Best Walther PPS Sights (M2): How to Choose & How to Install Guide!

The Walther PPS M2 pistol is a German-made pistol, popular with European police officers and civilians with concealed-carry permits. Its small size and reliability have made it very popular in the United States as well. The M2 version of the PPS pistol introduced a button to release the magazine and a refreshed grip, among some smaller details.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the best Walther PPS sights, so you can enhance your shooting (and aiming) experience. After 16 hours of testing, I determined that the Crimson Trace LG-482 was the best Walther PPS sight on the market! I found it to be very easy to install & a reliable laser. For those of you shopping on a budget, I recommend you check out the TRUGLO TFX Pro pistol sights as well.

It’s super important to understand that the best Walther PPS sight for one person might night be optimal for you. In this post, I’ll break down why you should consider use case, type of sight, and budget when picking your perfect pistol attachment.


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Best Sights for Walther PPS M2 Product Review

Here are the 5 best Walther PPS M2 Sights.

  1. Crimson Trace LG-482 Laserguard Laser Sight
  2. Trijicon Heavy Duty Night Sight Set
  4. XS Sight Systems Standard Dot
  5. LaserLyte Laser Sight Trainer

1) Crimson Trace LG-482 Laserguard Laser Sight

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The Crimson Trace[1] LG-482 is an easy to install high-powered green laser sight for the Walther PPS M2. Thanks to its instinctive activation, this laser sight proves itself very useful in stressful situations.

The housing of the LG-482 is made from plastic, but don’t let that distract you from its quality — as you probably know, most laser sights are made from plastic. This is a robust laser sight that nicely fits the trigger guard of your Walther PPS M2 pistol.
Installing the Crimson Trace LG-482 is an easy and straightforward job. The laser housing comes split in two halves, which you simply mount at the designated spot. That is why I also consider this sight one of the best Walther ppq m2 tritium night sights. The laser sits flush with the barrel of the pistol, and the trigger guard keeps enough space for your trigger finger — even if you have large hands.

While this laser does not activate when you unholster the pistol, it still has an easily reachable button. That’s actually one of the main differences between red dot sights vs lasers. Crimson Trace calls this “instinctive activation”, which probably makes it sound cooler than it actually is. The button sits where your middle finger normally is when you hold the pistol in a normal firing grip. This means that it takes no extra effort to activate the laser sight.

The green laser is bright and zeroed at 50 feet. Green lasers are brighter than their red counterparts, and the Crimson Trace LG-482 uses the brightest beam a civilian can legally own. Although it excels at nighttime, you will have no problems seeing the green laser in broad daylight.
The one thing that disappointed me with this Walther PPS M2 sight were the elevation and windage adjustment nuts. They felt mushy and zeroing the laser to my preferred distance was harder than it needed to be. Still, after all adjustments were made, the Crimson Trace LG-482 was dead-on.

If you are looking for an excellent laser sight for your Walther PPS M2, then this Crimson Trace laser will not disappoint you. It is probably the best of the Walther PPS lasers. You can even pair it up with one of the other sights on this list, for a truly accurate experience. I will also add that Crimson Trace Scopes are top quality and have become very popular!

Where can you find the serial number of the Crimson Trace LG-482?

The serial number of this product can be found on the box and on the laser sight, where the laser housing meets the underside of the gun’s barrel.

How long will a single battery last?

The Crimson Trace LG-482 uses one 1/3N battery, which provides over two hours of continuous use.

2) Trijicon Heavy Duty Night Sight Set

The Trijicon[2] Heavy Duty night sights are one of the standards when it comes to night sights for the Walther PPS. They are accurate, easy to see, and provide a deadly advantage for tactical operators in the battlefield.

These sights are made from high-quality metal and are built to last. Their design is a bit different from the standard sights on the Walther PPS M2 — the Trijicon Heavy Duty sights have a U-shaped rear sight that boost your front sight acquisition speed.

