HEX Wasp Problems To Be Aware Of!

HEX optics are known for their line of micro-red dots. In fact, this is one of the best optics ready everyday carry gun owners use. Equipped with an anti-glare glass lens & an auto dimming sensor, the HEX Wasp is a great red dot by any measure. In fact, I rated this optic one of the Best Hellcat Red Dots that I’ve tested. However, no product is perfect. In this post, we are going to break down some of the most common problems with the HEX Wasp red dot sight.

Biggest Problems With The HEX Wasp Red Dot

picture of HEX Wasp with proper dot brightness

1) Battery Life Issues

Several shooters have reported issues with the battery life of their red dot sight. The HEX Wasp is advertised to have 65,000 hours of charge. For most people, this means swapping out your battery every ~2 years. This is an issue that I’ve also had with a few 300 Blackout Optics that I’ve used in the past.

  • Shooters have experienced their battery dying after just 1-2 months.

Solution: I recommend immediately giving Springfield Armory a call. In my experience, they will immediately honor your warranty and send you a replacement.

2) Not Holding Zero

Maintaining zero on your red dot sight is incredibly important. Having a perfectly zeroed in red dot improves accuracy from all distances. A few shooters have reported difficulty getting their HEX Wasp to maintain its zero. Many of the AR-15 sights that I’ve tested occasionally have zeroing problems as well.


Solution: Most zero issues are caused by mounting the optic incorrectly. If the red dot sight is not tightened properly, it will be prone to vibrating and moving from the recoil of repeated shooting. To fix this issue, torque your red dot the proper amount in accordance with the user manual.

3) Poor Lighting Adjustments

Picture of Hellcat pistol with HEX Wasp red dot sight

The HEX Wasp is a great red dot. But it does not come with the same auto adjusting features that adjust to changing ambient light conditions. Many of the Best Handgun optics have these features which make shooting in different lighting much easier.

Solutions: There is not much you can do about this problem. I would recommend checking out the Dragonfly red dot to get these advanced features.

4) Lens Shift

Some shooters have noticed that the HEX Wasp has a lens shift. This means when you raise your pistol to aim on target the image gets distorted and the target shrinks. Some shooters may love this feature.

However, if you’re like me then you will find this distracting. When I reviewed the Best Red Dots for AK I scored optics lower that had this problem. I have a hard time locking in on my precise target when the endure image is enlarged.

5) Reticle Is Very Dim

The reticle brightness of a red dot sight plays an important role, depending on the lighting conditions you are in. Whether it be during the middle of the day with harsh sunlight or pre-dawn, twilight hours of near darkness, having the appropriate brightness settings is critical to your success while utilizing a red dot sight. Dot issues are also what made shooters question, are burris scopes good? These issues are not so rare!

Some shooters have experienced an issue where their reticle is very dim. In some instances, it is even gone altogether. Without a defined red dot, it will be very difficult to shoot accurately.

Solution: The first check is on your battery. Make sure it is charged and installed correctly with full contact. If your batter is ok, then give Springfield Armory a call to get this replaced or fixed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HEX Wasp discontinued?

No, the HEX Wasp was not discontinued. This red dot sight is still be manufactured and sold most most optic distributors.

Is HEX Wasp a good sight?

The HEX Wasp is a great red dot sight that is very popular with Hellcat OSP owners. It has anti glare glass lens and multiple brightness settings that make it very popular with handgun owners!

How long does the HEX Wasp battery last?

The HEX Wasp battery is designed to last for up to 65,000 hours or approximately 2 years of use. Keep in mind that this assumes you are using the lowest brightness setting. Using a higher brightness will shorten your red dot's battery life.

What footprint does the HEX Wasp use?

The HEX Wasp uses the Springfield Micro footprint, which is the same as the RMSc footprint. This means that it can be used in a wide variety of applications, including military, law enforcement, and security. It's perfect for low profile direct mounting & also very popular as an accessory to self-defense and concealed carry weapons.

Does the HEX Wasp fit the Hellcat?

Yes, the Wasp fits perfectly on the Hellcat's optic cut. It's the perfect size and shape to provide superior visual clarity and accuracy when shooting. This precision machined red dot is easy to attach and remove, which makes it great for beginners and experienced shooters' alike.

The Bottom Line

As most people already know, the HEX Wasp is perfectly suited for today’s concealed carry pistols or even offset rifle mounting. Make sure your know your red dot footprint before choosing your optic. Military, law enforcement, and range shooters alike are all fond of this optic. However, no red dot sight is perfect. Hopefully our list of common HEX Wasp issues & solutions will help you troubleshoot any issues you may run into. Let us know if there is anything we left off the list!

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