DP-12 Shotgun Problems To Be Aware Of! (Solutions Included)

The DP-12 is a very popular shotgun that is great for home defense. The dual barrel design has helped the DP-12 gain popularity amongst other pump action shotguns.

However, there are several common problems with the DP-12 including Failure To Feed, Hard To Break In, Trigger Pull Issues, and Ejector Issues.

In this post, we’ll cover all of these DP-12 issues & detail as well as how to fix them. We’ll also cover some common attachment & accessory problem shooters have with their DP-12.

DP-12 problems

What Is The DP-12 Shotgun?

The DP-12 Shotgun is a manually operated pump-action shotgun that is known for its rugged design and stopping power. DP-12s utilize twin magazine tubes that allow it hold up to 16 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun shells.

The DP-12 shotgun is primarily used for home defense and weekend range goers looking to have a good time. This gun packs a serious punch & is extremely destructive from close range.

Is The DP-12 Prone To Having Problems?

The DP-12 shotgun is very reliable firearm. In fact, it has become one of the most popular pump action shotguns on the market today. However, there are a few common problems that shooters encounter with their DP-12. Like any firearm, its reliability can be influenced by factors such as proper care and the selection of suitable ammo. There are many different types of shotgun shells so you need to be sure to use the right one.

4 DP-12 Problems

Below is a list of the 4 most common problems with the DP-12 shotgun.

  1. Failure To Feed
  2. Hard To Break In
  3. Trigger Pull Issues
  4. Ejector Issues

DP-12 shotgun issues

1. Failure To Feed

A failure to feed problem with a DP-12 shotgun is when the gun fails to load a new shotgun shell into the chamber for firing. Feeding failures can occur with the DP-12 when shooters use low-quality or improperly sized shotgun shells that may not cycle smoothly through the shotgun’s twin magazine tube system. Poor cleaning & a build up of dirt or residue can also affect feeding.

To fix feeding problems with the DP-12 it is important to use high-quality ammunition that meets the shotgun’s specifications. Shooters should also clean and lubricate the magazine tubes and the feeding mechanism on a regular basis. Taking the time to prevent dirt & debris build up can go a long way in preventing & fixing feeding problems. We also found similar beretta a400 xtreme plus problems with feeding as well!

2. Hard To Break In

The break-in period for a shotgun is the initial phase of using the firearm after purchasing it. The DP- 12 is often very stiff and offers excessive resistance when cycling between rounds during the break in period. This is especially common with newly manufactured shotguns and was even a problem with the Kel-Tec KSG as well. Tight tolerances are the primary cause of long break in periods with DP-12s.

The only way to get through break-in periods is to fire more rounds! Shooters should also be sure to clean and lubricate the firearm before its initial use to make things operate smoothly.

Owners can also consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific guidance on breaking in their DP-12 shotgun, which may include a recommended round count or other tips for a smoother transition from new to well-functioning firearm. Regular maintenance and cleaning after each use will also contribute to a more reliable and smoother-operating DP-12 shotgun over time.

3. Trigger Pull Issues

Trigger pull issues in a DP-12 shotgun often refers to the amount of tension or force required to pull the trigger. A trigger can be excessively heavy or gritty too light and prone to accidental discharges. Most trigger issues are caused by manufacturing defects. Very tight tolerances need to be held for the trigger to work properly.

Make sure you trigger is 100% clean and free of debris to fix most trigger issues. If there are still issues contact the manufacturer to get your trigger switched out.

4. Ejector Issues

Ejector issues in a DP-12 is when there are issues with the mechanism responsible for expelling spent shell casings from the gun. Ejector problems can result in malfunctions like stovepipes, double feeds, or jams.

The most common cause of ejector issues is buildup of debris or corrosion in the chamber or around the ejector mechanism. Poor lubrication or improper maintenance can also contribute to ejector issues.

To fix ejector issues with a DP-12 shotgun shoots should be sure to perform regular and thorough cleaning of the gun. Also, lubricate the parts help reduce friction and improve the ejection process. If ejector problems persist, shooters should consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance or contact a gunsmith for repairs.

Can Attachments Be Used on A DP-12 Shotgun?

Yes, different attachments can be used on a DP-12 shotgun. The DP-12 has standard Picatinny rails on both the top and bottom that provides tons of space for attachments.

Attachments like gun optics (red dot sights or shotgun scopes), tactical lights, lasers, and custom foregrips to enhance control and handling. Shooters need to be aware that if attachments are not securely mounted they will not function properly. Be sure to mount optics that are compatible with your rail system & in compliance with the attachments specifications.

DP-12 shotgun attachments

Does The DP-12 Have Problems With Red Dot Sights?

The biggest problem DP-12 shotguns have when using red dot sights is the recoil. The DP-12 is a very powerful pump action shotgun that creates a large amount of recoil. This can cause your shotgun optic to come loose and lose its zero after firing hundreds of rounds.

Can Reflex Sights Be Mounted On DP-12 Shotguns?

Yes, reflex sights can be mounted on DP12s. Reflex sights are highly durable optics and make quick & accurate aiming easy from close to medium range. There are many effective shotgun reflex sights that can significantly improve the performance of your DP-12

Is The DP-12 Compatible With Tactical Lights?

Yes, the DP-12 is compatible with tactical lights like the TLR7A. These lights are very effective for low light self defense situations. Check out our comparison of the TLR7 vs TLR7A to find out which is best for your needs. The biggest issue with using these tactical lights is that they can reveal your position to a target or enemy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The DP-12 Shotgun Worth Buying?

Yes, the DP-12 shotgun is worth buying for people looking for a home defense weapon. The DP-12 has two barrels and is very effective in close quarters combat situations. It is a reliable shotgun that is great for self defense.

Where Is The DP-12 Shotgun Made?

The DP-12 shotgun is made in the USA by Standard Manufacturing. Standard Manufacturing is a US-based company that manufactures a wide variety of firearms. USA made firearms are often more reliable then international manufactured weapons.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert of the most common problems shooters encounter with their DP-12 shotgun. The DP-12 is a very popular and reliable pump action shotgun. However, there are problems like failure to feed, long break in periods, trigger, and ejector issues that shooters run into. Regular maintenance and lubrication of your shotgun can prevent the majority of these issues from becoming major problems. If you shotgun is delivered with any issues you should contact the manufacturer and enforce your warranty. Hopefully these tips help fix your issues!

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