There is a total of three tritium lamps[3] on these sights, a design choice which I am definitely fond of. The classic “two lamps in the rear sight and one at the front” design is, from my point of view, better than most designs that simply employ a single tritium lamp.

The differences might be subtle, but subtlety might make the difference in a stressful situation. The 2:1 design allows you to quickly acquire the rear sights, which in turn makes acquiring the front sights even faster.

There is a large orange dot on the front sight that enhances day-time visibility. Trijicon makes this same sight model with other brightly colored dots, but I found orange to be one of the most visible. The orange dot is bright (it is photoluminescent) and great during the day, but, as one would expect, it is nearly useless when the lights are out, and you will have to rely on the tritium lamps.

Replacing your Walther PPS M2 sights with the Trijicon HD is a relatively simple task — if you have the know-how. If you are not sure how to do it, there are plenty of online tutorials available — or you can play it safe and ask for professional help.

The Trijicon Heavy Duty night sights are excellent for your Walther PPS M2, and without a doubt my recommendation if you are looking for a great set of night sights. Trijicon also makes great mini red dot sights like the RMR and SRO dot sights.

Why do these sights come with a warning for the State of California?

The State of California legally requires companies that use known carcinogens or radioactive materials in their products to disclaim it. Tritium (the bright element that glows in the dark) is radioactive and can increase the probabilities of cancer when a person is exposed to it. However, these sights are perfectly safe.

The tritium is encased in a glass vial that shields users from radiation. The warning is simply a legal requirement — tritium-lamp sights are safe.

Does the orange dot glow in the dark?

The big orange dot is photoluminescent. The paint is charged via direct sunlight and then slowly discharges its stored energy over time, emitting a faint glow. However, you should not expect the orange dot to act as a night sight. If you want something that will glow in the dark, then check out our Night Sights for M&P Shield 9mm reviews!

Night visibility on these types of sights is ensured by the tritium lamp, located at the center of the orange dot. Tritium is radioactive and constantly emits light, which you can easily see in dark conditions.

The orange dot allows you to quickly center your sights on a target in broad daylight — it is, after all, an easy to see mark, which immediately draws your attention.


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There are two types of pistol-sight lamps: tritium lamps and fiber optics. Tritium lamps constantly emit a faint glow, while fiber optics amplify and condense the available light. If you are unsure which ones you’d prefer, don’t worry about it — the TruGlo Walther PPS M2 TFX PRO has them both.

The inclusion of both types of lamps is not accidental, or even a way of trying to fool the unwary buyer. Both lamps have their well-defined and distinct purposes, despite the fact that it might seem that they both do the same thing.

While tritium constantly glows, it emits a faint light, very difficult to pick-up in broad daylight. Tritium lamps are basically worthless unless you are in a dimly lit environment. With fiber optics is the other way around: fiber optics amplify the available light. So, when the sun is out, fiber optics lamps are very bright, but once the sun sets, they are worthless.

So, TruGlo’s solution offers you the best of worlds for your Walther PPS M2.

Many shooters get caught up choosing between the Truglo tfx vs tfx pro. While I still prefer the format and the overall usability of the Trijicon Heavy Duty set, the visibility of the TruGlo TFX PRO is hard to beat — especially when you consider daytime target acquisition.


Picking up targets during the day is way easier than with the conventional sights. The sight picture is very good (not as good as the Trijicon, though) and aligning your shots never feels like a chore.

During the night, the tritium lamps do their job well. Their faint glow is more than enough for you to center your sights. There might be brighter tritium lamps out there, but those sights do not offer you fiber optics lamps as well.

While these are great night sights, they are quite tall. These sights can also be used with most suppressors, as they should easily clear them — however, you might have some troubles holstering the pistol. The good news is you won't need any of the best laser bore sight to get this sighted in right.

I might prefer the Trijicon Heavy Duty over the TruGlo TFX PRO, but these are still great sights for your Walther PPS M2. They work great as a replacement set.

