How To Make An AR-15 Fully Automatic?

In this article, we take a look at how to make AR15 full automatic. There are two ways you can convert your rifle to full auto mode. However, it is crucial to consider certain factors before attempting to do so, as the repercussions of owning a full auto weapon without the proper licenses can be severe. Therefore, we also mention other valuable upgrades you can make to your semi-automatic AR-15 to enhance your shooting experience. Enjoy the read!

Disclaimer: The following content is intended for informational purposes only. Making any modifications to firearms, including converting them to fully automatic, is subject to legal restrictions and regulations in many jurisdictions. Always consult local law enforcement and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. The information presented here should not be considered legal advice or encouragement to engage in illegal activities.

Automatic AR15

2 Ways To Convert AR-15 Fully Automatic

Primarily, there are two ways to convert an AR-15 to a fully automatic rifle including installing a bump stock or a fully automatic sear.

1) Install A Bump-Butt

A bump-butt is a device that allows the recoil energy of a semi-automatic rifle to assist in rapid firing. It may not technically be a fully automatic machine gun. Still, it somewhat stimulates the effect and is more legal than the second option, which is installing a full auto sear.

2) Install A Fully Automatic Sear

Installing a fully automatic sear lets you transform your semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic weapon. Basically, they work by holding the hammer in a cocked position. At the same time, the weapon’s bolt continues cycling – consequently, a drop in auto sear results in full auto fire with a single trigger pull.

It is important to note that this modification is heavily regulated in the United States, and acquiring one legally would require you to have a special license for fully automatic fire rifles, failure to do so could land you a prison sentence. Therefore, it is vital to take note of the limitations and restrictions of owning automatic rifles.

What Should You Consider Before Making Your AR-15 Fully Automatic?

As mentioned, you should consider a few key factors before making your AR-15 fully automatic. Not only are machine guns heavily regulated, but converting a semi-automatic weapon also restricts you from certain shooting practices, such as hunting and visiting the shooting range. Also, consider the specific model of AR-15 you’re using as they have different mechanisms.

Is It Legal To Convert Your AR-15 Into A Fully Automatic Firearm?

Converting AR-15s to fully automatic weapons in the United States is heavily regulated or even outright illegal. If you do not possess the appropriate licenses and documentation, you can face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Always consult with law enforcement and make sure you comply with all relevant laws and regulations before making any adjustments to your ar setup, the trigger mechanism, bolt carrier, or any integral part involved in the shooting process.

Fully Automatic AR15

Can You Hunt With Fully Automatic AR-15’s

Hunting with fully automatic AR-15s varies, but it is generally restricted. This is because hunting with an auto rifle is considered highly unethical and inhumane.

As hunters, we should always practice ethical and sustainable hunting procedures – shooting from distances that ensure the bullet has enough force to provide a lethal blow, shooting with an appropriate-sized caliber, accurate shot placement, and avoiding reckless behavior (such as using automatic weapons).

Can You Use A Fully Automatic AR-15 At A Shooting Range?

Some shooting ranges allow fully automatic firearms. However, you must check the shooting range policies and local laws before shooting with a fully automatic firearm at the range.

While making your rifle full auto is heavily regulated, there are some other upgrades you can perform that are completely legal and can improve your AR-15 performance dramatically.

What Other Upgrades Can Improve The Performance Of Your AR-15?

There are a lot of upgrades for your AR-15 to improve its performance. From optics and foregrips to triggers and barrels, the modularity of the AR-15 allows you to optimize its performance specifically for your use case.

The amount of upgrades you can do will ultimately depend on your budget and local laws. However, the upgrade I always start with is mounting an optic. An optic not only increases your accuracy at all ranges, but it also has a lot of other benefits. Shooters can also research how to modify their ar 15 forward assist as well!

Can You Mount A Scope On A Fully Automatic AR-15?

You can mount a scope on a fully automatic AR-15. Doing so enables you to shoot more accurately at distances beyond the 50-yard range. However, while an AR-15 scope is helpful on an automatic rifle, it is best suited for semi-automatic rifles as you have more control over your shots, hence, can make more accurate shot placements.

Can You Mount A Red Dot On A Full Automatic Rifle?

A red dot sight is perfect for a full auto rifle. A fully automatic rifle is better suited for close to medium-range encounters, and this is where the humble red dot sight thrives.

By providing a single illuminated dot, an AR-15 red dot sight allows for a more effective point of aim compared to iron sights. It also allows you to shoot with both eyes open – improving situational awareness and target acquisition rate. Red dot sights are also more adept at enduring the rigorous recoil of an auto rifle than its magnified scope counterpart.

How Does The AR-15 Upper Receiver Impact If A Rifle Can Become Fully Auto?

AR-15 receivers are built for semi-automatic rifles. When you convert your rifle to automatic, you risk the possibility of damaging your upper receiver. This is especially true when you shoot with the rifle; you can damage the bolt carrier and risk overheating your barrel, which can damage the rifling.

It can also be very dangerous if your AR-15 upper receiver group is unable to effectively cycle the rounds when in auto mode – you can even blow your rifle up!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Biggest Benefit Of Using An AR-15

The biggest benefit of using an AR-15 is its versatility and customizability. An AR-15 is capable of tackling almost any shooting situation you expose it to, whether it is hunting, range shooting, or self-defense. You can then further customize your AR-15 to be tailor-made for the shooting situation.

What Tools Do You Need To Create An Automatic Rifle?

You'll need specialized tools such as an auto sear as well as expert knowledge. However, creating an automatic rifle is highly regulated, and even possessing the tools needed to create one can be illegal.

Do You Need Additional Permits Or License To Own An Automatic AR?

Owning an automatic AR requires special licensing, and getting those licenses are extremely difficult.

The Bottom Line

While the concept of converting an AR-15 to fully automatic may be intriguing, it’s essential to recognize and adhere to all relevant laws and ethical guidelines. Instead, maybe explore the legal options first. The AR-15’s customizability offers a plethora of modifications that can enhance your shooting experience without crossing any legal boundaries. Remember to always consult with professionals and law enforcement to ensure compliance with all regulations.

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