Trijicon vs Holosun: Detailed Brand Comparison

Trijicon vs Holosun

Throughout the years of reviewing optics and guns, I’ve naturally spent countless hours analyzing and comparing leading brands in the industry.

In this detailed comparison, we’ll compare two industry giants: Trijicon and Holosun.

We’ll cover everything from reticle options to durability, helping you decide which brand best suits your shooting needs. We’ll also take a look at other brands that are in a similar league with Trijicon and Holosun.

What Are The Differences Between Trijicon vs Holosun?

Comparing Trijicon with Holosun, we found 10 main differences.

  1. Reticle Options
  2. Battery Life
  3. Price Range Comparison
  4. Durability
  5. Parallax and Eye Relief
  6. Mounting Options & Footprint
  7. Brightness Settings
  8. Popular Use Cases
  9. Customer Brand Reputation
  10. Compatibility With Other Accessories

1. Reticle Options

Trijicon is renowned for its ACOG series, offering a variety of reticle patterns, including the famous “horseshoe” and “chevron” reticles. Tactical shooters particularly favor these for their precision.

Holosun, on the other hand, brings innovation. I’m a big fan of their multiple reticle system, allowing users to switch between a 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA circle-dot combo.

Their multiple reticle options ensure versatility, allowing comfortable engagement in both close-quarter and long-range shooting.

2. Battery Life

Trijicon has made significant strides in improving battery life, especially in its RMR Type 2 and MRO series. The RMR Type 2, for example, can operate for up to 4 years on a single CR2032 battery under normal conditions. This long battery life is a testament to Trijicon’s commitment to reliability and sustainability in field operations.

In the red dot optics world, Holosun sets the benchmark for battery life with its solar panel failsafe technology and high-capacity batteries.

Models like the Holosun 507C offer an exceptional battery life of up to 50,000 hours (over 5 years) on a single battery. This extended battery life, combined with solar backup, provides an unparalleled advantage in terms of operational readiness and maintenance ease.

Red Dot Battery

3. Price Range Comparison

Trijicon optics are generally positioned at a higher price point, which is justified considering their premium quality and military-grade specifications.

Holosun red dots, in contrast, offer a more budget-friendly approach without compromising on quality.

Their affordably-priced products make them more accessible to civilians, giving “the common man” access to advanced optics technology without a hefty price tag.

For instance, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 costs $731, while the HS507C only costs $364.69.

4. Durability

When I think of Trijicon, ruggedness comes to mind.

Products like the ACOG and RMR are built to withstand the most challenging environments, from extreme temperatures to shock and water resistance. This durability is why military and law enforcement personnel choose Trijicon as their preferred optic supplier.

Holosun also emphasizes durability, using quality aluminum materials and robust construction.

While their products are designed to be tough and reliable, they don’t quite reach the same level of extreme condition resilience as Trijicon, making them more suited for civilian and law enforcement use rather than the battlefield.

5. Parallax and Eye Relief

Trijicon optics, such as the ACOG, are designed with minimal parallax error and generous eye relief, making them forgiving for rapid target acquisition and accommodating for users with eyeglasses.

Holosun also minimizes parallax in their red dot sights. But, because they specialize in reflex sights, their optics’ eye relief, while ample for most shooting scenarios, doesn’t quite match the flexibility offered by Trijicon’s designs – something to consider if you engage in dynamic shooting situations.

6. Mounting Options & Footprint

Trijicon offers a variety of mounting options, with its RMR series being particularly versatile. The RMR footprint, alongside the Shield RMSc footprint, has become an industry standard, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of firearms and mounts.

Holosun has adapted to this standard, with models like the HS507C being compatible with the RMR footprint. This ensures that users have a wide array of mounting options, making Holosun optics adaptable to various firearms and user preferences.

Red Dot mounting

7. Brightness Settings

Trijicon optics provide reliable manual brightness adjustment settings, allowing users to tailor the optic’s performance to their environment. However, most of their pistol optics lack an automatic brightness feature, which is a drawback in rapidly changing light conditions.

Like their battery life innovation, Holosun excels in brightness settings, including an auto-brightness feature that adjusts the reticle intensity based on ambient light conditions. This feature is particularly useful for shooters transitioning between different lighting environments, such as indoors and outdoors.

8. Popular Use Cases

Trijicon is a preferred choice in military and law enforcement circles due to its high durability, reliability, and performance under challenging conditions.

Its ACOG series, in particular, is a staple in combat scenarios. I also use their red dot sights for hunting, especially for fowl and turkeys, because of their larger window and clear image.

Holosun, with its affordable pricing and versatile feature set, is popular among civilian shooters, hunters, and sports enthusiasts.

9. Customer Brand Reputation

Trijicon is one of the most established optic brands in the world. They strive to provide trust and performance in their optics, particularly to military and law enforcement users. This reputation is built on years of delivering reliable, high-quality optics in critical situations.

