Ruger LCP Max Problems + How To Fix!

If you’re a gun owner and looking for a reliable concealed carry pistol, the Ruger LCP Max is definitely worth considering. This lightweight pistol is very portable & perfect for concealed carry. However, there are a few problems that Ruger owners often encounter. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the common problems encountered by Ruger LCP Max gun owners! Read on to learn how to handle & fix these issues.


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6 Main Ruger LCP Max Problems

image of a Ruger LCP Max with a green border

Although I am a fan of the Ruger LCP Max & recommend using the Burris FastFire or Vortex Venom with it, there are issues to be aware of!

1) Problems With Chambering

Several shooters have encountered chambering issues. This commonly happens after firing a few rounds & suddenly the next round does not seat properly.

If your handgun is not effectively chambering rounds…its an issue. Not only does it make your weapon useless in a self-defense situation, but it can also be dangerous. Shooters should always make sure their handgun is loaded correctly with a round in the chamber. I found this to be a Walther PPQ problem as well.

How To Fix

There are a few simple fixes you can try. First, focus on the fundamentals and make sure you have a firm grip on your firearm when shooting. Limp writing can cause issues. You can also swap out the recoil spring and give the feed ramp a good cleaning.

2) Firearm Jamming

Although it’s rare, many shooters have had their LCP Max jam. When this happens a round won’t fire from the magazine and the next round won’t chamber.


Having a handgun jam on you is not just inconvenient, it’s downright scary. Whether you’re at the range or in a self-defense situation, a jammed firearm can be a life-threatening issue. After all, you’re relying on that handgun to protect you or to perform accurately when you’re at the range. This is also a Springfield Hellcat problem that shooters encounter.

How To Fix

The biggest reason the LCP Max jams is because of shooters using the wrong ammo. Using different ammo than what is recommended for this size handgun can cause jamming and even damage the firearm.

3) Excessive Rust

Excessive rust can damage any firearm. Unlike other issues listed in this article, this one is caused by user error and not the manufacturer. Rust can build up in the barrel and slide rails if not adhered to.

Not only does it look bad, but rust can also cause serious malfunctions and compromise your firearm’s reliability. Lack of cleaning was also one of the biggest Taurus G2C issues as well. It can significantly reduce the lifespan of your firearm!

How To Fix

Shooters should make it a habit to clean their firearms regularly! Although it may be overkill, I personally disassemble and clean my gun after every range session.

4) Quality Issues

When it comes to buying a handgun, it’s easy to be lured by the low price tag of some models. However, cheap handguns often come with quality issues that can lead to poor performance.

This was also one of the general Ruger EC9s problems I found. You get what you pay for in terms of firearms and accessories! Quality was one of the biggest S&W Sport 15 problems shooters encounter as well.

How To Fix

If you have a low budget & need to buy a starter handgun that is fine! Just be aware that higher-quality weapons tend to have far fewer issues. If you run into any manufacturing quality issues contact the manufacturer to enforce your warranty!

5) Issues With Extraction

Some shooters have experienced extraction issues with their LCP Max. When a gun has extraction failure, the round won’t be ejected correctly.

Failing to eject a fired case can cause a jam and prevent you from firing your next shot. Some shooters experienced a similar HK VP9 problem as well. This issue can happen for various reasons.

  • Dirty chamber
  • Weak extractor spring

How To Fix

The first thing you should do is clean your weapon thoroughly. For most shooters, this will fix the issue. But if the problem persists, change ammo and find something that works even better for your firearm.

6) Magazine Problems

image of a Ruger LCP Max with a broken magazine

It’s not only annoying, but it can also be dangerous. Losing control of your firearm can lead to serious accidents. Several shooters have had their LCP Max drop a magazine unexpectedly. This can be dangerous! This was also a PSA Dagger problem that we found as well.

How To Fix

First, check your grip and make sure you are not hitting the magazine release button. You can also invest in a better magazine release that firmly locks in place.

Ruger LCP Max Break In Period

Did you know that new handguns actually have a break-in period?

Many new shooters think their weapon is 100% ready to go after unboxing their new firearm. But just like a new car or pair of shoes, your firearm needs time to loosen up and really start performing at its best.

As a general rule, the Ruger LCP Max has a 200-round break-in period. After 200 rounds it should be broken in and perform at its best!

During this break-in period, you’ll want to clean and lubricate your gun regularly, firing a few hundred rounds through it in the process. This helps to smooth out any rough spots and improve accuracy.

Ruger LCP Max Recall

The LCP Max was indeed recalled by Ruger back in 2008. This is because many shooters found that their guns would discharge when dropped on a hard surface.

However, this is not as rare as you might think. Firearm companies often have to recall their products for different reasons. It’s not something you always hear about, but it’s important to pay attention to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Ruger LCP Max?

The LCP Max is a very accurate defensive handgun. This carry gun shoots accurately from close range. Compared to other similar concealed carry firearms, the Ruger LCP Max is a very accurate weapon.

Does it hurt to dry fire a Ruger LCP Max?

You can dry fire you Ruger LCP Max without damaging the gun. However, it is recommend to keep this to a minimum as excessive dry firing can damage the weapon & reduce its lifespan.

Will a Ruger LCP Max fire if dropped?

It is possible that an LCP Max will fire if it is dropped. However, this holds true for just about any gun. If you drop a gun, there is always a chance that something contacts the trigger and causes the gun to fire. Always take proper safety precautions when handling loaded firearms.

Is the Ruger LCP worth buying?

The Ruger LCP is a great self defense handgun with a budget friendly price tag. Many pistols have comparable or better performance, however, they are almost always more expensive!

The Bottom Line

The purpose of this article is not to trash the Ruger LCP Max. In fact, this is a great defensive handgun that thousands of people use around the country. However, no product is perfect. In fact, we found similar Delton AR15 problems in a previous review! These are some of the biggest Ruger LCP Max problems that shooters encounter each year. Use our tips to get your firearm fixed and back to performing as it should!

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