Can you adjust these sights?

Once these sights are fitted onto the pistol, you can not adjust them on the go. If you are looking for easy to adjust pistol sights, you should look into red dot sights or laser sights.

Do the necessary tools required to install these sights come included in the package?

No. In order to install these sights you will need a sight removal tool. You can also install them without the proper tools, but you will risk damaging both the sights and your pistol.

If you do not have the necessary expertise to install replacement sights on your own, you should ask for professional help. Most gun stores will install your sights for a small fee.

Do these sights fit a standard Walther PPS M2 holster?

These sights are considerably taller than the standard sights on the Walther PPS M2. If your pistol fits snugly into your holster, there is a high probability that it won’t fit after you install the TruGlo TFX PRO.

There are holsters that can fit raised sights. Alternatively, you can install smaller sights on your handgun.

4) XS Sight Systems Standard Dot

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If you are looking for something a bit more discreet, night sights that don’t immediately scream “glow in the dark lamps” with fluorescent colors, then the XS Sight Systems DXT Standard Dot might be just the right set of sights for you.

These standard-height sights are inconspicuous at a glance, however, they are truly something to behold (pun somewhat intended). The bold design decisions of XS Sight Systems aren’t just a visual decision — these slightly slanted rear sights guide your eyes to the front sight and increase your acquisition speed.

I’ve stated before that I prefer sights with three tritium lamps, but perhaps XS Sight Systems is on to something with this dual-lamp design. The front sight has your standard tritium-lamp, encased in a reflective white dot, and it isn’t anything special — this is a true and tested design, that just works.

However, on the rear end things get a bit more interesting. The slight “V” notch is complemented by a vertical tritium lamp in the middle that perfectly aligns with the white dot from the front sight. The DXT Standard Dot does everything for you — your eyes are automatically guided to where it matters, and there are minimal distractions.

The lamps are not particularly bright, but they are still very visible in low-light conditions. When the sun is out, the reflective white dot grabs your attention and ensures your sights are set on the target.

Not everyone will love the design of the XS Sight Systems Standard Dot. I doubted it myself. But once you use it, you understand that there is something magical about the effortlessness and the speed with which you acquire your targets.

Maybe these are not the indicated sights for every Walther PPS M2 owner, but I think everyone should seriously give them a try if given the chance — the white dot might just be the right choice for you. Always buy the best sight for your guns and needs. If you're using a Glock with a suppressor, use the best glock suppressor height sights. And if you have a Walther PPS try XS Sight Systems.

What material are these sights made of?

XS Sight Systems uses blue steel for the DXT Standard Dot sight.

Can these sights be used with a suppressor?

Sadly, these sights are not tall enough to be used with a suppressor. You will need taller sights to clear the suppressor — the TruGlo TFX PRO works great with most suppressors.

Alternatively, XS Sight Systems also makes suppressor sights.

5) LaserLyte Laser Sight Trainer

The LaserLyte might seem like a small toy — as a matter of fact, it feels like a small toy too —, but maybe that’s on purpose: this is a laser aimed at (again, sorry for the pun) gun owners who need to practice their shots.

Because that is the feature that sets the LaserLyte apart from other laser sights. This laser sight has a dedicated training mode, which simulates a bullet impact when the trigger is pressed. It’s nothing too complex — the laser light comes on when you pull the trigger, allowing you to see where your bullet would actually hit.

Experienced shooters will probably scoff at that feature. Sure, this laser might not offer anything valuable to a veteran — the laser itself is nothing to write home about —, but it helps new shooters practice their shots whenever they cannot go to the shooting range. Make sure you know how to sight in a pistol laser to get the best accuracy possible.

Mounting the laser is not very hard — LaserLyte provides detailed instructions. But you should note that it is a tiny bit more complicated than mounting a regular laser sight due to the fact that it needs to connect to the trigger for the training mode to be possible.

