Benefits of Handguns With Laser Sights Built-In

If you watch enough movies, you have no double seen a pistol with a laser-mounted attachment. The bad guy tries to get away as the red dot locks onto the target. However, are handguns with laser sights built-in actually helpful? Or is this just another movie trick? In this post, we’ll teach you 5 reasons why laser sights are helpful in a variety of situations.

5 Benefits of Handguns With Laser Sights

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you need a laser sight for your handguns, here are 5 reasons to give them a try.

using laser sights to lock onto a target

1) Boost Accuracy

When it comes to handgun laser sights, there’s no doubt they improve accuracy & make us better shots. After all, why rely on our own shaky hands when we can have a perfectly steady laser beam doing the aiming for us?

The laser sight creates a straight line directly to the target. This takes out the guesswork of whether or not you have aligned your sights correctly.


Of course, some purists will argue that using a laser sight takes away from the challenge of shooting. But technology advancements are making accessories like laser sights hard to ignore. Make sure you learn to sight your pistol laser correctly. If your laser is not calibrated to your liking…it will make accurate shooting impossible!

2) Improve Target Acquisition

There’s no denying that handgun laser sights can be helpful in improving target acquisition. After all, when you have a laser sight attached to your gun, you can immediately see where your bullet is going to hit.

Imagine you are in a high-stress situation where you need to use your firearm for self-defense (i.e. police officer or military). You reach for your gun and let your instincts take over. As your heart is beating rapidly you realize just how hard it is to line your sight up for a clean shot.

This is where attaching a guide rod laser can help you quickly lock onto your target, eliminating the guesswork.

3) Low Light Performance

When visibility is poor, it can be difficult to line up your sights with your target. In the real world, lighting won’t always be as perfect as in a shooting range.

showing how laser sights project in poor lighting conditions

A laser sight improves accuracy in poor lighting by projecting a colored dot onto your target, making it easier to hit your mark.

It can also help you to identify your target from a distance, allowing you to expand your effective firing range. Whether you’re shooting in dimly lit rooms or trying to pick off targets in the dark, a laser sight will give you an edge that can be the difference between a direct hit and a narrow miss.

4) Technology Advancements – Light, Reliable & Durable

10-20 years ago, a laser sight or even weapon-mounted light were fun toys…but NOT reliable. They were inconsistent, heavy, and had poor battery performance.

However, with modern technology using laser sights has become common practice.

If you have been a gun owner for many years, there may have been a time where laser sights were nothing more than toys. New engineering and manufacturing practices have changed the game and made these accessories performance-enhancing devices.

5) Stay Confident & Target Focused

It may not seem like an obvious benefit, but laser sights can actually improve a shooter’s confidence. If you are an avid hunter or shoot regularly, then you know just how mental shooting is.

No longer do you need to waste time transferring your focus from the target to your front and rear sights. Stay locked on target and execute confidently.

Who Uses Laser Sights?

Laser sights are no longer just used by James Bond and other popular movie characters. They have become essential accessories in several communities.

1) Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is put into life and death situations on a regular basis. Using laser sights to achieve pinpoint accuracy is a must-have.

2) Military Applications

The US Military frequently uses laser sights for a variety of reasons.

  • Military operations often take place under the cover of nightfall. Laser sights can be helpful in low-light conditions.
  • They can help the shooter identify targets at long range.
  • They can be used as a sort of “silent communication” between members of a team, allowing them to signal their location and intentions without making any noise.

3) Hunters

Many hunters find that a laser sight makes it easier to hit their target, especially in low-light conditions (although I don’t recommend or condone hunting at night!). Some even argue that it gives them an ethical advantage over their prey. After all, if you can see your target clearly, you’re less likely to make a mistake and wound an animal.

4) Self-Defense

Concealed carry holders and people alike who use their registered weapons for self-defense benefit from laser sights. Over 31% of all gun owners use their weapons for self-defense. These people often feel safer and more accurate with a laser attachment. Just be sure you know how to line up iron sights if you are going to be able to shoot confidently when it matters most!

5) Avid Shooters

If you are anything like me, then you probably enjoy some friendly competition with your buddies on the range. They help improve my accuracy and execute a smooth trigger pull. It’s safe to say that my budies all copied my laser attachment.

Best Color To Use

When it comes to picking the best laser sights, many people have a hard time choosing between red and green lasers. Both have their benefits. However, green lasers are the most popular because they are more visible to the naked eye.

  • Red Lasers – The red laser beam is most frequently used in low light conditions.
  • Green Laser – Most visible color for most people. Great for use outdoors or in bright light conditions.

