Best Taurus G2C Red Dot Sight: Expert Reviews & How To Choose

Best Taurus G2c Red Dot Sights

Are you tired of iron sights? Or, maybe you’ve read how red dot sights can enhance your Taurus G2C’s shooting performance. Well, you are here and ready to discover the best Taurus G2C red dot sights.

I went to the range, so you don’t have to. I tested over a dozen red dot sights to find one that could tame the impressive G2C. Of all the sights I tested, one stood out – the Vortex Venom. This sight is the perfect addition to your Taurus G2C.

If the Venom isn’t your style, don’t worry; there are plenty of other red dot sight options you can discover in this article.

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Why Mount A Red Dot On Your Taurus G2C?

Mounting a red dot on your Taurus G2C increases your weapon’s shooting accuracy and speed. These sights promote target acquisition rate and a clear aim point much better than a front and rear sight.

Red dot sights are especially beneficial in low-light conditions and for shooters like me who struggle with proper eyesight.

5 Best Taurus G2C Red Dot Sights

Here are the five best Taurus G2C red dot sights.

  1. Vortex Venom – Editor’s Pick
  2. HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 – Best Feature-Rich Option
  3. Vortex Viper – Best For Concealed Carry
  4. ADE Advanced Optics Spike Micro – Budget-Friendly Option
  5. SIG SAUER Romeo Zero – Best Precision Red Dot Sight

1. Vortex Venom | Editor’s Pick

Editor's Pick
Vortex Venom 1x26.5mm Red Dot Sight

Includes: CR1632 w/ Free S&H — 12 models

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The Vortex Venom is a marvel in compactness and efficiency. The 3 MOA dot reticle is perfect for the G2C, providing a platform for quick target acquisition.

The housing is durable, ensuring it can withstand anything you throw at it. But what really stands out is the top-load battery system, which adds to the user-friendliness of the reflex sight.

Testing the Venom on the G2C was a whole different experience than using other sights. Its compact size only adds to its already robust performance, with the bright dot and wide field of view, enhancing your target acquisition.

Vortex Venom on G2C

The standout feature is the Venom’s optical clarity. Vortex is an industry leader in the lens-coating sector, which is evident in the Venom. It has an impeccable view – clear, broad, and bright. Even when toggling between the ten brightness settings to the lowest intensity illumination setting, the sight still provided exceptional clarity.


  • Compact and sturdy design.
  • Bright, adjustable reticle.
  • Convenient battery replacement.
  • Lightweight – 1.1 ounces


  • A bit expensive – $349.99

2. HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 | Best Feature-Rich Option

Holosun Sub-compact HS507K-X2

Includes: Battery Type: CR1632 w/ Free Shipping

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Holosun has always been at the forefront of red dot sight innovation, pioneering features like a solar failsafe and multiple reticle system, just to name a few. The HS507K-X2 is a hallmark of Holosun’s ingenuity.

This red dot sight has an impressive 50,000-hour battery life, which few optics can beat. Its multi-coated lens offers a clear and bright sight picture, reducing glare and maximizing light transmission.

Its user-friendliness is further enhanced with the 12 brightness settings (two compatible with night vision goggles), the Lock Mode that prevents accidental adjustments, and the easily accessed side battery tray.

The battery life and optical clarity impressed me during the field tests. Additionally, the HS507K-X2 feels natural when mounted on the G2C. It’s agile, lightweight, and, with the 2 MOA reticle, your aim just comes naturally.

Furthermore, the lock mode and waterproofing are a nice testament to its thoughtful design.


  • Long battery life.
  • Clear lens with glare reduction.
  • Practical Lock Mode.
  • Lightweight – 1 ounce


  • Expensive – $348.22

3. Vortex Viper | Best For Concealed Carry

Best For Concealed Carry
Vortex Viper 1x24 mm 6 MOA

Includes: CR2032, Up to 43% Off w/ Free Shipping

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The Viper is known for its low-profile design. It’s actually one of my favorite options for concealed carry as it doesn’t sacrifice a wide field of view despite its smaller design.

The Viper is quite accurate, thanks to the excellent light transmission and bright reticle. It has a decent battery life of 30,000 hours and a durable construction adept at handling the G2C’s recoil shock.

I’ve tested the Viper on many firearms, some needing an optic mounting plate and some allowing a straight mount. Through all these tests, the Viper maintained a low profile, which is quite impressive.

On the G2C, the Viper feels like a natural fit. For anyone who needs an optic explicitly for concealed carry, the Viper should be your go-to.


  • Low-profile, perfect for concealment.
  • 6 MOA reticle makes it ideal for short-range
  • Extended battery life.
  • Lightweight – 1.1 ounce


  • Expensive – $349.99

4. ADE Advanced Optics Spike Micro | Budget-Friendly Option

ADE Advanced Optics Spike Micro Green Dot Sight

Includes: CR1632, 28% Off

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ADE isn’t a very well-known optic brand. Still, you should take note of their optics, especially the ADE RD3-006B. This red dot sight is cost-effective yet durable.

It’s perfect for those who prioritize an optic that features on both ends of the affordability and performance spectrum.

