Kel-Tec KSG Problems To Be Aware Of

The Kel-Tec KSG is a popular shotgun known for its unique design and high-capacity magazine. Although I love my own KSG, it is not without its faults. There are a few common issues that gun owners frequently run into. In this article, we’ll reveal 12 Kel-Tec KSG problems that you should be aware of.


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12 Problems With The Kel-Tec KSG

Here are some of the main issues Kel Tec shotgun owners encounter. Keep in mind that some of these issues are more common than others.

picture of a kel tec ksg shotgun

1) Plastic Materials

The top Picatinny rail on a KSG shotgun is made of metal. However, the lower rail is made of low-quality plastic that can crack. This is not a big deal if you are using the gun for home defense and do not fire many rounds. However, if you plan on using this gun heavily on the shooting range there could be issues with material degradation.


2) Issue with Jamming

One of the most commonly cited problems is its tendency to jam. The KSG relies on gravity to feed shells into the chamber, and occasionally low brass shells can get caught up on the feeding ramp. This can cause jams, and in some cases, the only way to clear the jam is to disassemble the shotgun. This is also one of the most common Springfield Hellcat Issues that I ran into during my testing of the handgun.

3) Loading Issues

Several KSG owners and enthusiasts have run into issues loading their shotguns. Due to the small size of the loading port, it can be difficult to insert shells into your KSG. If you bought a KSG for home defense, you do not have several minutes to load your shotgun. We found similar loading issues in our del ton quality analysis as well!

4) Too Much Force Required To Load

One of the main problems with Kel Tec KSG is that it can take too much force to reload. If you have forearms like Brock Lesnar this might not be a huge issue. But if you’re a normal-sized person, this can be a real issue. Especially in a self-defense situation!

If you have a brand new Kel Tec KSG there is often a break-in period needed. I have found that the issue can improve after shooting dozens of rounds. This was also an issue with the Walther PPQ. Some shooters are afraid to use a little muscle with their weapons!

5) Issues With Selector Switch

On occasion, the selector switch is loose. This causes failure to feed and can be extremely frustrating. To fix this issue, most people choose to buy an extended metal switch. This usually takes care of the problem and keeps your gun running smoothly. I also found this to be one of the Ruger LCP Max issues that shooters encounter.

6) Can Be Painful To Shoot

Many shooters complain that there is simply not enough space to get a proper grip on the KSG. Shooting with the stock grip can be a rough experience & many people are left with all types of bumps and bruises. Comfort was also one of the DP-12 Shotgun problems as well.

Fix this issue by getting a vertical grip. This creates some space between your arm and the shotgun as well as gives you a more stable grip.

7) Significant Recoil

With a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun, there is significant recoil after each shot. Now to experienced shotgun owners, this will not come as a major surprise. After all, if you are looking for a low-recoil weapon you probably shouldn’t own a shotgun in the first place.

Regardless, the strong recoil can make it very difficult to shoot accurately when firing consecutive rounds, even if you have the Best Sights For KSG. Find a lower recoil weapon if you can’t handle the power.

8) Rear Shell Ejection

KSG shotguns eject their shells toward the back of the gun by the pistol grip. This may not seem like a big deal, but the shell casings can often result in small burns and hand injuries. We also found similar beretta a400 problems with ejection as well!

For this reason, we recommend shooters wear gloves while shooting a KSG. While this may not completely prevent hand injuries, it can help to mitigate the severity of the injuries.

9) Bruised Cheek

Kel tec ksg cheek pad

Pressing your cheek up tight against your KSG with your eyes aligned with the sights is a great way to shoot accurately. But the KSG has a lot of recoil…so many shooters end up with bumps and bruises on their cheeks.

The best way to fix this is to upgrade your Kel-Tec KSG with cheek pads. This won’t be a perfect fix, but it will make things much better.

10) Chambers Are Phosphated

The chamber of a Kel-Tec KSG is phosphate coated. The purpose of this chemical coating is to increase corrosion protection and make Kel-Tec more durable. This can cause reduced efficiency and increased wear and tear on the equipment.

11) Busted Firing Pin

On rare occasions, I have seen customers complain about a busted firing pin. However, I have to say that I’m not really buying it. Short of running your KSG over with a Ford F-150, I don’t see how this can really happen. Regardless, 99 times out of 100 the firing pin on a KSG works just fine.

12) Issues With Snap Caps

Loading snap caps can be a real issue with the Kel-Tec KSG. People speculate that it’s because of the weight. Regardless, they frequently jam and it can be a real hassle.

Issues With Specific Types of KSG’s

If you are in the shotgun market for a Kel-Tec, it is important that you are aware of the common issues.

