In order to achieve the most accurate shot every single time, you need to complete a process known as bore sighting. This must be done on all weapons and it is mandatory for hunters and those who like target shooting. If we add the fact, AR15 is one of the best and the most popular weapons in the country, we can understand why knowing how to use laser bore sight AR 15 is an important skill. Below, we will guide you through the process and explain all the main aspects.

What is a bore sighting and why it is important?

Before you learn how to use laser bore sight[1] AR 15 you need to know why this process is so important. Basically, it is used to line the center of the barrel to the scope or sight of your rifle. As such, the accuracy is at the highest level possible. This is known as zeroing in and it is done by all experts and even beginners. It helps you get a more accurate shot, decreases wasting the ammo, and improves your success when hunting or when shooting in the targets.

There are two methods you can use. The first one is using your eye. You will need to remove the bolt and look through the barrel. Adjust the sight accordingly and you are done. But, this isn’t the most accurate method. A more preferable method is using laser sighters.
In general, you can use both of these methods. However, when it comes to AR15, the latter is more appealing. This rifle doesn’t allow you to remove the bolt and look through the barrel in seconds. This is a complicated process. On the other hand, using a laser sighter is much easier, simpler, and more accurate.

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What is laser bore sight?

How to use lasers bore sight AR 15

A laser bore a sight is a tool or a gadget if you prefer that looks like a bullet or at least has the same dimensions. Some, more generic models come with large dimensions. They can be much longer than bullets if they do not have to be inserted into the barrel through the bolt! These models will be inserted into the barrel through the muzzle[2] They have 2 contact points. Most units these days come with adapters allowing you to use the same unit for caliber 20-50.

A laser bore sight has a laser that can be manually activated once the unit is in the barrel. It will display the red dot on the target. This is the center of the barrel and it should be lined up to the sight or your optics.

These accessories for your rifle may look simple and ordinary, but they are very important and they do come with impressive precision. Almost all are made from metal or aluminum in order to avoid flexing and compromising the center of the barrel.

Some of you may wonder are laser bore sights worth it. The answer is eyes. As we have mentioned earlier, the only other alternative is to use your eye to find the center of the barrel and align the scope or sight. Unless you are a professional with years of experience, this won’t be easy or accurate! A laser bore sight can help you get a professional outcome despite the lack of experience.

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Boresighting AR 15

Here is the main section and the one you have been looking for the most. Here we will give you steps you need to take in order to complete the boresighting process successfully, in less time, and to learn how you can do the same process the next time. Follow all the steps and do not skip a single one.

  1. Always unload your weapon first! This is mandatory and there are no exceptions.
  2. Charge the battery on your laser boresight if needed. They either have replaceable batteries or will use a USB cable.
  3. Secure your rifle. You can use bags of sand or special holders that will secure it in place and won’t allow the rifle to move.
  4. Hang the target 25 yards away from the rifle.
  5. Open the bolt on your rifle and place the boresight inside.
  6. Close the bolt. You will see the laser dot[3]
  7. You will see that the laser dot is on the target. Some boresights come with special targets that have 1-inch squares.
  8. Line the laser dot in the center of the target. It can fill the entire circle.
  9. Use elevation and windage knobs on your scope or the bolts on the sights to adjust them accordingly. In general, the laser dot should line up perfectly with the reticle. Take as much time as you need.

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There are a few things we need to add here. First of all, once you are done, you will have to remove the boresight and insert live ammunition. Test the weapon and see the result. If the weapon isn’t accurate, repeat the process and try to find the problem.

Seeing the laser dot can be impossible in sunlight. That’s why it is always recommended to do this in the morning or even better, in the evening. It just makes things easier and can help you avoid any complications.

An interesting fact is that many boresights come with adapters. This is useful if you have multiple rifles and you want to use one unit to zero in all of them. There is no need to tell you that the correct adapter should be selected and screwed down to the boresight.

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The final word

The answer to how to use laser bore sight AR 15 question isn’t long simply because this is a simple process that will require a few minutes of your time. However, it is extremely important, it is beneficial and it is a cheap way you can make your weapon more accurate and boost your performance or your hunting success. This process must be used on all weapons.

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