At the end of the day, we all have our own personal preferences when it comes to using laser sights. Take the time to experiment and see which works best for your specific needs.

Downsides Of Using A Laser

By now you know that adding a laser sight to your pistol has a ton of advantages. But that certainly does NOT mean they are perfect for everyone. Here are some common reasons that shooters stay away from laser sights.

  1. Cost: Laser sights can be quite expensive, especially high-quality ones that are reliable and durable. Some shooters are on a tight budget & simply cannot afford to add another accessory to their weapon.
  2. Dependence on batteries: Laser sights require batteries to operate. This means that they can run out of power if you don’t change the batteries regularly.
  3. Limited effectiveness in bright light: Laser sights can be difficult to see in bright light conditions, such as when shooting outside on a sunny day. This can make it harder to aim accurately, which could be a significant disadvantage in a self-defense situation.
  4. Overreliance on the laser: When using a laser sight, some shooters become overly dependent on the laser’s accuracy and stop relying on their natural aim and sight alignment. This can lead to a decrease in shooting skills over time.
  5. Risk of revealing your position: In low-light situations, a laser sight can make it easier for others to spot your location, which could be a disadvantage in a self-defense scenario. Sometimes it is best to stay hidden and not shine a bright light that a home intruder may spot!

Remember, everyone is different and has different performance goals. There are pros and cons to using any piece of equipment or gun accessory!

Common Laser Sight Mistakes

  1. Improper Mounting – A laser sight must be properly mounted in order for it to work correctly. Improperly mounting a laser sight can cause the beam to be off target, making it difficult to shoot with accuracy.
  2. Laser Adjustments – There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a gun laser attachment, only to find out it’s not working properly. Be sure to read your gun manual carefully to understand how to adjust the sight correctly.
  3. Laser Sighting – Be sure your laser’s beam is sighted for both close and long range. Many people make the mistake of only focusing on close-range shooting. This can lead to inaccuracy when targeting longer shots.
  4. Not Monitoring Battery Life – Take the time to charge your laser sights after each use. Nothing worse than being in a situation where you need it…and the battery dies. As a rule of thumb, red laser sights have a longer battery life than other colors.

Where To Buy

When it comes to buying laser sights for guns, I recommend buying online gives you the most options. We even have a list of the Best Lasers for M&P 9mm to make shopping easy.

If those don’t interest you, you can easily find a wide variety of sights to choose from in all sizes and price ranges. However, you’ll need to be sure that you’re buying from a reputable dealer.

FAQs – Laser Sights

Should you put a laser on your gun?

There's no single answer to this question, as each situation is different. Many people struggle to choose between red dot vs laser sights. If you're going to be using your gun for self-defense, for example, then a laser sight could give you an extra edge in close quarters. On the other hand, if you're just shooting from close range in bright lights a laser may not provide much value.

What distance are laser sights good for?

It depends on the light conditions and laser color. Red laser sights tend to be more visible in low light conditions and can be seen up to 25-30 yards away, while green lasers can be seen up to 100 yards away in ideal conditions.

Are lasers worth it on a rifle?

Lasers are definitely worth it on a rifle. They're great for learning alignment and precision. Plus, they make it much easier to see where you're shooting, which can be really important in tactical situations.

Do cops use laser sights?

Yes, laser sights are used by law enforcement officers. They provide a quick, accurate means of identifying a target and taking aim. Laser sights are especially beneficial in low-light or no-light situations, where they can help an officer to see his or her target more clearly.

Are laser sights good for self-defense?

Laser sights can be a good training tool for self-defense, but should not be blindly relied on as the only means of defense. In order to use a laser sight effectively in self-defense, you need to be proficient in using a firearm & calibrate it correctly. Even with proper training, there is always the risk that you could miss your target or that the assailant may also be armed.

Are laser sights on pistols worth it?

Laser sights are definitely worth it for pistols, especially if you plan on doing any low-light shooting. Lasers allow you to place your shots more accurately, which can be the difference between hitting or missing your target. In bright light conditions, traditional iron sights are just as effective.

Why does the military use laser sights?

The military uses them because lasers sights make firearms more versatile because they can be used in low-light conditions. They also make firearms more accurate because the shooter does not have to worry about the iron sights being knocked off target by recoil or by the wind.

The Bottom Line

If you weren’t a fan of laser sights before, hopefully, we changed your mind. Laser sights can provide a variety of benefits to hunters, avid shooters, and law enforcement alike. And if you just want to get a leg up on your buddies at the shooting range…that’s ok too.

Experiment with different laser sights and see what works best for you. If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email!

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