Kel-Tec KSG-25 problems

The Kel-Tec KSG-25 is a high-capacity shotgun that has gained a reputation as a quality shotgun. One of the most common issues with this shotgun is frequent hang-ups when firing consecutive rounds. This can be extremely frustrating when it takes a considerable amount fo force load the next round. The good news is that there are some relatively simple steps that can be taken to fix this problem. First, make sure that the shotgun’s magazine tubes are properly lubricated. The main fix is to make constantly fire and cycle rounds through the weapon, especially if its new!

Kel-Tec ks7 problems

The Kel-Tec ks7 is know to have issues loading shells. More specifically, shells often get stuck inside the gun, making it difficult to load new rounds. Also, the ks7 has high recoil, which can make it difficult to control.

Kel Tec KSG injury

The truth is that all firearms are dangerous. From my experience and extensive research, the Kel Tec KSG shotgun is not more dangerous than other weapons.

However, there are stories of serious hand injuries caused by a faulty foregrip. Shooters who fire multiple rounds consecutively put a lot of pressure on the vertical grip. And if it is installed incorrectly, or is a faulty product…it could result in your hand slipping right in front of the barrel. It goes without saying, you don’t want to put your hand in front of a loaded shotgun!

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of a Kel Tec KSG shotgun.

1) Strap Vents

These strap vents allow you to attach a strap to your KSG for better carrying. Adding straps to you gives you much better mobility. Plus you might even look cool doing it!

2) Dual Picatinny Rails

The Kel Tec KSG shotgun has two Picatinny rails, one on the top and one on the bottom. This allows for the attachment of various accessories, such as scopes and red dot sights. It also makes the KSG more versatile, as it can be used for both home defense and hunting.

3) Detachable Mag

The Kel-Tec KSG also has a unique detachable magazine. This design allows for a quick change of two different magazine tubes, which is perfect for those who need to shoot multiple rounds in a short period of time.

What Are The Best Use Cases For A Kel Tec Shotgun

The Kel Tec KSG shotgun is a versatile firearm suitable for several use cases. Here is a list of the most popular applications for a Kel Tec shotgun.

  1. Home Defense: The KSG’s compact size and high capacity make it an excellent choice for home defense. Its dual magazine tubes allow for quick ammunition changes, providing a substantial firepower advantage in potentially dangerous situations.
  2. Law Enforcement: The KSG’s reliability, maneuverability, and ability to hold various types of shotgun ammunition make it a viable option for law enforcement agencies. It can be useful in close-quarter engagements and situations that require a versatile and powerful shotgun.
  3. Tactical Applications: The KSG’s bullpup design and lightweight construction make it well-suited for tactical operations. Its short overall length and ambidextrous features allow for easier navigation in confined spaces, making it a popular choice for law enforcement and military units.

FAQ – Kel Tec KSG Shotgun

Is Kel-Tec KSG worth it?

Yes, the Kel-Tec KSG is a fun gun and definitely worth it. It's a great shotgun for close-quarters tactical needs and self-defense. The design and functionality are top-notch, and it's very affordable compared to other shotguns on the market. If you are looking for a medium to long-range weapon then the KSG shotgun probably isn't for you.

Can a KSG shoot slugs?

Yes, the KSG can shoot slugs. It is actually a very versatile shotgun, capable of shooting both solid slugs and buckshot. This makes it ideal for home defense or hunting applications.

Do any militaries use the KSG?

The KSG is known to be used by a limited number of militaries around the world. It's thought that South Korean Armed Forces use the KSG as one of their main shotgun, and it has been seen in use by other militaries in limited numbers.

Does Kel-Tec still make the KSG 25?

Yes, Kel-Tec still makes the KSG 25-pump action shotgun. It's a great choice for home defense or for use on the range, and it's built to last. The KSG 25 fires 12 gauge rounds and comes with a six-round magazine capacity. It also features an adjustable stock so that you can customize the fit to your body size and shooting style.

Is A Red Dot Good For KSG Shotgun?

Red dot sights are perfect for KSG shotguns because they provide an easy-to-use aiming system that makes it simple to hit your target. With a red dot sight, you'll be able to quickly and accurately take down your target. To make your decision easy, check out our article on the Best Sights For KSG!

Are KSG reliable?

KSG shotguns are some of the most reliable shotguns on the market. They are built to military specifications and are known for their durability. That said, it does occasionally have mechanical problems with loading rounds. With a quick google search, you will find a forum community dedicated to fixing and optimizing Kel-Tec KSGs.

What does Kel-Tec KSG stand for?

KSG stands for Keltec shotgun. It is a pump-action semi-auto shotgun that was first produced in 2011.

The Bottom Line

The Kel-Tec KSG is very popular weapon that has been widely used for years. However, there are some basic issues that gun owners run into time and time again. Most of these issues are fixable. But you should be aware of these drawbacks for buying your very own KSG. Let us know if you run into any of these common problems!

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