You all know that AR15 A2 is one of the most desirable and popular weapons in the world, especially in the United States. This also means that many people like to know all about maintenance and upgrades. One of the biggest questions is how to remove front sight on AR15 A2. There are two options and we will explain both of them below.

How to remove front sights on AR15 A2: For adjustable models

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This is the first option that is actually rare but still needs to be covered. How to remove front sights on AR15[1] A2 when the unit is aftermarket? As you may believe, this is a simpler method and it has just a few steps. The main reason is the fact adjustable sight for this rifle comes with screws that allow you to remove and install the sight easily, within seconds. Anyway, follow these steps. Just keep in mind that you must unload your weapon before starting!

  1. Clamp your rifle into the vise.
  2. Use a wrench to remove the flash hider. It is tight so you will need plenty of force. It has a crush washer that acts like a spring and prevents the hider unscrew.
  3. After you remove the flash hider, undo the screws on the sight.
  4. Remove the sight.

As you can see, this is an extremely simple and easy method. Basically, you need a vice, a wrench, and nothing more. Keep in mind that you need a lot of force to remove the flash hider and you must make sure the washer is compressed once you tight all down.

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How to remove fixed front sights on AR15

How to remove front sight on ar15 a2: Aftermarket and fixed sight removal

This is a more common option and something all people with a new rifle will want to do at some point when replacing or upgrading the sight. The sight in this case is secured by pins that are difficult to remove. Unload your weapon and start following these steps.

Remove the hand guards

If you have standard hand guards[2] you will need a special, official tool to remove them. Start by placing the hooks inside the mag and the two arms in the designated delta ring. Pull the hands and the hand guards will be removed.

Remove upper half

There is a special vise offered by the manufacturer that can make this process easier. Basically, you need to remove the upper half. After that, remove optics if you have it installed, rear sights, and also carry handle. Remove the charging handle and the bolt carrier as well. Place the upper receiver in your own vise or the factory one if you have it. This factory tool allow you to clamp the rifle only in the right position. After you are done, place both things into your bench vise.

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Remove flash hider

Use a wrench to remove the flash hider. This is the same process like the one in the first case we saw earlier. Keep in mind, you need a lot of force to crush the washer that acts as a spring.

Remove the gas tube

A gas tube can be easily removed. But you also need to remove the designated pin as well. You will need a puncher in order to remove it properly. As such, remove the pin by punching it out from the case and use plenty of force. As you would expect, here you can use factory tools to make this easier. But, you can also use ordinary tools found at any hardware store. Keep in mind that you will need to place the pin above a hole so it can exit. Yes, there is a tool for this as well. In addition, this is the single pin at the top of the barrel.

Remove the pins

This is the most complicated and the main step. What this means is that you are now actually removing the sight. There is a special bench block that allows you to complete this task a bit easier. You don’t have to use it. You can use punchers to remove the two pins if you have removed the gas tube pin previously as we have stated. These pins are strongly in place. You will need a lot of force, but you must be careful not to damage the barrel or the sight if you are planning to use it again. A good idea is to drill a small part of the pin and then try to remove it. If you cannot remove these using a puncher, you will need to drill them completely which can be extremely difficult.

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Remove the sight

This is the last step and now you can finally remove the sight. The sight isn’t secured in place anymore. You can use a rubber mallet to try and move it. Keep in mind that in some cases this is very difficult and once again you will need plenty of force. Try to rotate the sight as it can make things easier. Use a rubber mallet for rotating the sight as well. The goal here is to push out the sight at the front of the barrel. You are done.
Don’t forget to take your time and make sure you do not damage any of the components. Do it carefully and try to enjoy it. Now you can replace the factory sight with an aftermarket one, which is much easier to remove[3]

The final word

How to remove front sights on AR15 A2 like a professional? Take a look at the steps above and start doing. In general, removing sight on this weapon is extremely difficult and most people prefer that a professional does this. However, with a bit of patience and with some tools, you can do it all by yourself. We must add that the manufacturer offers tools for the complete process. There are a few of them and yes, they make this process much easier.

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