How To Adjust AK Front Sight Without Tool – [Sight Adjustment Guide]

By now you know that if you want to shoot your AK accurately, you need to sight in your weapon. The AK iron sights are adjusted almost exclusively by using the front sight post. For most people, they reach right for their sight adjustment tool when it’s time to properly sight their AK. However, sometimes we don’t have this tool on hand. In this post, we’ll discuss exactly how to adjust your AK front sights without using a front sight tool.

Adjusting Your AK Front Sight Without A Tool

picture of bearing puller tool

No matter if you lost, broke, or just don’t want to use your front sight tool, there is an alternate method to adjust your front sight. Although I usually run an AK with red dot, I get so many questions about making iron sight adjustments that I had to publish this guide.

If you want to make front sight adjustments without your tool, follow these steps.

Most people will go ahead and grab a hammer as their first instinct. Avoid this if you can! Smashing your front sight with a steel hammer is an easy way to break your sight base.

  1. Use calipers to measure the distance in which you want to move your sights horizontally.
  2. Grab a bearing puller
  3. Slowly & gently turn the bearing puller to move the sight post.
  4. Finally, re-measure the sight post and test your sights

Although I always recommend using the regular AK tool, this alternate method will work just fine!

Traditional AK Sight Adjustments

Many shooters think that they can simply slide the rear sight yardage adjuster to sight their rifles. But that is NOT true.

All AK sight adjustments take place from the front sight. In order to zero your AK iron sights the traditional way, you need to do a few simple things.

  • Grab your front sight adjustment tool
  • Attach the C-Clamp sight tool to the notch on your front sight (Ensure the pin and holes are aligned)
  • Turn the tool until you have the sight in the proper location
  • To make elevation adjustments – Use the end of the sight tool and rotate the sight post to move it up or down.

Unfortunately, adjusting windage and elevation on an AK is not as simple as other modern weapons. There will a great deal of trial and error to get things just how you want them.

Shoot, adjust, shoot, adjust – Keep fine-tuning and testing until your front sight is in the perfect location for you!

My AK Shoots Left

If your AK-47 is shooting to the left your target, you’ll need to adjust your sights. No matter what your gun distributor tells you, guns to not come pre-zeroed. Lucky for you, adjusting your AK is easier than adjusting a Glock or other weapon.

  • First, adjust the windage knob on the rear sight until the point of impact is centered on the target.
  • Then, fire a few shots to test your new sight setting.
  • Basically, follow the steps we already laid out in the sections above.

And if you have a red dot mounted on your AK, you can even adjust the front sight to adjust the co-witness with your red dot. Be sure to check out our guide on how to sight a red dot if you want to get it calibrated.

Remember, even a small adjustment can make a big difference when you’re trying to hit a target at long range. With a little patience and some trial and error, you’ll be zeroed in and ready to take down your targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix canted AK sight?

Yes, you can fix a canted AK sight. It just takes a few basic tools and a laser foresight. First, use the best bore sight to line up the sights perfectly. Once they’re aligned, use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten down the screws on the sight. This will fix the canted sight and ensure that your shots are accurate.

What is basic rule for sight adjustment?

The basic rule for sight adjustment is to move your sights in the same direction you want your group to move. For example, if you want to move your group of shots to the right, you should move your sights to the right. This will ensure that your shots are accurately placed where you want them.

What is windage sight adjustment?

Windage sight adjustment is the horizontal movement of a firearm’s sights in order to adjust for wind. In other words, they move your front or rear sight left or right to improve accuracy.

What is proper sight picture?

A proper sight picture is when you see a clear and consistent image of the target in your sights. This means that your sights are aligned correctly with the target, and that there is no movement or distortion of the image. By having a proper sight picture, you can ensure accuracy when shooting.

What should I zero my AK at?

I personally use a 36-yard zero target for most of my rifles. However, 25-yards seems to be the most popular zero distance. This gives shooters an accurate sight from close and medium ranges.

The Bottom Line

The AK-47 and other AK variants are some of the most popular rifles in the world. Now you know the basics of how to adjust windage and make basic sight adjustments with and without a tool! Obviously, I recommend you use the traditional sight tool to avoid damaging your AK rifle and sight base. However, sometimes you just have to do things the old-fashioned way!

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