You need to have the most accurate weapon at all times. This refers top pistols, rifles, and all the rest. When it comes to Glock firearm, we can see the same need. To make your weapon as accurate as possible, you will need to adjust the sight. Now, you may wonder how to adjust Glock rear sight. There are several things you need to know first and all of these will be answered below. It is a simple and straightforward process that will need some tools and a few minutes of your time.

Standard and adjustable Glock sights

We must mention that there are two common types of Glock sights. The first one is standard. Basically, this is completely opposite to the adjustable. If you want to know how to adjust Glock rear sight, you need to know about the differences. Standard sight is secured with a pin and it cannot be easily removed. It is present on some models and less common among professionals.

Adjustable sight on a Glock is completely different. It comes with two screws[1] that allow you to move the sight accordingly and therefore adjusts it. This is a more preferable option and the one that can help you get the best accuracy.

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Adjusting the rear sight

The first thing you need to know is where to move the sight. If your shot ‘’goes’’ to the left, the sight needs to be moved to the right. Always start with a test shoot. Aim to the center of the target and check out the result. Unload your weapon! Now you will need to adjust the sight.

We must add that for this method you should use a sight pusher tool. This is a simple tool that will grab the pistol and has two small sections that will go around the sight. You will do or undo the tool and therefore move the sight. It is a much safer option and used by professionals. The only drawback is the fact this tool may be expensive which isn’t a wise investment if you are planning to use it only once. Follow these steps.

  1. Place the sight pusher tool on the sight.
  2. Do or undo the tool to move the sight.
  3. Test and try again if needed.

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Adjusting the adjustable sight is much easier, better, and more appealing. Basically, you need to start from the beginning, as we saw in the previous example. What this means is that you need to have a test shot and see where to move the sight. Unload your weapon. It is an extremely important step. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Use the screws on the sight to adjust the sight.
  2. One of the screws is used to move the sight left to right. Start with this screw.
  3. The second screw is used to lift or put the sight down.
  4. If your bullet goes to the left, move the sight to the right. If it goes down, lift the sight.

This method may involve try and error. However, it is free and it can be done perfectly within minutes if you have the skills. If you don’t, you will need to practice and you will need to take your time. You will even get a screwdriver or needed wrench in the package if you purchase a new sight[2] Yes, you can use any screwdriver that fits.

Keep in mind that you can replace standard sight with an adjustable one. This is done by removing the standard sight using the hammer and a puncher and then inserting a new one. You can find adjustable sights for all popular Glock models and you can do this by yourself. Just make sure not to damage the pistol when replacing the sight. Adjustable sights are much better. They have all the advantages of standard sights but not a single drawback. They are still strong, solid, and durable. They can last for decades and they allow you to keep your weapon in the most accurate form. Standard sights are more preferable to some people, but still, the best way to adjust them for most owners is to go to a professional. With adjustable sights, there is no need to do that.

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How to adjust Glock rear sight without too

How to adjust Glock rear sights: Standard and adjustable sights

The first thing you need to know is that adjusting the Glock sight without any tools is impossible. The sight is specifically designed not to move when firing and using the pistol! This section refers to the method without the sight pushing tool. You will need to use a hammer and a puncher.

  1. Secure the weapon in the vice. Use wood, plastics, and fabric to cover the teeth of the vice so you don’t damage the pistol.
  2. Use a puncher to move or push the sight to the desired side.
  3. Move it just 1 mm and test to see do you need to adjust the sight even more.
  4. Done.

This method is simple but can be problematic. First of all, Glock[3] models with plastic or composite sights are vulnerable to punching and using hammers. You can easily damage the sight in which case it will need to be replaced. Always use proper tools. For instance, use a brass puncher and as little force as possible. Increase the force if needed. Do not use steel punchers for aluminum sights. Use aluminum ones instead.

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The final word

Now you know how to adjust Glock rear sight. This process is simple and can be done by anyone. Just make sure to take as much time as you need and to test the changes after each try. By using this simple and obvious recommendation, you can make sure your Glock is 100% accurate. After the first time, you will see how effective and appealing this actually is and yes, you can use it on most, other pistols. If you have multiple pistols, you will definitely need a sight pusher tool. It is a worthy investment.

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