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Types of Sights

When hunting or shooting at a target, you need accuracy. A rifle sight is the main thing to understand and have if you want that accuracy. But, not all sights are the same. There are different rifle sight types and each one is designed for a specific purpose. Now is the time to explain all of the types and purposes they are made for.

Iron rifle sights

Of all rifle sight types, open or iron sights are the most common and the oldest. They have been with us for centuries. You get a rear sight (generally a circle or a window) and front sight. They do not have magnification. Using them is simple, they are extremely durable and can be used for all kinds of close distance shootings. This type doesn’t have any maintenance at all.

Most rifles come with iron sights as their primary and factory system for acquiring targets. Some users like to replace these with aftermarket models or add optics.

Red dot sights

In this case, we can see a piece of plastics or glass that has a red dot projected in the center. The dot displays the point of impact. Sights of this kind have batteries but can help you acquire a target within seconds. There is no magnification present but some models do have it. For some users, this is the most appealing type of rifle sight there is.

These are small sights that have been used by different law enforcement units all over the globe. They are ideal for several purposes such as when clearing a room, short distance shooting, and similar purposes.

Laser sights

As the name suggests, here a hunter will use a laser to project a dot on the target itself. These are very accurate sights that are ideal for indoor use. They are impossible to see at daylight or at long distances. Hunters rarely use them. Those who hunt varmints do use laser sights because they shoot at closer distances.

Laser sights have been well-known and desirable thanks to Hollywood movies. You saw how a sniper will use a laser sight to hit a target at impossible distances. In reality, these are not used for those applications.


Scopes are also known as telescopic sights and they are the most advanced, the most accurate, and the most expensive type of all rifle sights. They use lenses in order to zoom the target and help you boost your accuracy to extreme levels. These models can help you shoot at a target located over 1000 yards from you. Some can help you shoot at impressive distances.

Scopes do come in different types. As a matter of fact, there are 10 types you can use. Once again, we can see that each type is suitable for just one or two purposes.


Now you know all about common and even rare rifle sight types. The best one is a type that will help you get the most accurate shot every single time. As such, you need to know all about your requirements, goals, and targets in order to choose the most suitable type of sight.