Holosun is a rising star but has already built a strong reputation for innovation, quality, and value. They are quickly gaining a loyal following among a wide range of shooters. Overall, their rapid adoption and positive customer feedback reflect a growing trust in the brand – they certainly have HuntersHalt’s stamp of approval.

10. Compatibility With Other Accessories

Trijicon products are widely compatible with a range of accessories, including magnifiers, mounts, and protective covers.

Similarly, Holosun optics also offer good compatibility with accessories, though the range is somewhat more limited than Trijicon because they are less established.

However, Holosun’s ability to adapt to industry standards like the RMR footprint broadens their compatibility with third-party accessories.

Which Should You Choose: Trijicon Or Holosun?

Choosing between Trijicon and Holosun comes down to three factors: use case, personal preference, and budget.

Trijicon is ideal for those seeking military-grade reliability, while Holosun is perfect for budget-conscious consumers looking for versatile features.

Is Trijicon or Holosun Better For CQB Situations?

For Close Quarters Battle (CQB) situations, a Holosun reflex sight is the better choice.

Holosun’s innovative multiple reticle system lets users quickly switch between a precise 2 MOA dot and a larger 65 MOA circle-dot combo. This feature provides a significant advantage in CQB, where rapid target acquisition and situational awareness are paramount.

Additionally, Holosun’s auto-brightness feature adjusts to varied lighting conditions commonly encountered in CQB environments.

Is Trijicon or Holosun Better For A Pistol?

Trijicon, particularly the RMR series, is the better choice for pistols.

The Trijicon RMR is renowned for its compact size, rugged construction, and reliable performance, making it my preferred choice for Glock pistols.

Its footprint has become the go-to standard in the industry, ensuring wide compatibility with various pistol mounts. Trijicon is the clear choice for users seeking durability and proven performance in a pistol optic.

Is Trijicon or Holosun Better For A Rifle?

For rifle use, Trijicon is also the better option.

Trijicon’s ACOG series is probably the current best small-optic series for rifles.

The ACOG is really something to experience yourself, offering unparalleled durability, clarity, and reliability, which are essential for rifle shooting.

Is Trijicon or Holosun Better For Astigmatism?

For shooters with astigmatism, I have to go with Trijicon.

I have astigmatism and know how frustrating the starburst effect can be. Trijicon’s optics, particularly their ACOG and RMR series, have crisp, clear reticles that are less likely to cause starburst effects. Pair those qualities with green reticles, which is the preferred reticle for astigmatism red dot sights; you can hardly notice the starburst effect.

What Are Other Comparable Brands To Holosun & Trijicon?

Several brands, like Aimpoint and Sig Sauer, compete in the same space as Holosun and Trijicon, each offering unique features. Aimpoint is known for robust, long-lasting red dot sights, while Sig Sauer offers innovative optics at extremely affordable prices.

How Does Holosun Compare To Aimpoint?

Holosun offers more budget-friendly options compared to Aimpoint, with innovative features like solar power backup and multiple reticle systems.

While Aimpoint is known for its exceptional durability and their optics are backed by decades of trust and customer satisfaction.

Holosun also provides greater variety in terms of reticle design and more advanced technological features like solar fail-safes, making it a strong competitor, especially for budget-conscious consumers.

How Does Trijicon Compare To Aimpoint?

Trijicon and Aimpoint are both leaders in high-quality, durable optics. Trijicon’s ACOG series is particularly renowned for its use in military applications, offering fixed magnification and rugged construction.

Aimpoint, known for its red dot sights, emphasizes simplicity, durability, reliability, and extended battery life. Both brands are excellent, but Trijicon tends to have a broader range of options, including magnified optics, which Aimpoint focuses less on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Trijicon Optics So Expensive?

Trijicon optics are so expensive due to their emphasis on military-grade durability, superior quality materials, advanced optical technologies, and rigorous testing standards. Their long-standing reputation and proven track record in challenging environments justify the investment for many professional users.

What Is The Most Popular Holosun Red Dot Sight?

One of Holosun’s most popular models is the HS507C. Shooters enjoy this red dot sight because it offers versatility, robustness, and innovative features like the solar failsafe and multiple reticle system. Its popularity is further bolstered by its affordability and compatibility with a wide range of firearms.

The Bottom Line

The Trijicon vs. Holosun debate is more than just comparing products; it’s about understanding your specific needs and preferences.

Trijicon stands out for its military-grade durability and precision, making it a top choice for professional and tactical use, particularly in challenging environments.

Holosun, with its innovative features like solar power backup and multiple reticle options, offers versatility and value, appealing especially to budget-conscious shooters and those engaged in a variety of shooting disciplines.

Remember, the right choice is the one that best aligns with your shooting style and requirements.

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