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Types of Scopes

These days’ rifle scopes come in various sizes with different features, and are designed for different purposes. This simply means that there are various rifle scope types. Each one is a bit different and specific, hence suitable for just one or a few purposes. Today, we will explain all the most commonly used types of scopes for rifles.

Fixed models

These are the most common of all rifle scope types and come with the most affordable process. As the name suggests, these have fixed magnification and cannot be adjusted. In other words, you are unable to zoom in on a target. Fixed scopes are considered basic models.

Variable scopes

Variable rifle scopes are completely opposite to fixed models. They have the ability to adjust the magnification. You will see 5-10 in the name. This refers to the number of magnifications you can get in this case between 5 and 20 times. They are more expensive but also more versatile and more appealing to own.

Long-range units

All scopes that come with a magnification of 10 times or above are known as long-range models. These are obviously designed for very long-distance shooting. Some can be fixed while most these days are adjustable allowing you to use different magnification levels.

Competition units

Competition scopes are sensitive in the lack of a better word. They are not ideal to use when hunting or to expose them to harsh situations. But, the magnification is stunning. You can get up to 40 times magnification. Competition scopes are powerful and special.

Tactical scopes

Tactical scopes have low magnification, typically around 4 times. They are made for the military and law enforcement. These units are not designed for long-distance shooting but for tactical purposes. The main purpose is to extend the range of troops and soldiers.

Night vision models

These scopes are designed for a specific purpose, to shoot at night. They come with an implemented infrared illuminator that allows you to see when there is no light. They are bigger and more expensive than ordinary scopes.

Scout scopes

Scout scopes have magnification between 2 and 8 times. 7 times is considered as the most desirable. They are similar to the tactical type. Most of these scopes are used by law enforcement and hunters. Simplicity is mandatory in this case.

Scopes for hunting

Hunting scopes are simple, extremely durable, and resistant to water and rain. They usually come with fewer features and with fewer adjustment options. The goal is to have a simple and durable scope. Most scopes of this type have under 20 times magnification.

Red dot type

This scope type is different from any other. It may have a magnification but some do not. When you look through it, you will see a red dot at the center. This is the dot where the bullet will hit. Keep in mind that these scopes do not have a laser built-in.

Scopes for snipers

Most of you believe that snipers use 50x magnification scopes. In reality, they use models with up to 10 times magnification. Instead, they prefer scopes with mil-dot reticles. Thanks to this, a sniper can get more information about the target distance, the windage, and many other data that can help him get a better shot. These are not the same as competition scopes.


These are all rifle scope types you can find today on the market. As you were able to see, each type is special and designed for a specific purpose. When choosing your new scope, you need to understand and know your needs. Only then you can get the most useful scope.