Where Are SIG Sauer Scopes Made? [Sig Sauer Manufacturing]

SIG Sauer is one of the most reputable brands in the entire firearms manufacturing industry. They offer a wide variety of product lines ranging from firearms, scopes, suppressors, and more! However, there are a large number of shooters that want to know where SIG Sauer scopes are made before they make a purchase. In this post, we’ll you where these scopes are made & more about SIG manufacturing processes.

Where is Sig Sauer made?

image of SIG Sauer Tango & Sierra scopes

As we already mentioned, SIG Sauer optics are synonymous with quality. They make some of the Best Rifle Scopes for Henry H001 and other weapons. But…where are these scopes made?

Many shooters mistakenly think that SIG Sauer sights are made in the United States. In fact, they are not made in their Oregon manufacturing facility. Some of the rifle scopes are assembled in the US, but it depends on the model.

  • Sierra Scopes – Made in China
  • Whiskey Scopes – Made in the Philippines
  • Tango Rifle Scope – Made in the United States (assembled)

Before people panic, international manufacturing does not mean poor quality. Most of the AR-15 Rifle Scopes are made overseas! Many accessories in the firearms business are made in China, Philippines, and other countries.

Who Makes Sig Sauer Scopes?

image of the SIG Sauer tango rifescope

SIG Sauer has a series of partnerships with international manufacturing companies. This allows them to manufacture around the world & maintain their high-quality standards.

  • China
  • Philippines
  • United States

These international partnerships allow SIG Sauer to lower their production costs & export firearms & optics globally. They also have a partnership with Nikon to produce optics. Companies like Vortex & Leupold have similar production strategies. Be sure to also read our post on where are Nikon scopes made to learn more about their process!

Are Sig Sauer Scopes Any Good?

SIG Sauer is a high-quality brand that has produced top-of-the-line scopes for many years. It’s no surprise that these products are held in high regard due to their exceptional construction and accuracy. SIG Sauer scopes, once known as the Swiss Wagon Factory, provide unbeatable optics so users can quickly acquire targets and make precision shots.

In fact, I rated SIG Sauer as one of the Best 350 Legend Rifle Optics that I tested. They produce great optics for target shooting, low-light hunting, and much more. Plus, I am a huge fan of their famous custom BDC reticle!

Sig Sauer Company Reputation

SIG Sauer has a fantastic reputation. Military, law enforcement, hunters, and range shooters have been using these scopes for many years!


In a previous review I rated SIG Sauer as the Best Pistol Red Dot Manufacturer that I’ve used. Their optics are known to perform well in a variety of situations.

  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Great Lens Clarity

My Favorite Sig Sauer Models

SIG Sauer rifle scopes are best known for their 3 main product lines.

  • Sierra
  • Whiskey
  • Tango

Personally, I am a big fan of their Tango-MSR rifle scope. I actually rated this optic as one of the Best Budget LPVO Rifle Scopes that I’ve tested!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sig Sauer optics made in China?

The SIG Sauer Sierra rifle scope is made in China. However, they are very high quality scopes that are used by the US & Swiss army!

Is Sig Sauer made in USA?

SIG Sauer manufactures many of their firearms in the United States. However, they make the majority of their scopes internationally. Some of their scopes are assembled in the US, but they are made elsewhere. SIG Sauer electro optics are amongst the most popular in the USA.

Are Sig Sauer scopes any good?

SIG Sauer scopes are amongst the best in the world. They are used by the Swiss military & hunters around the globe. Their SIG Sauer Academy merchandise is also very popular!

Where are Sig Sauer Tango scopes made?

SIG Sauer claims to make their scopes in the United States. However, they are only assembled in the United States. This is not necessarily a negative as their scopes are very high-quality.

The Bottom Line

As we have just covered, What was once the Swiss Industrial Company, now known as SIG Sauer, is one of the premier scope manufacturers in the world. They are not perfect & a few shooters have even run into SIG romeo zero problems among other things! On average, SIG Sauer makes top-notch optics that are made in the USA & around the world. The SIG Sauer system for manufacturing is amongst the best in the world!

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