Eventually, you will want to remove the sight on your Glock. You may want to replace the damaged sight, install an upgraded version, or install a night sight. Regardless of the goal, you will need to remove the old sight first. So, how to remove Glock front sight like a professional? There are a few options.

Removing the screw-type sight

Most new models of Glock pistols have a screw-sight style. What this means is that the sight is held in place with a screw. Obviously, all you have to do is to remove the screw and remove the sight. This may sound like the most appealing methods because it is. If you want to know how to remove Glock front sight[1]https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/generalservices/documents/cpo/itb-updates/32110-10902/SWC357_Glocks_Questions_and_Answers.pdf, this is the section for you. Follow these steps.

  1. Unload the weapon. It is the first and most important step!
  2. Remove the slide of your pistol.
  3. On the front side, you can see the screw[2]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screw holding the sight in place. It is under the sight.
  4. Undo the screw. You will need a special tool or you will need to sand the socket that fits this screw.
  5. Remove the old sight.
  6. Install a new one using the same method.

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This is the simplest method of them all. All you need to do is to undo a screw and install a new sight. Keep in mind that you need a compatible sight that can be installed on your weapon. Not all sights can be used for this purpose. As you shall see, later on, there are different sights on Glock pistols which means you need a corresponding unit.

Although some of you may believe that the screw is too small and it cannot hold the sight strongly in place, you are wrong. This system has been known for its reliability and durability. It is also the most desirable alternative among all Glock users simply cause it allows you to replace the sight within seconds.

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Removing pin-secured or riveted sight

How to remove Glock front sight: Different methods explained

This is a less-common option and can be more than just complicated. These sights are very difficult to remove and yes, you will need to use several tools. The first thing to remember is that you should take your time and do not use too much force or you can damage the slide of your Glock[3]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glock. Anyway, follow these steps when removing the pin-style sight.

  1. Unload your weapon. Yes, this is mandatory!
  2. Remove the slide of your pistol.
  3. Secure the slide in a vice where the claws are layered with pieces of wood and fabric.
  4. Use a puncher to remove the pin.
  5. Remove the sight.
  6. Insert a new one.

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This type of sight is rare today and it can be found on older Glock models. It is also usually found on plastic sights. As you can imagine, the pin offers simplicity, and removing the sight is easy. But, this isn’t the most appealing method for securing the sight and therefore has been replaced with the sights that are held in place with a screw. This is the easiest option and the most desirable.

When it comes to a rivet-alternative, you do need even more tools. Rivets are not designed to be easily removed so you will need to drill them out. The steps for this option are mentioned below.

  1. Unload your weapon.
  2. Remove the slide.
  3. Secure it in the vice. Make sure the claws of the vice have pieces of wood and fabric to prevent scratching.
  4. Use a drill to drill out the main section of the rivet. Use a small drill bit that doesn’t touch the slide.
  5. Punch out the rest of the rivet.
  6. Remove the sight and replace it as needed.

We must point out that it is mandatory to be extremely careful when drilling the rivet. You do not want to damage the slide and you will need to take your time. If possible, drill a small fraction of the rivet and punch the rest of it out. If the rivet is too tight and cannot be punched out, despite you drilled the section at the beginning, you will need to drill the entire rivet. Take your time and always start with the slowest speed and the smallest drill bit. Increase both of these if needed.

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How to remove Glock front sight without tool

Sadly, it isn’t possible to remove any of the sight types we have covered above without a tool. The only exceptions are if you use a socket that is sanded so it can fit the slide from the inside and it has the same dimensions as the screw on the sight itself. Although this isn’t a toolless method, it does allow you to remove the sight without using the Glock sight removal socket.

But, if you have a Glock that has sight glued down to the slide, you can try to remove it with your fingers. With a bit of luck, you can unglue it and remove it completely. You can also try to hit it with a hammer. Just make sure you protect the rest of the slide so there are no damages.
Keep in mind that when installing a new sight, you will have to sand down the surface and you must clean it perfectly so the glue sticks to the surface. A more preferable option is to use epoxy. It is much stronger and will make sure your weapon keeps the sight as long as possible.

The final word

Still, wondering how to remove Glock front sight? We hope not. After all, methods and all known variations have been explained in the content above. You need to remember that sights on Glock weapons can be removed with the socket tool for the screw or any, compatible socket. For other sights, you will need to punch out the pin or the rivet. Anyhow, with a bit of luck and patience, you can complete this task all by yourself.

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