Holosun HM3X vs HM3XT: Which Is The Best?

So you just bought a red dot, or you are thinking of buying one, and you want to extend its range beyond 25-50 yards. A magnifier is an obvious route to go. It allows you to seamlessly transition between close and mid-range shooting. Holosun’s HM3X and HM3XT are both great magnifiers, but there is a considerable price difference between the two. Is it worth it, or is the HM3X more than enough to fulfill your shooting needs – Let’s find out!


Which Is Best: Holosun HM3XT vs HM3X?

HuntersHalt: #1 Pick
  • Amazing glass quality
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • Very rugged & durable design
  • Great value for your money
  • Crystal clear lens quality
  • Works great with red dot sights
HuntersHalt: #1 Pick
  • Amazing glass quality
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • Very rugged & durable design
  • Great value for your money
  • Crystal clear lens quality
  • Works great with red dot sights
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Although the HM3X is an exceptional 3x magnifier, the HM3XT is designed to be better. As it should be, you pay $150 more for the HM3XT titanium 3x, so you expect it to be better. Now you must decide whether the extra $150 is worth it. In the next section, we will discuss each red dot magnifier so that you understand the differences between these two Holosun scopes.

Main Differences

1) Size & Design Comparison

HM3X: The HM3X is a reasonably large magnifier. It is 4.03 inches in length, 2.42 inches in height, and 1.66 inches in width, and its weight is 11.6 oz. When it is mounted, and you handle your rifle, it can feel quite bulky. I also found it pairs very well with most of the SIG P365 Red Dots that I’ve used.

HM3XT: The HM3XT has a much smarter design and is definitely a more compact magnifier, which makes it easier to maneuver with than its HM3X counterpart and allows a more seamless transition between your mounted optics. It is 2.62 inches in length, also 2.42 inches in height, 1.67 inches in width, and its weight is 11.6 oz.

2) Magnification Comparison

comparison of the Hm3xt vs hm3x

Not much separates these two in terms of magnification. Both magnifiers have a 3x magnification with easy windage and elevation adjustment for precision zeroing.

Additional features include 2.75 of eye relief (inches) with an exit pupil of 0.29 inches. They both provide a field of view of 37 feet at 100 yards. They both work perfectly with the Top 300 Blackout Optics that I’ve used.


3) Comparison of Lens Quality

Again, not much separates these two magnifiers from each other with lens quality. Both feature Holosun’s high-quality multi-coatings to prevent glare and enhance light transmission. When I tested them, both proved to have excellent optical clarity – providing easy target acquisition accompanied by precision shooting. In my experience, these magnifiers work great with the Holosun 507c red dot sight!

4) Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality is the only main difference that separates these two apart from the size and, of course, price. In our comparison of the Holosun vs EOTech brands we saw just how great Holosun’s manufacturing process is. However, both have IP67-certified water resistance and are highly rugged. Yet the HM3XT wins this category with its titanium housing compared to the HM3X’s aluminum housing – it just gives you that extra level of assurance when you are out in the field that your scope won’t fail you.

5) Price Comparison

The HM3XT comes with a slightly higher price tag that the HM3X. And rightfully so! As a shooter I have no problem investing in quality optics if I am getting a high performing product. In my opinion, the added features and performance of the HM3XT justifies the higher price tag! I personally use the HM3XT with my Holosun 508t red dot sight & it’s great!

6) Mounting Mechanism

image of holosun red dot and hm3xt

The HM3XT magnifier and HM3X have the same mounting system with added features to mold them into some of the best magnifiers on the market – providing the shooter with easy aim, fast maneuverability and quick handling. These magnifier mounted features include:

  • Quick detach mount (qd mount) with a spacer/ quick release
  • Flip to side mount
  • Witness mounting solutions: Absolute Co-witness mounting solutions and Lower 1/3 Co witness mounting

Benefits of Red Dot Magnifier

As you know, a red dot magnifier is placed behind a sight or scope. Their main objective is to help the shooter achieve exceptional mid-range shooting performance without the need to switch the optics mounted on your firearm – boosting shooting capabilities to a broad range and increasing your accuracy.


For instance, you have a red dot optic mounted on your AR-1,5 and you spot a disturbance in the bush. It will take too long to get out your mono or binos, so you must rely on your red dot to provide you with the clarity you need – a magnifier prevents this.

When you use a magnifier in conjunction with your red dot, it allows you to easily shoot close range with your red dot. However, the 3x magnifier will extend your range to allow you to shoot better at longer ranges as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high is the magnifier on HM3X?

The HM3X has a 3x magnifier.

How much does the Holosun HM3X magnifier weigh?

It weighs 11.6 ounces, so you must consider the effect it will have on how easily you can handle your rifle.

Can you magnify Holosun 510c?

Yes, you can magnify the Holosun 510c.

Can you use a magnifier with a Holosun?

Yes, you can, just make sure about the details of both the magnifier and the red dot.

Is Holosun as good as EOTech?

Holosun, since its inception in 2013, has strived to be the best at creating innovative optic. Their products are just as good as EOTech, sometimes even better. However, it is ultimately decided on the user's personal preference and use case.

Does any military use Holosun?

Not officially, no. However, more and more military personnel are opting for Holosun as they believe it has the best means of tackling their military needs.

Final Thoughts

Holosun has created excellent clarity compact optic designs before, but these two really stand out. I believe that they are currently close, if not the best, magnifiers currently on the market. However, if I have to choose which one makes more sense to buy, I would go with the HM3X. The considerable increase in price from the HM3X to the HM3XT 3x just doesn’t make sense to me. If you have money to spend, then, of course, go for the HM3XT. Whichever you choose will leave you happy – now all you need is a Holosun red dot!

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