What Does 4×32 Scope Mean: Everything You Need to Know

When choosing a new scope, you need to know all the basics and all the facts. The first thing is to understand what the 2 numbers in the name of the scope mean. Today, we will focus our attention on answering the question: what do the numbers on a rifle scope mean? Specifically, we’ll focus on the what does 4×32 scope mean question and give you the most complete answer. It is a relatively simple answer that comes with the impressive value you are going to need in the future.

What does 4×32 scope mean actually?

What do the numbers on a scope mean? In order to understand scope number meanings, you need to know that all scopes these days come with 2 numbers in their name. Here you can see that those numbers are 4 and 32. Same or similar numbers can be seen on most models sold today. In fact, several of the best AR-15 scopes with front sights I tested had a 4×32 scope!


  • The first number is used to define the magnification or the power of the scope. In this case scenario, we can see that it is 4. It simply means that the target will be magnified 4 times than you can see with a naked eye.
  • The second number, 32 refers to the diameter of the lens on the outer side of the scope, close to the muzzle. These numbers can vary significantly.

4×32 scope = [4X Magnification] and [32m diameter lens]

It is important to add that these days, most scopes come with variable magnification that can go anywhere between 3.5X up to 20X. This allows you to adjust the magnification according to your needs. For instance, if you are hunting animals that are up to 300 yards away, you will need 3-4X magnification. So if you have already learned How to mount a scope on an AR-15 then make sure you really understand your scopes!

Those that are closer will need even lower magnification. This allows you to enjoy a much bigger field of view and to acquire the target in less time. If you are hunting animals that are far away, you need a larger magnification, obviously used to boost your accuracy. Now when you know what does 4×32 scope[1] mean, you can use the same facts to define other scopes as well.

What does 4x32 scope mean

You should know a few more things about the second number in the name, 32. As we have mentioned, it refers to the diameter of the lens. It is expressed in millimeters. For example, a 4-16×50 rifle scope has a 50 mm lens. A larger number obviously means a larger objective. It makes the scope larger and has specific benefits. For instance, you get a bigger field of view and a better, clearer image especially when the visibility is poor. When the day is bright, you won’t notice any, significant perks with a larger scope. 4×32 scope will provide a pupil of 8mm which is appealing for many users all across the country. Keep in mind that your eye has a pupil[2] between 2 and 4 mm during the day and 9mm in the dark.

Scope of this size is extremely popular. They are considered affordable, appealing for beginners and more experienced users and they are versatile, which is something you will see in the next section. These scopes can be mounted on all kinds of weapons and they are easy to adjust, maintain and they are very useful. They are also lightweight which is an important thing to consider.

Keep in mind that you will keep your firearm in your hands for hours while hunting. Of course, these scopes can be used for target shooting as well. They are versatile, effective, and desirable. Many professionals who have more than one scope, have 4×32 unit as well. For beginners, they are very appealing as well. Just keep in mind that your purpose will determine the need for a scope!

What distance is a 4×32 scope good for?

4×32 scope has 4 times magnification and 32mm objective[3] This makes it ideal for usages between 10 and 300 yards. Some claim that it can be used for a distance up to 400 yards and that is possible. However, you will need better skills in order to use this scope at this distance.

These units are great when you want to shot while moving or standing. When it comes to hunting specifically, you can use it for all kinds of animals. Just keep in mind to take into account the maximum distance this cope is good for and you will be fine.

If you are planning to shot from a bench or at a longer distance, you need a more powerful scope. In that case scenario, you should consider the 10×42 scope which is bigger and more powerful. It will cover 10 times magnification that is mandatory for 400+ yards. However, you should also know How to measure scope height because scopes with more magnification are often larger.
An interesting thing are adjustable scopes that offer fully adjustable magnification. You can get one with 3.4-10 magnification. As you can see, this scope will help you shot at a 10-400+yard distance with a simple scope adjustment. They are more expensive and usually reserved for those with more experience and who want to shot as accurately as possible.

For hunting purposes, you do not need extremely powerful scopes unless you are hunting small animals at a massive distance. Most hunters opt for 3-4 magnification scopes that are very popular today, come with all the perks a hunter will need, and can meet even the highest expectations. In fact, I even tested several of the top elk hunting scopes to make your shopping easy. This scope size is also known for a bright and clear image that helps you hit the target easily.

In addition, when choosing your new scope, make sure you match the performance and the capabilities of that unit to your needs. Take a second look at the sections above and determine which magnification will work for you the best. This is far from complicated but can have a huge effect on your accuracy and on your hunting success.

The 6 in “6-24×50” refers to the fact that the lowest magnification setting on this particular scope is 6x. The 24x part indicates that the highest possible magnification is 24 times, and the 50 stands for the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. So, basically, this is a variable-powered scope with 6x as the lowest magnification setting. Check out our post comparing variable power vs fixed power scopes to learn even more!

The final word

So, what does 4×32 scope mean? If you are still wondering, you need to take a second look at the content above. There are several key factors so understand whenever you are looking for a new optic, such as scope DOPE. We have covered all the main sections of scope number meanings and gave you all the answers needed. A scope with these numbers is excellent for hunters, target shooters, and for all who want to get a perfect shot at 10-300 yard distance. Keep in mind that your scope must be properly aligned and maintained if you want to make the perfect shot every single time.

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