How To Zero EOTech Sights (Zero Your Red Dot)

If you decided to buy an EOTech holographic sight for your weapon then you made a great choice. But now it’s time to get your optic sighted and ready to go. If you don’t calibrate your sight correctly then you’re destined to have accuracy issues.

There are some basic safety precautions and steps you’ll need to follow in order to properly sight in your new EOTech red dot sight. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that the zeroing steps will change depending on a variety of factors like your specific firearm, choice of co-witness with iron sights, and more.

Luckily, I’ve had several EOTech optics in my day. In this post, we’ll explain in detail how to zero EOTech optics for new and experienced shooters.

Step Description
1 Secure your firearm on a stable shooting platform, ensuring it is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.
2 Mount the EOTech sight securely on the firearm, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
3 Adjust the brightness setting on the sight to a level suitable for your shooting environment.
4 Choose a target at the desired zero distance (commonly 25 yards for rifles).
5 Take a few shots to determine the point of impact on the target.
6 Using the sight’s windage and elevation controls, move the reticle to match the point of impact on the target.
7 Continue firing and adjusting until the point of impact aligns with the point of aim.
8 Verify the zero at different distances, if applicable for your shooting needs.
9 Securely tighten all screws and fasteners to ensure the sight remains in place.
10 Record your zeroing adjustments for future reference.
11 Perform periodic checks to maintain the zero, especially after any adjustments or disassembly of the firearm.

How To Laser Bore Sight Your EOTech Red Dot Sight

picture of an EOTech XPS sight & a laser boresighter

Follow these simple steps to zero your EOTech HWS:

  1. Follow all basic safety practices. Ensure your gun is unloaded, you have a clean and stable shooting platform, and are in a safe environment.
  2. Insert your laser sight into your weapon.
  3. Aim the laser at a target about 21 feet away
  4. Power on your EOTech red dot but make sure it’s on a low setting so that the laser bore projected dot is still visible.
  5. Make windage and elevation adjustments so that the laser sight and red dot sight are aligned on the target.
  6. Fire a few rounds from 40-50 yards to ensure the sight is set to zero. If your shots are off from the imaginary center line of the target, make adjustments and re-test.

These steps aren’t rocket science. But they still need to be followed closely. And for our readers that use assault rifles, check out our post on the best bore sights for AR-15s. Picking the right laser makes the sighting process a whole lot easier.

Using a laser bore sight cartridge is the most accurate way to zero your optic. In fact, you can even use a laser cartridge and learn how to zero a scope without firing a single bullet! A laser sighting device will always be a more precise & accurate sighting method compared to other common methods.

How To Zero With Iron Sights

Follow these simple steps (Absolute Co-Witness):

  1. Adhere to basic safety protocols. Make sure your gun is empty & never point the firearm in the direction of another person.
  2. Flip up your iron sights & set the rear sight on the small aperture
  3. Adjust your red dot reticle so it aligns directly with the iron sights
  4. Verify the zero by firing a few rounds at a target

Keep in mind that zeroing with iron sights will not give you an accurate aim point compared to laser bore sighting. However, I would still recommend keeping your iron sights to maintain the correct red dot sight picture with your firearm.

Some people choose to zero their EOTech red dot sights using their iron sights using a standard AR-15 platform. There are two main types of setups: absolute co-witness & lower 1/3 co-witness optics.

  • EOTech optics with side buttons and QD levers – Designed for lower 1/3 co-witness
  • All other EOTech models – Designed for absolute co-witness

What Equipment Do You Need To Zero A Red Dot?

If you need to zero your new EOTech optic, there are a few pieces of equipment you’ll need. Make sure you have these tools & items on hand to make the process easy.

  • Your weapon & EOTech optic
  • Large Paper EOTech Zero Target
  • Stable Shooting Platform or Sandbags
  • Adjustment Tool or Flathead screwdriver
  • Laser Bore Sighting Device

Remember, if you’re learning how to zero a pistol red dot you will likely sight in your optic from much closer than you would with an AR.

Which EOTech Should I Buy?

If you’re interested in shopping EOTech for yourself I recommend checking out the XPS2 holographic sight as showcased in our Best M&P 15 Sport 2 Sights. It is a versatile and durable sight that is compatible with most ARs.

I have also done a detailed comparison of the XPS & EXPS EOTech optics. Depending on your budget and preferences, either optic can be a great choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use iron sights to zero a red dot?

If your iron sights are zeroed correctly, then you can use them to zero your red dot. Align your red dot with the iron sight aiming point. We call this an absolute co-witness setup.

What distance do you sight a red dot on a pistol?

I zero my AR-15 at 36 yards. However, for a pistol, I always recommend a shorter zero distance. Pick a distance inside of 35 yards to maximize your accuracy from close range. Most handguns are used for close-quarters shooting. So there is no need to zero your red dot for far away.

Does red dot need to be centered?

One of the main benefits of a red dot sight is the dot does not need to always be centered. Unlike with iron sights, there is no need to align the front and rear sights. As long as you can put the red dot on your target, the bullet will hit the mark.

Should you co-witness a red dot pistol?

I always recommend using a co-witness for a red dot optic on a pistol. You have to choose between absolute and lower 1/3 co-witness setups. The lower 1/3 co-witness is the most popular method and provides a clear sight picture to the shooter.

Are EOTech sights worth the money?

There's no denying that EOTech optics are great. They offer excellent clarity and are great for close and medium-range engagements. I have several EOTech holographic sights in my personal collection. They are not the cheapest. But they provide excellent optic quality for serious shooters.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the two best methods for zeroing a new EOTech optic. It is not complicated to get your optic sighted in. But you do need to make sure you follow these steps closely. Deifferent types of firearms are zeroed slightly differently. If you have a shotgun, you need to learn how to sight in a red dot on a shotgun the right way. EOTech makes top-quality scopes that should be relatively easy to zero. Follow these steps and watch your rounds strike the center target repeatedly.

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