As all of you know already, AR15 is one of the best and the most desirable rifles you can have. It does come with a fixed front sight that is a masterpiece. It is accurate, strong, and durable. But, what if you want to learn how to mount a scope on AR-15 with front sight? First of all, you can do it. The process is a bit complicated but we will guide you through it and reveal all the steps and all the things you need.

How to mount a scope on AR-15 with front sight: Step by step guide

It is worth noting that installing a scope on AR15 that already has a front sight is possible. Keep in mind that you will see the sight through your scope when using low magnification scope. On higher magnifications, the sight won’t be visible. For some, this can be an issue while for others it is far from that.

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AR-15 front sight

The best combination can be a foldable or adjustable front sight for your AR15[1] Thanks to this, you can easily remove it or fold it when not in use. You can also remove the front sight completely which is a complicated process. Some owners simply cut the front sight. This isn’t something we want to recommend. Replacing the factory sight with the aforementioned options is the best outcome if the front sight annoys you when using the scope. Anyway, follow these steps when installing the scope.

  1. Unload the weapon! Remove the magazine and use rubbing alcohol to clean the rail and the screws. Take your time for this step.
  2. Place the rifle in a vice or in some holder to make sure it doesn’t move while installing the scope.
  3. Install the scope mount and use your hands to tight down the screws. Use a torque wrench to tighten down the screws according to factory specifications. Do not place the scope mount on the upper receiver or on the free-floating rail.
  4. Place the scope on the scope mount and use upper rings to secure it in place.
  5. Use a bubble level to level the scope. This is a separate process. You need to make sure the scope is aligned vertically and horizontally. You can shoot and test the scope and adjust it accordingly.
  6. If you want to use your rifle for 600+ yards targets, lap the rings. This means you will need to sand down the inner portion of the rings to make the best possible surface-to-surface contact.

This is a complete guide and there are no additional steps. You need to make sure that the scope mount and the scope are compatible with the AR15 and that the scope is properly leveled. Take your time and try to level up the scope as accurately as you can. This will have a huge, positive effect on your accuracy. In addition, adjusting the scope is a separate matter and you may want it to be done by a professional. If you don’t have the time, this is a worthy option.

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How to choose the right scope for AR15?

The most important thing, in this case, is to choose a scope that will meet your requirements. Here are a few factors you need to consider. Yes, a more expensive scope will be a better maid and will have more features. It should be more accurate as well. However, there are additional things to consider.


Magnification is usually the main factor to consider[2] It is used to define how many times the scope will magnify the target. For example, 4X scope will make the target 4 times enlarger. More appealing models have an adjustable magnification that looks something like 4-10. This means that you can choose any magnification between 4 and 10 times.

A scope of 4x magnification is useful for a distance of up to 300 yards. The one with 6x magnification can be ideal for targets up to 400 yards. A scope with 10x magnification is perfect for 250-1000 yards distance. Keep in mind that the last model isn’t suitable for targets under 250 yards. Choose according to your needs.

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A larger diameter of the scope means more light can penetrate the scope and provide a clear image. But, it also means you will use a heavier weapon. Weight has a huge impact. You will hold your AR15 for hours so a lower weight is an advantage. In a nutshell, smaller scopes are ideal for closer targets. A bigger diameter is suitable for long-distance shots.

Coating of the lenses

Coating of the lenses is used to decrease glare and also to improve the image. There are 4 types of coatings you can find. Coated refers to just one layer. This is used on just one surface and it is the most affordable option. Fully coated means the coating will be applied on all the lenses, but in just one layer. Multi-coated has several layers that are applied to just one surface. Fully and multi-coated have many layers on all the surfaces. The last is the best option but also the most expensive. We ranked these options according to how the coating is effective and successful.


A reticle is a crosshair that you will see when using the scope. You can get a duplex, which is a crosshair pattern and known for simplicity. This is mostly used for hunting or for target shooting. Mil-dot is similar to the first option but the dots help you determine the distance of the target. These are used by the military and law enforcement. BDC is used to estimate the drop of a bullet making it perfect for long-distance shootings.

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The final word

If you want to know how to mount a scope on AR-15 with front sight you need all the steps and all the facts from this guide. In a nutshell, this isn’t as complicated as some of you may believe and it can be done by all of you. Keep in consideration that you will need plenty of time and a few tools. But, it is important and it can significantly boost the accuracy.

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