I especially enjoyed the 4 MOA reticle. Avid HuntersHalt readers know I favor a 3 MOA dot, but this 4 MOA reticle just works on the ADE, boasting an impressive balance between target acquisition rate and precision.


  • Affordable – $135.99
  • Recoil-resistant and durable.
  • User-friendly with front-mounted switch.
  • Extremely lightweight – 0.62 ounces


  • Not a well-recognised brand

5. SIG SAUER Romeo Zero | Best Precision Red Dot Sight

Best Precision Optic
SIG SAUER Romeo Zero Red Dot Sight

Includes: CR1632, Stand Alone Lithium, Up to 40% Off and Blazin' Deal w/ Free S&H

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Lastly, we have Sig Sauer’s Romeo Zero. I must say, Sig has outdone themselves with the Romeo Zero.

This sight blends a sleek, modern design with some true top-tier engineering. It’s a standout choice for shooters who prioritize aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The Romeo Zero has pinpoint accuracy, allowing tight groupings at various ranges. This sight is also easy to learn, making it easily accessible to shooters and hunters of various skill levels.

Mounted on the G2C, the Romeo Zero impressed me a lot. The sight’s accuracy was immediately noticeable, improving target acquisition and shot precision. Its elegant design also added a touch of class to my firearm. You won’t be shy about taking this sight to the range.


  • Exceptional accuracy enhances shooting precision.
  • Sleek and modern design adds an aesthetic appeal to your firearm.
  • User-friendly interface ensures ease of use for all shooters.
  • Affordable – $199.99
  • Extremely lightweight – 0.5 ounces


  • Struggles with holster when using a mounting plate adapter

Which Taurus G2C Sight Upgrade Should You Pick?

The sight upgrade you should pick depends on what you’re looking for. Each one of these red dot sights excels in one area, whether it’s durability, affordability, overall performance, or aesthetics.

To ensure you pick correctly, consider your shooting style, shooting environment, and shooting applications (concealed carry, hunting, etc.). Doing so will help you identify the right red dot sight.

What Is The Best Taurus G2C Red Dot For Concealed Carry?

For concealed carry, the Vortex Viper and Sig Sauer Romeo Zero are your best options. The Viper’s low profile means it is comfortable to carry and easy to conceal.

Additionally, the Romeo Zero’s lightweight design ensures you’ll hardly notice the difference when sight is mounted.

Which Is The Best Budget Friendly Taurus G2C Red Dot?

The ADE is the best budget-friendly Taurus G2C red dot. At $135.99 for new ADE factory sights, you get an incredibly affordable red dot sight. One that also offers excellent performance and durability. ADE is easily one of the best red dots for the money they we’ve tested.

Which Is The Best Low Profile Taurus G2C Red Dot?

The Vortex Viper is the best low-profile Taurus G2C red dot sight. Its sleek design allows for easy concealment and comfortable carry, even when you use an adapter slide mount.

How Do We Rate Taurus G2C Red Dot Sights?

At HuntersHalt, we rate red dot sights based on durability, battery life, reticle quality, user-friendliness, size, and price. A high-quality Taurus G2C red dot sight is rugged enough to endure repeated recoil strikes and harsh elements.

It should also have a minimum battery life of 10,000 hours with an easily accessible battery compartment. Furthermore, the reticle should be bright, regardless of the lighting conditions. We also want the sight to be lightweight and compact, perfect for concealed carry.

Finally, the red dot sight should be priced competitively with the rest of the market. Anything above $400 is seen as a red flag.

What Is The Most Important Factor To Consider Before Buying Your Optic?

The most important factor to consider before buying an optic is your use case. Whether you need the optic to improve your self-defense capabilities, aid in hunting, concealed carry, or for range shooting, the optic should be designed for that use case.

For instance, a pistol red dot sight usually has a 6 MOA dot, prioritizing target acquisition speed over precision. In comparison, a hunting AR-15 red dot sight will have a reticle size of 2-3 MOA, prioritizing precision over target acquisition speed.

What Is The Footprint Of Taurus G2c?

The Taurus G2C has a footprint that is compatible with various red dot sights, including the popular Shield RMSc and Romeo Zero. Always make sure of your red dot footprints and compatibility before buying it.

Do You Need A Mounting Plate For Taurus G2C Red Dot Sights?

Yes, you’ll need a mounting plate if you want to mount a red dot sight that doesn’t have the same footprint as the Taurus G2C’s slide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should You Spend On A Taurus G2C Sight?

You should spend in the range of $150-$300 on a Taurus G2C sight. For this amount, you'll find high-quality sights like the Vortex Viper and Romeo Zero.

How Far Should You Zero Your G2C Red Dot Sight From?

You should zero your G2C red dot sight from 25 yards for personal defense and 36 yards for competition shooting. The main factor to consider is your use case.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right red dot sight for your Taurus G2C involves careful consideration of factors like size, price, features, and your personal shooting style. The Venom is our number one pick for the Taurus G2C, as it offers the most enjoyable shooting experience. It also manages to balance price, performance, and user-friendliness exceptionally well. In the end, choose the red dot sight that you feel will enhance your shooting experience the most so you, too, can utilize the Taurus G2C to its full potential.

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