Why Is 35 Remington Ammo Hard To Find? (Ammo Shortage)

The .35 Remington has been a popular choice among hunters and shooters for many decades. However, over the recent years it has become very difficult to find .35 Remington ammo on store shelves and online retailers. This is especially true during certain parts of the year. This issue has left many people wondering: why is .35 Remington ammo hard to find?

Why Is 35 Remington Ammo Hard To Find?

Like any business, Remington is a for profit organization. They are impacted by the simple economics of supply and demand just like every other business.

Low demand for this Remington has resulted in making the 35 Remington ammo hard to find. This ammo is heavily used for deer hunting and is run on seasonal production. It will be even more difficult to find this round outside of hunting season! I found a similar issue with 380 ammo and that is why 380 is so expensive today!


Unfortunately, politics can often play a role in ammo and gun demand. Recent Democratic administrations have seen a large increase in ammo shortages due to their policies. Just like we saw when analyzing 30 06 vs 223, ammo shortages can be a big deal!

The Remington 35 round was first invented in 1906. Many shooters and hunters still love the round today! However, I say that to mention that many new rounds have been developed since 1906. Some of them have been marketed as being cheaper and better than the Remington model.

Many shooters also ask a similar questions about armor piercing ammo. They might ask, is black tip ammo legal? The answer to that question is the major reason why it’s so hard to find!

History & Use Cases For 35 Remington Ammo

As we already mentioned, the .35 Remington cartridge was introduced by Remington Arms in 1906. That’s right, this powerful round is far from new!

picture of 35 remington ballistics

When gun owners think of the 35 Remington, they think of a medium-bore hunting cartridge that was suitable for use on large game like deer or elk. However, people simply trying to bear arms for self defense have used this round in the past. This has a similar use case to the 350 and 357 Magnum rounds.

Today, the .35 Remington has lost a significant amount of its popularity. But it is still produced by a number of ammo manufacturers and is available at different online retailers. Just like we discussed in our comparison of .17 hmr vs .22, shooters need to know their use case before purchasing ammo!

35 Remington & Hunting

What makes the .35 Remington great for hunting medium to large game? For one, it is a powerful caliber and can deliver a significant amount of energy into the target. This is very similar to the 223 Rem and 350 Legend rounds!

  • Versatility – This round is effective hunting all types of game. Whether it be taking down small varmints or large game animals, this round can get it done.
  • Flat Trajectory – This makes it easier to hit targets at longer ranges.
  • Solid Accuracy – Many shooters finding it effective at delivering consistent, tight groups at medium ranges.

Overall, the versatility, power, and accuracy makes the 35 Remington ammo a solid hunting round. A lot of shooters will ask basic questions like how far will a 22 bullet travel? Muzzle velocity, weather conditions, and trajectory are all major factors in a bullets travel distance. Your bullets primer also matters. The 35 will use something different than the 6.5 creedmoor primers I’ve used in the past.

35 Remington Stopping Power

The .35 Remington cartridge is a powerful round that is capable of delivering bone crushing power & energy into a target. This alone is one of the biggest reasons that it is used on larger game animals at short to medium ranges. It definitely has more stopping power than other rounds like the 6.5 Grendel and 300 Blackout!

The stopping power of any cartridge is determined by a number of factors:

  • Bullets caliber
  • Bullet weight
  • Bullet velocity

It goes without saying that larger caliber bullets, like 44 40 vs 30 30, generally have heavier weights and higher velocities. This means they tend to have more stopping power than smaller caliber bullets with lighter weights and lower velocities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they still making 35 Remington ammo?

Yes, 35 Remington ammo is still being made by several manufacturers. However, it is not as popular as it once was as other ammo brands gain popularity.

Who still makes 35 Remington?

There are several ammo manufacturers that still make 35 Remington ammo. Henry Repeating Arms & GunBroker both currently manufacture and sell 35 Remington ammo. However, this ammo is not in high demand with gun owners so many manufacturers how stopped producing this round.

Why is there a shortage of Remington ammunition?

The Remington ammunition shortage is likely caused by financial issues at Remington Arms. They had filed for bankruptcy in recent years, which caused a disruption in their ammo production. However, simple supply and demand always plays a role in an ammo shortage. Manufacturers and online retailers stopped heavily selling 35 Remington ammo because many gun owners did not want it!

What is the easiest rifle ammo to find?

In general, some of the most popular types of rifle ammunition, such as .223 Remington and .308 Winchester, may be more widely available than less common calibers. These rounds are also very popular for deer hunting which makes them even more widely used.

The Bottom Line

Now you know why this once popular caliber ammunition is so hard to find. Especially compared to popular rounds like the 45 70 vs 308 that I’ve tested. The truth is that high raw materials cost and low consumer demand has made 35 Remington ammo increasingly rare. If you look hard enough, you should be able to find an online retailer selling this Remington model ammo. Just remember that this cartridge is produced seasonally and not year round!

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