While LaserLyte claims that this laser is as bright as a laser can legally be, at the end of the day this is still a red laser, which is significatively weaker than their green counterpart. The laser can easily be activated by pressing a button, and it works as expected.

If it weren’t for the training mode, this laser would probably not figure on this list. However, I find it to be very valuable for younger shooters. If you are experienced and don’t need training modes, you should probably consider the Crimson Trace LG-482 instead.

Can you use this laser sight to dry fire practice?

Yes, with the LaserLyte Laser Sight Trainer you can use the training mode to simulate actually shooting the pistol. This is one of the main benefits of handgun lasers. This laser has one mode that keeps the laser constantly on, and one that turns the laser on when the trigger is pulled, simulating a bullet impact.

However, it is recommended that you use a snap cap to prevent your fire pin from being damaged.

Best Sights for Walther PPS M2 Buyer’s Guide

How to choose sights for the Walther PPS M2?

There is no ultimate trick that will help you better pick the right sights for your Walther PPS M2. The right sights will depend on your use case and on what you value the most.

As you’ve seen by this article, there are many different types of sights available. There are laser sights, tall sights, standard-height sights, night sights… the list goes on. So, you need to consider what you want from your sights. Good news is you wont need to learn How to use lasers bore sight for these sights!

If you want to be able to accurately aim your gun at night, then you should consider night sights or a laser sight. If you want to shoot your gun with a suppressor at the range, then a set of tall sights is probably what you need — there are even sights that combine these two qualities.
Don’t forget that you can add a laser sight to your pistol, regardless of what type of iron sights you have. Think about it, but don’t think too hard — it’s quite easy to choose the correct sights for you.

What Are The Primary Use Cases For A Walther PPS M2?

The Walther PPS M2 is primarily used for concealed carry, home defense, and different law enforcement situations. It's most commonly used as a CCW as its slim profile and lightweight design make it mobile and ideal for personal protection.

Your specific choice of optic, particularly in scenarios like home defense and professional use, should align with the specific use case. Rapid target acquisition optics like red dot sights are invaluable in situations where quick and precise aiming is essential, ensuring that users can effectively respond to threats in various contexts.

Where is the Walther PPS M2 made?

Best Sights for Walther PPS M2

Walther is a German company that manufactures its pistols in its home country. Most Walther pistols are made in Ulm, Germany, and are then later imported to the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a laser on a Walther PPS?

Yes, you can mount a laser on your Walther PPS. Lasers are great for close quarters accuracy & fast target acquisition times.

Is Walther PPS Optic Ready?

Yes, the Walther PPS is optic ready. Mounting a new red dot sight on your PPS is a great way to improve your shooting accuracy and overall performance.


Each of the sights on this list complements differently your Walther PPS M2 pistol. Unfortunately, you cannot use them all simultaneously, and you will have to decide which features you value the most.

Well, maybe not exactly — you can use both the lasers and any of the iron sights I’ve reviewed simultaneously, which can be something to consider. The Crimson Trace LG-482 offers unparalleled visibility when it comes to laser sights and is probably one of the better buys you can make for your Walther PPS M2 laser-wise.

The LaserLyte Laser Sight Trainer is also an option to consider if you are an inexperienced shooter who can’t frequently visit the shooting range. There is no shame about it — every pro started out as a beginner, and the LaserLyte Laser Sight Trainer gives you a way of training without wasting ammunition.

When it comes to actual iron sights, my preferred choice is the Trijicon Heavy Duty Night Sight Set. These sights offer a time-tested design and excellent visibility in dimly lit areas, while still performing great during the day.

If you are feeling bold and want to try out something new, then the XS Sight Systems DXT Standard Dot offers an audacious, but very efficient design — which might not suit everyone’s taste.

If you are truly worried about both nighttime and daytime visibility, then the TruGlo TFX PRO gives you the best of both tritium and fiber optics worlds.

None of these sights is alike, but I vouch for all of them. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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