thing of the past.

This sight provides 8 brightness levels, two of which are night vision compatible. Its field of view is quite restricted because of its odd rectangular shape. On the other hand, it draws your eyes to the aiming point, enabling precision shooting at longer ranges. It is important to note the Steiner MPS uses an ACRO footprint, so you’ll need a mounting plate to make it adaptable for the Doctor footprint.

At $632.99, this is the most expensive red dot sight on our list, but what is a top 5 list without a premium listing? Overall, this sight is really good, but given its price and the fact that you still need Docter adapter plates, I would rather choose one of the other optics on this list.

4) Burris FastFire II Reflex Red Dot Sight

Burris FastFire II Reflex Red Dot Sigh

Includes: CR2032 w/ Free S&H

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At number four, we have our budget-friendly optic for the list. This red dot sight is a testament to speed and precision. A defining feature is its 4 MOA red dot reticle, streamlining the act of aiming and ensuring consistent accuracy.

This sight is also one of the most durable red dots I’ve ever tested – it’s shockproof and can handle recoil forces up to 1,000 G’s. The CR2023 battery has a long battery life, and you will rarely need to replace it.

Furthermore, the FastFire II offers a substantial field of view – an expansive 190 ft at 100 yards. The FastFire II uses a modified Aimpoint Micro mounting standard similar to the Trijicon RMR mounting standard. The major differences are that it has two additional sockets, and the screw holes are wider. Therefore, adapter plates are needed for the Doctor footprint.

Its automatic brightness control adjusts according to the environment, ensuring the reticle is always visible. At only $199, the FastFire II hits the sweet spot for those who prioritize both quality and extreme cost-effectiveness.

5) Burris FastFire IV Reflex Red Dot Sight

Burris FastFire IV Reflex Red Dot

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Building on its predecessor’s success, the FastFire IV offers an even more enhanced shooting experience. The FastFire IV has the same mount standard as the Vortex Viper, meaning it is naturally compatible with any Doctor cut pistol.

A notable addition is the four-dot reticle options – a 3 MOA, 11 MOA, 11 MOA and circle, and a 3 MOA and circle. This addition allows you to fine-tune your targeting process, ensuring you always hit your mark. My favorite is the 3 MOA and circle – the circle naturally draws my eyes to the center dot, allowing me to make faster and more accurate shot placements.

The sight’s sturdy aluminum frame is not just for aesthetics; it ensures longevity. However, with a price of $455.99, it does cost considerably more than the FastFire II. Nevertheless, the FastFire IV remains a welcome upgrade to its predecessors.

What Factors Make A Great Doctor Cut Red Dot Sight?

Factors like durability, clarity, brightness settings, battery life, compatibility, and value determine whether a Doctor Cut red dot sight is great.

Durability is important because it ensures a reliable aiming platform for your weapon. With the demands of rugged use, a red dot sight must withstand harsh conditions.

Furthermore, optical clarity is important as it influences how effective you can aim with the red dot. It doesn’t help if the red dot has all kinds of bells and whistles, but you can see the target 50 yards out because of bad optical clarity.

Brightness settings are also important as they add to the red dot’s versatility. The more brightness settings the red dot has, the better it can perform in different environmental conditions. Battery life is also crucial. We like to see optics with a battery life of 20,000 hours. However, anything upwards of 10,000 is good.

Finally, we look at value. The best value red dot pistol sights offer a versatile aiming platform while still adhering to competitive rates – it isn’t overly priced or the cheapest on the market, regardless of whether it’s a Doctor cut or other footprints.

How Is The Doctor Cut Different From Other Footprints?

The Doctor cut differs from other footprints in screw hole pattern and mounting mechanism. The difference in screw hole pattern and mounting mechanism means you should ensure your red dot footprint’s compatibility matches that of your pistol’s mounting surface.

Overall, the Doctor Cut is popular and versatile, but other footprints like the RMR and RMSc footprints also have distinctive advantages.

Which Red Dot Is Best For RMSC Footprint?

Based on rigorous testing, we determined the best red dot for the RMSc footprint is the Holosun Carry Enclosed Pistol Sight. Its optical performance is just miles ahead of its competitors, and it performs best in a concealed carry environment.

What Is The Best RMR Red Dot Sight?

The best RMR red dot sight is the Holosun 507C. There are numerous red dots with the RMR footprint, but the Holosun 507C’s perfect balance between value, performance, and quality ensures it reigns supreme above its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost Of Docter Noblex Footprint Red Dots?

The average cost of Doctor Noblex footprint red dots ranges between $150 and upwards of $500 for top-tier models.

Which Guns Follow The Docter Mounting Standard?

Some common guns that follow the Doctor mounting standard include Glock, SIG Sauer, and Smith & Wesson.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to red dot sights, understanding the various footprints, including the popular Doctor Cut, is crucial for ensuring compatibility and getting the best shooting experience. In the Doctor-cut optics realm, choosing an optic goes beyond mere aesthetics. Features like accuracy, durability, battery life, and field of view play pivotal roles. Ultimately, achieving precision with every shot should be your main goal, and all these optics listed in this article are adept at providing just that.

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